Which preposition to use with ask

for Occurrences 4020%

Presently, Tonnison asked for the Manuscript: I handed it to him, and he spent most of the afternoon in reading it through by himself.

of Occurrences 805%

But if an authority must be produced, ask of the man who saw Drusilla translated to heaven: the same man will aver he saw Claudius on the road, dot and carry one.

in Occurrences 628%

Madame de MacMahon came up to me, saying: "Madame Waddington, Sa Majeste demande les nouvelles de M. Waddington," upon which His Majesty planted himself directly in front of me, so close that he almost touched me, and asked in a quick, abrupt manner, as if he were firing off a shot: "Ou est votre mari?"

about Occurrences 301%

Many times when we were living in England at the embassy, I was asked about him.

with Occurrences 233%

Morriston asked with some surprise.

at Occurrences 203%

she asked at length.

after Occurrences 171%

Did he ask after me?' 'Yes.' He looked at her again and said suspiciously: 'I suppose you didn't mention' 'Mention what?' 'Edith!' 'Yes?' He cleared his throat and then said with an effort of self-assertion that she thought at once ridiculous and touching: 'Look here, I don't wish to blame you in any way for whater arrangements you like to make in your own household.

to Occurrences 100%

I'm sure there are not many modern wives who expect to do anything on earth but have their bills and bridge debts paid, and their perpetual young men asked to dinner, and one thing and another.

from Occurrences 67%

Thus she walked warily, and dared ask from none directions or help.

as Occurrences 55%

Therefore, I ask as a personal favor, seein' that BARNUM sarved me same's he did old Plymouth Rock, that when this august assemblage of Fossilized human bein's comes down onto the mail portion of the U. States, old P.T. be turned over to us.

on Occurrences 46%

One thought occupied the minds of all, and even Mugford, when asked on one occasion by Mr. Blake who were the conspirators in the Gunpowder Plot, answered absent-mindedly, "The Philistines!"

by Occurrences 25%

"Sure we'd better get a bite to ate while we may, as th' ass said when he passed th' market car, for who knows what'll happen if we stop to ask by your lave?"

without Occurrences 11%

What's he riding?" he asked without looking up.

under Occurrences 7%

They are no Anabaptists; if you ask under what horizon this climate lies, the Bermudas and it are both under one and the same height.

than Occurrences 6%

And what more can we ask than hope?

out Occurrences 6%

It's the only promise I ask out of it.

within Occurrences 5%

"At the expiration of that time we will consider the matter further; and if, as I anticipate, you are more anxious to divest yourself of the Papal dignity than you were to assume it, I promise to bestow upon you any boon you may ask within my power to grant, and not plainly inconsistent with religion or morals.

over Occurrences 4%

she asked over her shoulder.

through Occurrences 4%

"Why should I?" she asked through her tears.

before Occurrences 4%

" "What sort of noise, sir?" inquired Mike, as many Wrykynians had asked before him.

into Occurrences 3%

Besides, it isn't every one I'd care to ask into this dungeon of a room.

during Occurrences 2%

The short ones, answers to questions asked during the séance, are written under the table with what skill practice can confer.

like Occurrences 2%

she asked like a child asking permission to run out and play.

amongst Occurrences 2%

"Pardon, if I was impertinent; but I assure you the question is being asked amongst themselves by all the women in the house" Stafford stared at him and began to frown with perplexity rather than anger.

among Occurrences 2%

In 1855 certain influential citizens of North Carolina memorialized their legislature asking among other things that the slaves be taught to read.

Which preposition to use with  ask