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Which preposition to use with  be

Which preposition to use with be

There is in him something of the Stoic god, as I can see now: he has neither heart nor head.

There were of course all sorts of meetings and conversations at our house, with Leon Say, Jules Ferry, Casimir Perier, and others.

Probably there was at the back of his attentions to Mrs Ottley a vague idea that he wanted to get her on his sidethat she might be a useful ally; but he was always charming to elderly women, and inclined to be brusque with younger ones, excepting Edith; he remembered his own mother with so great a cult of devotion, and his late wife with such a depressed indifference.

That's all there is to it."

If it be for His glory and the advantage of His cause there to let another join in it, I will be grateful.

I say I was alone, and yet there was with me, all the way, and all the time, one who can talk, reason, philosophise, understand things as well as you or I; and one, to all appearance, as much and distinctly human as you or I." "Impossible!"

Or, if you be on a holiday, you strain yourself on the sights of the city, against being caught in an omission.

The sun went down with one swift, clear plunge, and there was about me, for a few seconds, the darker growing grey of the gloaming.

There was quite as much difference between the quiet moderate men of the Left Centre and the extreme Left as there was between the Legitimists and any faction of the Republican party.

To the east of these hills the dress of the common people is of coarse materials, as in our country of Ts'in, but here also there were among them the differences of fine woollen cloth and of serge or haircloth.

" "There is from Sprotsfield.

" Quoth Beltane, his aching head upon his hand: "Whither?" "To death if needs be, for a man must die soon or late, yet die but once whether it be by the steel, or flame, or rope.

Russia has always had a latent force of development; there is within her a vis inertiae equivalent to a mysterious energy of expansion.

How shou'd his be like mine?

Peace be unto you; peace, which is the foundation for all you desire.

"There are over two thousand.

"My fingers be as full of thorns as an old pin-cushion is of pins."

If he has a curiosity to know what there is above these Little Falls, let him try his angle-worms in the brook just over the ridge, and he will find out.

What a people they might be, and what a future there is before them, if they would but be true to God!

"What talk be this?" grunted Black Roger, threatening of mien, "my lord and I be under a vow and must begone, and want no runaway serf crawling at our heels!"

Will it be well," he said; and after a pause came the answer "Set not forth on Tuesday, for the stars be against thy journeying; but send thine agent on Thursday and go thyself, if need be, two days later."

There were amongst usan inevitable circumstance in the stormy confusion of the first momentsa good many men whom we did not know.

To sleep there was out of the question.

Whether her exercise be without or within doors, however, she should be effectually protected against chills, and against the influence of currents of cold air.

I walked about Moscow, I saw everything, everything!I've been through a long course of study!

'Twas kindly urg'd, prithee be near me still, And tell me of the faults that look unmanly.

He could not help wondering what thoughts there were behind her silence.

There were during this reign no reforms, no public improvements, no measures of relief for the poor, no stimulus to new industries, no public encouragement of art or literature, no triumphs of architectural skill; nothing to record but the strife of political parties, and a systematic encroachment by the government on electoral rights, on legislative freedom, on the liberty of the Press.

CHAPTER V McFLUKE'S "They been after him to sell a long time," said Chuck Morgan, rolling a cigarette as he and Racey Dawson jogged along toward McFluke's at the ford of the Lazy.

In fact, in those times there was throughout England, in all the churches, a decay of faith and a tendency to unbelief; against which a few men made noble protest, till the religious Revival, led by Whitefield and Wesley, inaugurated a happier era.

I thought it would be nice for the missionary society" "Gee, we're going to have pie, ain't we" PROLOGUE We who are passing "through the wilderness of this world" find it difficult to realize what an impenetrable wall there is around the town of Boyville.

"Enva," I said, "you will keep this room till I release you; and you will answer it to me, as the worst fault you can commit, if Eveena passes this threshold, under whatever circumstances, until I give her permission, or until, if it be beyond my power to give it, her father takes the responsibilities of my home upon himself."

"I hadn't dreamed there were a half so many snakes in the whole world as there were along that confounded river.

