Which preposition to use with axioms

of Occurrences 85%

For it was an axiom of the men who sailed under Parkinson that the calmer that nervous man grew, the more cause was there for nervousness on the part of others.

in Occurrences 18%

The last of these may be assumed as an axiom in English history.

with Occurrences 6%

Wherefore the axiom with which this column begins.

as Occurrences 5%

It falsely alleged one axiom as the basis of existing medical practice, namely, Contraria contrarüs curantur,"Contraries are cured by contraries."

to Occurrences 3%

Then the inductive ascent from experiment to axiom is to be followed by a deductive descent from axioms to new experiments and discoveries.

on Occurrences 2%

The axioms on which his scheme was based were as follows: (1) That each Member of Parliament should represent approximately the same number of electors. (2) That the minority of the two parties into which, broadly speaking, each district may be divided, should be adequately represented.

from Occurrences 2%

The middle part of the rational soul is called by Plato, dianoia, and is that power which, as we have already said, reasons scientifically, deriving the principles of its reasoning, which are axioms from intellect.

by Occurrences 1%

The rule which he there lays down, and which is cited in the text, may be considered, in a modified application, as an axiom by which we may test the probability, at least, of all sorts of traditions.

about Occurrences 1%

In a recent volume entitled, "Human Nature and its Remaking," Professor William Ernest Hocking of Harvard contends that Man, all axioms about his nature to the contrary, is but a creature of habit, and so the most plastic of living things, since habit is self-controlled and self-determined.

for Occurrences 1%

" The work is divided into two parts: Book I. contains certain Propositions which require no disputable Axiom for their proof, and when once the few Definitions of "amount," &c., have become familiar it is easy reading.

beyond Occurrences 1%

But, understanding it simply as meaning that the Judge of all the Earth will do right, it appears to me an axiom beyond all question.

out Occurrences 1%

We shall find that a quotation out of Qui mihi, an Axiom out of Logic, a Saying of a Philosopher, or the like, though managed with some quickness and applied with some seeming ingenuity, will not, in our days, pass, or be accepted, for Wit.

Which preposition to use with  axioms