Which preposition to use with bearest

in Occurrences 5421%

Only an occasional inspiration, the result of a lifetime of thought and experience, is born in this sudden way.

at Occurrences 2245%

I have lived with him all these years, and I tell you, he was born at Lyons.

to Occurrences 1009%

It was certainly a most gorgeous spectacle, got up regardless of expense, clear it was that a god was being borne to the grave: tootling of flutes, roaring of horns, an immense brass band of all sorts, such a din that even Claudius could hear it.

of Occurrences 951%

It was directed against those passing orbs, and seemed born of intuitive knowledge, rather than of any real cause or reason.

on Occurrences 947%

The Pope was consulted and very strong influence brought to bear on the question, but the Catholic Church was firm.

with Occurrences 944%

Onward, and onward, rolled this mighty orb on its pathway through the heavens, bearing with it no animal existences, freighted with no human hopescarrying with it nothing of human destiny.

for Occurrences 249%

He says, "Quit you like men!" Each of us is born for a sceptre and a crown.

into Occurrences 198%

Children are born into the world under strangely different influences.

from Occurrences 161%

Thus was Beltane borne from Blaen upon his wedding nightdazed, bleeding and helpless in his bonds.

near Occurrences 151%

He was born near Damascus A.H. 190, and educated in Egypt; but the principal part of his life was spent at Bagdad, under the patronage of the Abasside Caliphs.

about Occurrences 138%

how from away off over the water, the voice of the loon comes clear and musical and shrill, like the sound of a clarion; and note how it is borne about by the echoes from hill to hill.

without Occurrences 102%

One might as well be born without hands or feet!

under Occurrences 86%

Look at his body, born under the wrath of heaven!

within Occurrences 75%

We are whirlwind spirits, swept through time and space, bearing within our souls hopes, fears, joys, sorrows, which are never twice the same.

among Occurrences 63%

For, in the midst of the ordinary forest sounds, the falling of burs, piping of quails, the screaming of the Clark Crow, and the rustling of deer and bears among the chaparral, he is quick to detect your strange footsteps, and will hasten to make a good, close inspection of you as soon as you are still.

as Occurrences 62%

This truth is popularly expressed by the doctrine of transmigration, according to which individuals, as the character of their deeds may determine, are re-born as pigs or peacocks, beggars or princes.

before Occurrences 51%

But the Shia, while admitting that the death of the first martyrs may have wrought severer loss to Islam, cannot admit that their end surpasses in pathos the tale of the bitter tenth of Mohurrum when the stars quivered in a bloodied sky and the very walls of the palace of Kufa rained tears of blood as the head of the Martyr was borne before them.

out Occurrences 48%

The part (or rather main body) which has left the sweetest odor on my memory (a bad term for the remains of an impression so recent) is the "Tales of the Churchyard"the only girl among seven brethren, born out of due time, and not duly taken away again; the deaf man and the blind man; the Jacobite and the Hanoverian, whom antipathies reconcile; the Scarron-entry of the rusticating parson upon his solitude,these were all new to me too.

after Occurrences 45%

The new regime, born after the revolution, can also not recognize the debts of the old regime and annul them.

than Occurrences 44%

The governor is getting to be more like a bear than a human being, it's a dog's life for everybody unlucky enough to be under the same roof with him.

against Occurrences 35%

What grudge is this you bear against him and the whole empire?

by Occurrences 29%

I larned one thing, stranger, that mornin', and it's this, never to try drownin' a bear by runnin' him under with a dugout.

through Occurrences 27%

The blood-vessels are flexible tubes through which the blood is borne through the body.

between Occurrences 26%

And to that call she responded, leaving the river and its food behind herstraight out into the face of darkness and starvation, no longer fearing death or the emptiness of the world she could not see; for ahead of her, two hundred miles away, she could see the Sun Rock, the winding trail, the nest of her first-born between the two big rocksand Kazan! CHAPTER XXV THE LAST OF McTRIGGER Sixty miles

during Occurrences 25%

It numbered fifteen lodges and over a hundred beavers, not counting the fourth babies which had been born during March and April.

Which preposition to use with  bearest