Which preposition to use with arrow

of Occurrences 190%

" In the present statis of things you want to blow up your nerve, and stand as firm as the rox of Jiberalter, and like BYRON exclaim: "To be or not to be, there's the question; Whether a man feels better to pay big wages for shoemakers, Or to suffer the slings and arrows of everybody, By hirin' Pig-tails for 1/2 price?" Poleticians of the different churches don't endorse our Selestial brother.

in Occurrences 122%

Though indifferent to life itself, and all that it now promised, I exerted myself for the sake of my parents, especially of my mother, who suffered so acutely on my account: but I carried a barbed arrow in my heart, and the greater the efforts to extract it, the more they rankled the wound.

at Occurrences 100%

About half an hour later the natives in the canoes, without the least warning, began shooting their arrows at the poor fellows in the boat, and ere it could be taken out of bowshot one of them was pierced with six arrows, and two of the others were also wounded.

from Occurrences 90%

During the brief cessation of hostilities, Simpson extracted the arrow from Wood's shoulder, and put an immense quid of tobacco on the wound.

to Occurrences 52%

He fitted a second arrow to his bow, while his lips curved maliciously.

with Occurrences 49%

"Brother," quoth he, selecting an arrow with portentous care, "'tis an ill thing to be cursed with eyes such as mine, I tell thee!" "Aye, and wherefore, Giles?" said Beltane, yet intent on his own thoughts.

on Occurrences 35%

I flung the broken arrow on the ground.

into Occurrences 30%

From this success Antony gained courage, as also from his being able to shoot arrows into his rival's camp carrying pamphlets which promised the men fifteen hundred denarii; so he attacked also with his infantry and was defeated.

for Occurrences 27%

Mr. Andrew Lang observes (Introduction to his Theocritus volume), 'In one or other of the sixteen Pompeian pictures of Venus and Adonis, the Loves are breaking their bows and arrows for grief, as in the hymn of Bion.' 11. 7, 8.

through Occurrences 21%

The adventurous juvenile rushed down the path, shot like an arrow through the doorway, and the next instant was seen ploughing up the snow in the playground, and eventually disappearing head first into the middle of a big drift.

out Occurrences 12%

His old strength seemed to come back to him, and, drawing the bowstring to his ear, he sped the arrow out of the open casement.

by Occurrences 12%

A small bird, yellowish and cinereous, of the grosbec species, appeared this day in the neighborhood of one of the sugar-camps on the river below, and was shot with an arrow by an Indian boy, who brought it up to me.

over Occurrences 9%

Around the spring, where must have been a gathering place of the tribes, it is scored over with strange pictures and symbols that have no meaning to the Indians of the present day; but out where the rock begins, there is carved into the white heart of it a pointing arrow over the symbol for distance and a circle full of wavy lines reading thus: "In this direction three [units of measurement unknown] is a spring of sweet water; look for it.

like Occurrences 9%

You mustn't waste arrows like that.

after Occurrences 6%

Send your arrows after him, my brave warriors, and suffer him not to escape.

across Occurrences 5%

They dart like arrows across the streets, and in their reckless haste of attempting to cross the street to avoid me, they frequently came near losing their lives under my feet!

against Occurrences 5%

So severely was Rakush wounded, that Rustem, when he perceived how much his favorite horse was exhausted, dismounted, and continued to impel his arrows against the enemy from behind his shield.

among Occurrences 5%

After long wandering, Ahmed found his arrow among desolate rocks, too far for any man to have shot with the bow; and, while he looked about him, amazed and dumfounded, he beheld an iron door in the rocks, which yielded to his touch and led into a very sumptuous palace.

as Occurrences 4%

I am as certain as I can be of any man's real sentiments, that he enjoyed the perpetual shower of little hostile arrows as evidences of his fame.

without Occurrences 3%

The natives of this part of the coast were seen probably by Tasman; for in Mr. Dalrymple's Papua the following paragraph is found: "In latitude 13 degrees 8 minutes and longitude 146 degrees 18 minutes 6 seconds East (probably 129 1/2 degrees East of Greenwich, and answering to this part) the people are bad and wicked, shooting at the Dutch with arrows without provocation, when they were coming on shore.

within Occurrences 3%

" First David of Doncaster shot, and lodged all three of his arrows within the garland.

than Occurrences 2%

His practice had been confined rather to the use of stone-headed arrows than love-darts, and his dexterity in the management of hearts displayed rather in making bloody incisions than tender impressions.

beside Occurrences 2%

I then made him place his bow and quiver of arrows beside my gun, and striking a light gave him a smoke out of my own pipe and a present of a few beads.

beneath Occurrences 2%

For I would fain help these fellows along the way, when they are swinging, with an arrow beneath the ribs.

during Occurrences 2%

The night growing very dark, Pacheco quitted the bay lest his caravel might be set on fire by the Moors, and came to anchor close to an island at a short distance, having had nine of his men wounded by arrows during the engagement.

Which preposition to use with  arrow