Which preposition to use with attention

to Occurrences 4486%

After that, I made the 'round of the house again; paying particular attention to the props that supported the study door.

of Occurrences 2172%

I couldn't understand how the man could go on talking to empty benches, but W. told me he was quite indifferent to the attention of his colleagues,his speech was for his electors and would appear the next day in the Journal Officiel.

from Occurrences 326%

Sure I am that I had still strength enough to turn away my eyes from his gaze, at least for a time; but no other occurrence had power to divert my attention from the things already mentioned, and upon which I had deeply pondered.

in Occurrences 219%

It was rather a fine thing for a boy in the Upper Fourth to be accosted in a familiar manner by a prefect, and asked sometimes to visit the latter in his study; and when such things were possible, it was hardly worth while to spend time and attention in carrying on a feud with youngsters in the Third Form.

on Occurrences 192%

It was some time before I could fix my attention on what I read; but after a while, the interest the book had previously excited returned, and I became at length so engrossed by the incidents of the story, as to forget the festival, the procession, the tiger, and the elephant, as much as if they had never before entered my head.

by Occurrences 127%

Whether the flash and detonation frightened them; whether Perdosa, still clinging to his rock, managed to turn their attention by his flanking efforts, or whether, quite simply, the wall of dead finally turned them back, I do not know, but with one accord they gave over the attempt.

at Occurrences 107%

It is of course not at all either necessary or even desirable for any one school to have everything, and children should not have too much within the range of their attention at one time.

with Occurrences 89%

And his first words caught my attention with an unpleasant grip.

as Occurrences 82%

Patsy, the "plug-ugly," as she called herself, was so bright and animated and her blue eyes sparkled so constantly with fun and good humor, that she attracted fully as much attention as her more sedate and more beautiful cousin, and wherever she went was sure to make a host of friends.

for Occurrences 79%

The thought occupied my attention for a full minute; then I commenced to eat again.

than Occurrences 55%

Compelled to give more attention than heretofore to his route, he once or twice thought that he distinguished a human figure moving through the darkness of the forest.

during Occurrences 34%

Mark Davenport, of course, had been the object of considerable attention during the day, and at the meeting-house-door numbers of his old acquaintances gathered round him.

between Occurrences 18%

For the reader, who is a privileged person, we intend to put back the clock, and leaving the Triple Alliance dividing their attention between attempts to discover the meaning, first of their Latin author, and secondly of the enigma formed by this perplexing single-worded epistle, we will give a short account of the gathering to which it referred.

towards Occurrences 17%

He will run for Governor, or for town-clerk, just as opportunities occur, is expert in all the practices of his profession, has had a quarter's dancing, with three years in the classics, and turned his attention towards medicine and divinity, before he finally settled down into the law.

among Occurrences 15%

By dividing my attentions among them all, I succeeded for a while in concealing from them the object of my preference; but the sex are too sharp-sighted to be long deceived in these matters.

toward Occurrences 15%

On reaching the corner of what is now Washington Street he paused a moment and glanced toward the house of the governor as if he would go there; but, after a few whispered words with the child, he shook his head and turned his attention toward the principal inn of the town.

like Occurrences 9%

" At the name of fortune, Mrs. Stevens' head became erect, and she was all attention like a war-horse at the blast of a trumpet.

without Occurrences 9%

His mind seems to have been tumultuous and desultory, and he was glad to catch any employment that might produce attention without anxiety; such employment, as Dr. Battie has observed, is necessary for madmen.'

due Occurrences 8%

A few dances will suffice to show her interest in the entertainment, without unduly trenching on the attention due to her guests.

through Occurrences 6%

His eyes were a bluish gray, and looked out upon the world with a reflective attention through gold-rimmed eye-glasses, with which he had a habit of amusing himself while talking, examining their mechanism and the knot of the fine black cord with a bat-like air of blindness.

before Occurrences 5%

Captain Raleigh greeted the two lads with a smile, as they stood at attention before him.

after Occurrences 4%

This brought the little family face to face with the realities of life, and we soon after find the father occupying a position as inspector on the Göta Canal, a project which was just then occupying serious attention after having been neglected for nearly one hundred years, and nearly three hundred years after it was first proposed in 1526.

throughout Occurrences 3%

But though the sensation created by the murder of a judge of the High Court was destined to grow and to be fed by unexpected developments, the changing phases of which monopolised public attention throughout England on successive occasions, there was little in the evening papers to satisfy the appetite for sensation.

about Occurrences 2%

Her pictures began to attract attention about 1847, and she had many commissions for altar-pieces and similar work.

along Occurrences 2%

I may say the same of this or that pleasing tract, which will draw his attention along with it.

Which preposition to use with  attention