Which preposition to use with ardent

in Occurrences 35%

On these articles we had no difference of opinion; but in the course of our conversation a point arose, on which our sentiments were directly opposite, though we were equally sincere and ardent in our regret and veneration for the departed Worthy, to whom it related.

of Occurrences 20%

Independence, or separation, if thought of at all in 1775 entered into the projects of but very few; the warmest wish of the most ardent of the whigs of the colonies being directed toward compromise, and a distinct recognition of their political franchises.

as Occurrences 9%

Such was the manly sentiment of the duke, who delighted in the exemplification of a spirit similarly ardent as his own in the sport, and above the baseness of an assumed sorrow.

than Occurrences 7%

Believe me to be more impassioned, more ardent than ever."

for Occurrences 7%

Now to such a people, stern, lofty, ascetic, legal, spiritual,conservative of whatever the Bible reveals, yet progressive and ardent for reforms,the rule of the Stuarts was intolerable.

after Occurrences 2%

They are more ardent after the female; but love seems with them more an eager desire, than a tender delicate mixture of sentiment and sensation.

by Occurrences 2%

But whatever may have inspired the enemy with these more violent purposes, the public councils of a nation more able to maintain than it was to acquire its independence, and with a devotion to it rendered more ardent by the experience of its blessings, can never deliberate but on the means most effectual for defeating the extravagant views or unwarrantable passions with which alone the war can now be pursued against us.

on Occurrences 2%

Aunt Victoria looked as though somebody were hurting herhurting her awfullySylvia pressed her cheek hard against her aunt's, and Mrs. Marshall-Smith felt, soft and Warm and ardent on her lips, the indescribably fresh kiss of a child's mouth.

at Occurrences 1%

He was so hot and ardent at the first! ESTHER.

with Occurrences 1%

This love prevails equally with the evil and the good, and, in like manner, with tame and wild beasts; it is even in some cases stronger and more ardent with evil men, and also with wild beasts, 392.

against Occurrences 1%

The entire Protestant feeling of the nation, then at white heat, was especially ardent against the author of the "Hind and Panther," who, it was said, had treated the Church of England as the persecutors had treated the primitive martyr, dressed her in the skin of a wild beast, and exposed her to the torments of her adversaries.

verses Occurrences 1%

The son quotes some very ardent verses belonging to this period, but not assignable to any particular charmer, such as one set beginning: "And wilt thou never smile again; Thy cruel purpose never shaken?

atmospherewith Occurrences 1%

It was before the time of native concerts on the sea-drive, but in the night itself, and in the soft undertone from the sea, there was ardent atmospherewith this woman beside him.

Which preposition to use with  ardent