Which preposition to use with auditory

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Whom shall we pronounce a fit writer to be laid before an auditory of working-men, as a model of what is just in compositionfit either for conciliating their regard to literature at first or afterwards for sustaining it?

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" A movement of surprise and curiosity agitated the entire auditory at this announcement.

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Mrs. Laudersdale's ankle having been injured by her fall, and Mrs. McLean having taken a cold, the two invalids now became during a week and a day the auditory for all quips and pranks that Miss Heath and Mr. Raleigh could devise.

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In the first place, I deny that Socrates taught himself, for I believe that One taught him, who has promised to teach every man who desires wisdom; and in the next place, I have no fear but that the sound practical intellect which that same One has bestowed on the Englishman, will give you a far better auditory in any harvest field, than Socrates could find among the mercurial Athenians of a fallen age.

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He had a prompt and effective talent for this exercise, to which his extensive and various reading administered abundant resource; and he indulged it not less to the gratification of his auditory than to the aid of his cause.

Which preposition to use with  auditory