I don't know no more where they be than nothin'; they've strayed away into the woods, I guess, and I do'no' as the boys can skeer 'em up; besides, the boys is to school; h'myis!

A little frightened voice called out "Who's that?" Lucie opened the door: and what do you think there was inside the hill?a nice clean kitchen with a flagged floor and wooden beamsjust like any other farm kitchen.

In some countries they make nothing of it, ne nobiles quidem, saith Leo Afer, in many parts of Africa (if she be past fourteen) there's not a nobleman that marries a maid, or that hath a chaste wife; 'tis so common; as the moon gives horns once a month to the world, do they to their husbands at least.

The sides of this well are not moist, green, or clammy, like the sides of some others where damp and noxious exhalations abound, but dry and clean; for it is said that there are below hidden entrances and exits for the water, which keep it always moving.

and I been up the river on Sunday together.

Christchurch stands in the angle where the rivers Avon and Stour meet, and it is thus secured upon the north, east, and south; its great and perhaps its only attraction is the great Priory church in whose name that of the town, Twyneham, has long been lost; but there are beside a ruined Norman house, and a pretty mediaeval bridge over the Avon, from which a most noble view of the great church may be had.

We can see how many cracks there are per mile.

We may take it, therefore, that there was towards the end of the forenoon a convergence of the two columns, and that this was due to Nelson's return from his feint at the hostile van to the line from which he intended to let go his ships to deliver the actual attack.

There is a record of over five hundred pleas of the Gloucestershire fifty years later, and among all these there is outside the town of Gloucester but one case which deals with the lawful width for weaving cloth, and one or two as to the sale of bread, ale, or wine.

An' that's all about it, an' glad I am as it be off my mind at last.

They say that when they be vpon the mountaines, they see ships in the Sea sayling to and fro; but they know not from whence they come, nor whether they go.

"An' if I had sic a sarkfu' o' sair banes wi ae feather," he argued, "what like maun it be wi' a hale bed?" Well, I can assure readers that whatever may be the troubles of a solitary nut in an oasis of good things, it is very different when nuts are taken alone or in a suitable and simple combination.

There is nos restriction pertaining the citizenship.

I'se been yere dese fifteen years, an' I'se neber foun' any troof in dem.

If there was fewer books in the world, the postman would have an easier life than what he does and no one much worse off than they be nowexcept the clever folks as writes 'em!

"'Deed," quoth Hairy, "I witna an it be na your honour.

In 1978, Moore who'd grown up in Radville went to the School of the Arts in Fort Qu'Appelle, but instructors there were into modern art.

No beggar in all the world is so poor in happiness as I. Tell me, tell me, Jim, in the name of God, if there is onefor already the game of gold is robbing me of my faith in Godwhere can I buy a little, just a little happiness with all this cursed yellow dirt?

"Now, me butternut friend, what 'bjections have yees to that?" "All rightall be goodlike Miss Harvey?"

Contraction of the hoof complicates Navicular Syndrome symptoms in that when the horse is forced to bear weight, the swelling that occurs has less room to occupy and there is therefor more pressure, more pain, and longer recovery time.

The Sheriff’s office requested the Norfolk Fire water rescue team also be en route to the scene along with Stanton Fire.

Livy, but you're ove'ly ole ter be havin' yo' fus' baby, an' you'll need somebody roun', honey, w'at knows all 'bout de fam'ly, an' deir ways an' deir weaknesses, an' I don' know who dat'd be ef it wa'n't me.'

You started up Kennington Park Road on a leisurely, jog-trotting omnibus, and neither you nor I remembered what there is underneath Kennington Park Road.

St. Theodore forgive me if it be unlike a Christian to do so.

There is no longer any property qualification, though there was until recently in Rhode Island, Criminals, idiots, and lunatics are excluded from the suffrage.

Weep no more, woful Shepherds weep no more, For Lycidas your sorrow is not dead, Sunk though he be beneath the watry floar, So sinks the day-star in the Ocean bed, And yet anon repairs his drooping head, And tricks his beams, and with new spangled Ore, Flames in the forehead of the morning sky.