Which preposition to use with assisted

in Occurrences 795%

Sometimes it was intimated to the teachers that I had been assisted in my exercises; at others, that I had infringed the college rules, or had put false reports in circulation, or had neglected some of the many ceremonies required by our religion.

at Occurrences 212%

Not only was he a shining light in his own parish, but he also went about the country and assisted at revival missions, showing himself everywhere a bright and helpful minister of the Gospel.

to Occurrences 37%

" Several willing hands were stretched out to assist in arming Diggory for the enterprise, and in a few moments he was assisted to the top of the slide.

with Occurrences 29%

I got one of them, whom I had previously assisted with his pack, to take me and two of my party over a small creek in his canoe.

by Occurrences 9%

" He was, continues John Yeardley, six years in Kornthal, and seems to be sensible of the importance of the situation he fills, and of his incapability to be useful to others unless assisted by divine grace.

from Occurrences 9%

Elderly ladies and young ladies were assisted from smart motor-cars by their escorts, and greeted their friends with feminine fervour.

on Occurrences 8%

"You and I are excellent Protestants; you and I have often assisted on the 5th of November to burn Guy Fawkes, the Pope and the Devil.

as Occurrences 8%

If he had made a mistake the previous afternoon, he was glad no unfortunate result had followed except his having been assaulted by a ruffian; that the Danse du Shawl was promised in his advertisement, and he hoped Madame John (whose wages were in hand waiting for her) would not fail to assist as usual.

into Occurrences 3%

"If you desire it." The boat was lowered, and Mrs. Price was tenderly assisted into it.

BY Occurrences 2%


among Occurrences 2%

The several great Scenes of the Creation rise up to view one after another, in such a manner, that the Reader seems present at this wonderful Work, and to assist among the Choirs of Angels, who are the Spectators of it.

for Occurrences 2%

He had found out a Wesleyan minister in town who knew him, and had, by his means, after assisting for a week or two in the London City Mission, got some similar appointment in a large manufacturing town.

of Occurrences 2%

Day has been devoting his energies to the creation of a blubber stove, much assisted of course by the experience gained at Hut Point.

than Occurrences 2%

He says: "Tell Mr. Morse that there is no one I would sooner assist than him if I could, but, in the present posture of my affairs, I am not warranted in undertaking anything more than to make my payments as they become due, of which there are not a few.

towards Occurrences 2%

Nor ought he to withhold his tribute of gratitude, on this occasion, from the liberal spirit of a private individual, the Reverend Henry White of Lichfield, who has most obligingly offered the use of his valuable Collection of Voyages and Travels, and other curious and scarce works connected with the subject, for assisting towards the perfection of this publication.

without Occurrences 2%

So it was decided to go outside and as soon as the dinner dishes were cleared awayat which the boys assisted without so much as a grumblethe young folks started out on their tour of discovery.

throughout Occurrences 1%

I felt so little inconvenience from it at the time that I assisted throughout the day in laying the cable, and operating through it after it was joined, and had the satisfaction of witnessing the successful result of passing the electricity through twenty-five hundred miles at the rate of one signal in one and a quarter second.

during Occurrences 1%

To this the King's dominions beyond the seas can do little more than assist during peace by their contributions, either of ships, men, or money, in strengthening the British navy.

toward Occurrences 1%

I must say Aunt Dahlia's bearing and demeanour did nothing to assist toward a restored composure.

at Occurrences 1%

too assisted at the ceremony, and took solemn oath to the constitution just established in the interest of mankind.

against Occurrences 1%

Asking them how they meant to proceed in the conference, they said they meant to begin with the Saracens; but I dissuaded them from that, because, as they agreed with us in the belief of one only God, they would assist against the Tuinians.

out Occurrences 1%

Upon hearing those words prosecutor broke down and had to be assisted out of the court.

over Occurrences 1%

But the Stranger was not used to climbing, and he had to be assisted over the wall.

about Occurrences 1%

A girl by the name of Polly assisted about the housework.

Which preposition to use with  assisted