Which preposition to use with barristers

at Occurrences 37%

Mathieu Bodet, Barrister at the Court of Cassation.

of Occurrences 13%

As the introduction to his critical examination of the genius and writings of YOUNG, he did Mr. Herbert Croft, then a Barrister of Lincoln's-inn, now a clergyman, the honour to adopt a Life of Young written by that gentleman, who was the friend of Dr. Young's son, and wished to vindicate him from some very erroneous remarks to his prejudice.

in Occurrences 12%

As the Chiron family were not wealthy they welcomed the friendship between Gabrielle and the beautiful American who had married one of the leading barristers in London, and finally Gabrielle went to live with Mrs. Holymead as a companion.

on Occurrences 5%

A father never looked on his firstborn with more pleasure than a barrister on his first brief.

with Occurrences 4%

Mr. Walters rose to begin his cross-examination, and the witness faced the barrister with the air of an old hand who knew the game, and was not to be caught by any legal tricks or traps.

for Occurrences 3%

This Barrister for ever forgets that the whole point in dispute is not concerning the possibility of an immoral Christian being saved, which the Methodist would deny as strenuously as himself, and perhaps give an austerer sense to the word immoral; but whether morality, or as the Methodists would call it, sanctification, be the price which we pay for the purchase of our salvation with our own money, or a part of the same free gift.

from Occurrences 3%

The risks and the temptations of the profession at the present day are quite as dangerous to its usefulness, its dignity, and its virtue, as the shears and branding-irons that frightened every barrister from signing Prynne's defence, or the writ that sent Maynard to the Tower.

to Occurrences 2%

"I have heard nothing like it," said a barrister to me, "since the days of Emmet.

by Occurrences 2%

A barrister by profession, Thomas Hughes became a county court judge, and lived for many years in that capacity at Chester.

after Occurrences 2%

Margaret was talking with the Ambassador, and the Greek was just turning to talk to his neighbour, so that their eyes met, and each waited for the other to speak first. 'Are you a judge of faces?' asked the barrister after a moment.

without Occurrences 1%

Kelly ultimately withdrew from stage work, and for the last three years of his life practised as a barrister without, however, achieving much distinction in his new profession.

as Occurrences 1%

And Carlyle was not much more civil when he described a barrister as "a loaded blunderbuss "if you bought him he blew your opponent's brains out; if your opponent bought him he blew yours out.

about Occurrences 1%

His books are indeed not known in the country; his fame as a poet (and I might almost say, as a politician too) is entirely confined to the young attorneys and embryo-barristers about town.

Which preposition to use with  barristers