Which preposition to use with applauses

of Occurrences 187%

He who acts only as a candidate for the applause of mankind, will find his spirit vary with all the variations in the ever-changing atmosphere of popular opinion.

from Occurrences 53%

Curtain falls amid faces from STODDART (without his usual oath) and applause from the audience.

at Occurrences 32%

The reference is to the Earl of Rochester's Valentinian, altered from Fletcher, which was produced with great applause at the Theatre Royal in 1684.

for Occurrences 25%

None the less 'I have acted', he asserts, 'several Parts of Household-stuff with great Applause for many years: I am one of the Men in the Hangings in the Emperour of the Moon.'

in Occurrences 20%

If the king had spoken thus, he would have won high applause in these days; at least till the farms and the merchandise, the property and the profits of the rest of his subjects, were endangered by these favoured objects of his philanthropy; who, having found that rebellion and even murder was pardonable in one case, would naturally try whether it was not pardonable in other cases likewise.

by Occurrences 14%

G. Filopanti, who undertook to explain the state of affairs to the Roman people, won shouts of applause by his concluding words, "We are no longer mere Romans, but Italians.

to Occurrences 14%

Had I known these circumstances before the completion 70 of my poem, I should have been tempted to add my feeble tribute of applause to the more solid recompense which the virtuous man finds in the recollection of his own motives.

with Occurrences 13%

Reality, in this instance, then, did not disappoint expectation, and the burst of applause with which the captain was received, was accompanied by a general murmur in commendation of the admirable manner in which he "looked the character.

of Occurrences 7%

A solid and substantial Greatness of Soul looks down with a generous Neglect on the Censures and Applauses of the Multitude, and places a Man beyond the little Noise and Strife of Tongues.

as Occurrences 7%

Before the actor's death Miss More had completed another play, The Fatal Falsehood, which was afterwards performed, and which elicited almost as much applause as Percy.

on Occurrences 7%

Am I to bestow applause on some insignificant parade of erudition, and withhold blame from the stupidities of style which surround it?

among Occurrences 5%

(Great applause among the crowd.)

after Occurrences 3%

In Sir William Barclay's The Lost Lady (folio 1639), a good, if intricate, tragi-comedy, which was received with applause after the Restoration [Pepys saw it 19 January, 1661, and again, rather more than a week later, on the 28th of the same month], and not forgotten by Buckingham when he penned The Rehearsal, Milesia (supposed dead), the wife of Lysicles, appears to her husband as a ghost Act v, sc.

than Occurrences 2%

It seems therefore to be determined by the general suffrage of mankind, that he who decks himself in adscititious qualities rather purposes to command applause than impart pleasure: and he is therefore treated as a man who, by an unreasonable ambition, usurps the place in society to which he has no right.

above Occurrences 1%

For he had two great defects or weaknesses; an overweening vanity, which, as it is valued applause above every thing, led him to regard the popularity which they might win for him as the natural motive and the surest test of his actions; and an abstract belief in human perfection and in the submission of all classes to strict reason, which could only proceed from a total ignorance of mankind.

through Occurrences 1%

She told me that his name was Boyer; that he was descended from a worthy family; had passed with honor and applause through the university where he was educated; had since studied divinity with success; and now had a call to settle as a minister in one of the first parishes in a neighboring state.

throughout Occurrences 1%

In the session of 1830, on a question concerning the sales of public (U.S.) lands in the several States, arose the great debate between Colonel R.Y. Hayne, of South Carolina, and Daniel Webster on the limitations of Federal power; and Hayne's declaration of the right of a State to nullify a Federal law that was prejudicial to its interests gained him great applause throughout the South.

along Occurrences 1%

From all his host around Shouts of applause along the shores resound.

until Occurrences 1%

If the cupboard was empty, Mother Hubbard's basket behind was not; he got his morsels duly; and the audience was "requested to refrain from applause until the end."

without Occurrences 1%

This is the ready way to gain applause without exciting envy.' 170.

before Occurrences 1%

(Hurrying on quickly to prevent applause before the finish.)

due Occurrences 1%

New Zion was, indeed, New Zion once more, he said, thanks to their indefatigable young pastor,a play on words which was received with the applause due to so unmistakable a union of wit and truth.

amongst Occurrences 1%

Whether considered as a private gentleman, a player, a scholar, or a poet, Mr. Booth makes a very great figure, and his extraordinary excellence in his own profession, while it renders his memory dear to all men of taste, will ever secure him applause amongst those happy few, who were born to instruct, to please, and reform their countrymen.

like Occurrences 1%

The Cooper Institute had, owing to a snowstorm, not been full, and its intelligent, respectable, non-partisan audience had not rung out enthusiastic applause like a concourse of Western auditors magnetised by their own enthusiasm.

Which preposition to use with  applauses