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Which preposition to use with « beautifying »

Which preposition to use with « beautifying »

  • "Is she pretty, will she help you in your new country?"
  • "And what do they give you for the privilege of hunting your neighbour's cattle?" "Nothing at all: I even lose my customary rent from those who engage in it."
  • The Marechale said to me: "The Chinese ambassador will take you to dinner, Madame Waddington.
  • To begin with, I am not bound to please you with my answer.
  • He replied with a smile,"It seems to me that your extreme fear of hearing falsehood, must often prevent you from ascertaining the truth.
  • I shall not discourse unto you of his pursuit of Semele under his proper form, or of Alcmena, in guise of Amphitryon, or of Callisto, under the semblance of Diana, or of Danaë for whose sake he became a shower of gold, seeing that in the telling thereof I should waste too much time.
  • Sorry not to have met you at the door," he said courteously PART ONE THE SEA RIDDLE I DESERT SEAS
  • Did any one break his compact with you on that subject?
  • I have to tell you about myself this way so you will understand how I came to be mixed up in this Laughing Lass matter."
  • "Mighty glad to see you out."
  • I feel a good deal towards you as a nabor of mine, named JOE BELCHER, once did.
  • Seeing a man for the first time, he approaches nearer and nearer, until within a few feet; then, with an angry outburst, he makes a sudden rush, all teeth and eyes, as if about to eat you up.
  • Picture to him in the most glowing terms the joys of the fireside, with fond you by his side.
  • I heard a story that on one occasion, in playing with her dolls, she was thus heard to speak to a supposed refractory one: "Now, be good and quiet, because if you don't I will turn you into a Queen, and then you will not have anyone to play with at all."
  • - You provide, in accordance with paragraph 1.F.3, a full refund of any money paid for a work or a replacement copy, if a defect in the electronic work is discovered and reported to you within 90 days of receipt of the work.
  • He says, "Quit you like men!"
  • "That's what you'd need for your finishing-touch, a girl like me dragging you down.
  • Well, I hope, for you know I do want to get you off, desperately.
  • I have heard of you through mutual friendsthe Onslows.
  • I would rather be the salvation of you than the King of the Tidewater.
  • "But it should never have been offered to you over my head."
  • I fear I have been rather to blame in seeing you without Mrs Ottley's knowledge, but you know how one's feelings sometimes lead one to do what one knows one ought not to ...' 'Sandringham, indeed!
  • They refused and drove away the cavalry, saying, "Return to the kaid who sent you against us, and say to him that we will not increase our tribute as he demands."
  • Ifif two glasses of beer make you as silly as they do, Jimmie, why, five hundred dollars would land you under the table for life.
  • In fact I have been just waiting till I saw you before riding over to tell her of it, and relieve her mind."
  • I'll 'tell you after school."
  • My father was Senator Spragueyou served with him in CongressIIthought that perhaps you might take pity on his widow, his daughter, his son, if the poor boy is still living, andand" "Send you across the lines?
  • Kevimâ, and I propose to accompany you during the first part of your journey.
  • We all must die, you among the rest.
  • I can put you up to a-many a thing that'll help you along, though, and I'm willin' to do it."
  • "Many times I have sent my servants to find you," said Onoyom, "but they never found you until today.
  • And you above all, who get rich quick
  • "Blessings upon you!" cried Ahmed; "you behind the camels!"
  • "Safe, and he will join you beyond the Potomac."
  • Indeed, such are the obscurities and dim turnings of the place, that, were the legend of the Minotaur but English, you might fancy that the creature still lived in this labyrinth, to nip you between his toothless gumsfor the beast grows oldat some darker corner.
  • The mighty Posets, the Pic d'Arbizon, and the other snow-crowned heights, softened by distance and beautified by the tints in the foreground, stood out against the azure sky in all their splendour.
  • So he did, and behold, at a great distance, he saw a most pleasant, mountainous country, beautified with woods, vineyards, fruit of all sorts, flowers also, with springs and fountains, very delectable to behold.
  • "But why should I tell you, for did not you watch over us and see all we did, and were not you near us always?"
  • The Japanese have a little trick to fool a man who catches you around the waist from behind.
  • Who shall also confirm you unto the end, that ye may be blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ."
  • If this sound cryptic, I can only beg you to be patient and charitable until I find opportunity to clear away this one lie which stands between usand which is, by comparison, almost immaterial, since all that matters is the one great truth in my life, that I love you beyond all telling.
  • Come, sit you beside me and, because thou art fain to go into the world and play thy man's part, so now will I tell thee that the which I had thought to bear with me to the grave."
  • What if it tempt you toward the Floud my Lord?
  • "I suppose we shall see you towards midnight," he said lightly as he passed Gifford, his tone clearly suggesting his utter indifference in the matter.
  • "When I first saw you aboard that German vessel I was fearful for a minute that you would recognize me and blurt it out right there."
  • The other, however, through his delight in the stillness of the mountain, was unwilling to accept the invitation, on which the king said to him, "Only accept my invitation, and I will make a hill for you inside the city.
  • If it be a paine You have this comfort that you past it are.
  • I send you herewith a clipping from a local paper describing the game, and also a picture of the two teams with myself and the umpire included.
  • "Was this here yore own idea," pursued Racey, "or did somebody sic you onto me?"
  • "Yes, everything has been made ready; Jack will take you to Warchester, and we shall drive over to see you en route."
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