Which preposition to use with bawds

to Occurrences 8%

Right, Sir; so in Trades: the Smith is a slave to the Ironmonger, the itchy silk-weaver to the Silke-man, the Cloth-worker to the Draper, the Whore to the Bawd, the Bawd to the Constable, and the Constable to a bribe.

of Occurrences 4%

He consists of double beer and fellowship, and his vices are the bawds of his thirst.

at Occurrences 3%

Leucippe who is Agent for the Kings Lust, and bawds at the same time for the whole Court, is very pleasantly introduced, reading her Minutes as a Person of Business, with two Maids, her Under-Secretaries, taking Instructions at a Table before her.

in Occurrences 3%

I know there be many base, impudent, brazenfaced rogues, that will Nulla pallescere culpa, be moved with nothing, take no infamy or disgrace to heart, laugh at all; let them be proved perjured, stigmatised, convict rogues, thieves, traitors, lose their ears, be whipped, branded, carted, pointed at, hissed, reviled, and derided with Ballio the Bawd in Plautus, they rejoice at it, Cantores probos; "babe and Bombax," what care they?

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It must not be thought a Digression from my intended Speculation, to talk of Bawds in a Discourse upon Wenches; for a Woman of the Town is not thoroughly and properly such, without having gone through the Education of one of these Houses.

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Why, would it not gall a man to see a spruce gartered youth of our college, a while ago, be a broker for a living and an old bawd for a benefice?

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Again in Warner's "Albion's England," 1602, p. 129 "And Ganimaedes we are," quoth one, "and thou a prophet trew: And hidden skeines from underneath their forged garments drew, Wherewith the tyrant and his bawds with safe escape they slew.

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For making oathes Bawds to his perjury.

Which preposition to use with  bawds