Which preposition to use with banana

in Occurrences 14%

Put the bananas in a glass dish and pour over the sauce.

from Occurrences 6%

The Café des Exilés, to use a figure, flowered, bore fruit, and dropped it long agoor rather Time and Fate, like some uncursed Adam and Eve, came side by side and cut away its clusters, as we sever the golden burden of the banana from its stem; then, like a banana which has borne its fruit, it was razed to the ground and made way for a newer, brighter growth.

with Occurrences 6%

Previously, in connection with the use of the boxes, he had taken up the same stick two or three times and reached for the banana with it, but in no case had he struck at it or clearly tried to knock it from the string, as did the child most readily and naturally.

for Occurrences 5%

Besides eatables, many had silks and stuffs woven from the fibers of the pine-apple and the banana for sale.

by Occurrences 4%

EXPLANATION OF PLATE V Orang utan, Julius, obtaining banana by piling boxes or by using pole FIGURE 21.Julius in act of setting larger box on end.

of Occurrences 4%

"Jump in and get it," said Ca Matsin, who could not swim, "and we will plant it, and some day we will have some bananas of our own."

through Occurrences 3%

It was the expectation of the experimenter that the pole would be used to push the banana through the box, but as a matter of fact the ape used it, first of all, to pull the food toward him, thus indicating a natural tendency which is important in connection with the statements just made.

on Occurrences 3%

Before they had gone far, the Monkey saw a large bunch of yellow bananas on a tree at a distance.

to Occurrences 2%

Add the sliced bananas to the hot syrup and stew slowly until done.

without Occurrences 1%

There are those who never can look at the Banana without a feeling of awe, as at a token of holy ancient the race of man may be, and how little we know of his history.

across Occurrences 1%

Whereupon he placed a dead-looking banana across a mound of ice-cream, poured on colored juices as though to mark the fatal wound and offered it to me.

near Occurrences 1%

Two days later, on May 3, the box was once more placed in position, this time with a half banana in the middle and a small piece of banana near each open end.

out Occurrences 1%

He pushed it in beside the first, and as it happened, shoved the banana out of the opposite end of the box.

toward Occurrences 1%

As soon as a stick was placed in his cage, he grasped it and used it in a very definite, although unskillful, way to pull the banana toward him.

above Occurrences 1%

After considerable skill had been acquired in the placing of the boxes, the one upon the other, the height of the banana above the floor was increased so that three boxes were necessary.

Which preposition to use with  banana