Which preposition to use with become

of Occurrences 2319%

What was going to become of me?

in Occurrences 485%

As he gradually enlarges his careful and illuminating work, his church becomes in time a body of spiritually well-educated communicants, thoroughly grounded in doctrinal, ethical, and social ideals, well taught in public and in private duties.

to Occurrences 298%

So accustomed had I become to the routine in which we were involved, so habituated to anticipating the coming day as exactly like the day that had gone, that the completion of our job caught me quite by surprise.

at Occurrences 224%

It was some time before I could fix my attention on what I read; but after a while, the interest the book had previously excited returned, and I became at length so engrossed by the incidents of the story, as to forget the festival, the procession, the tiger, and the elephant, as much as if they had never before entered my head.

like Occurrences 164%

I watched him for an hour or more, as he trudged away over the rolling prairie, growing less and less to the view, until he became like a speck in the distance, and then vanished from my sight.

as Occurrences 141%

With such distractions, as you may well imagine, Cornish pirates became as naught.

for Occurrences 126%

Every skipper and greasy sailor became for me a figure of romance.

by Occurrences 74%

His daughterhalf a Vartrey alreadywould become by marriage a Musgrave of Matocton, no less.

with Occurrences 52%

One thing at least was clear to Donnegan: that everyone knew how infatuated Landis had become with Nelly Lebrun and that Landis had not built up an extraordinarily good name for himself.

on Occurrences 27%

We may without any hesitation assume that Shelley meant one of these two: but a decision, as to which of the two becomes on reflection by no means so obvious as one might at first suppose.

from Occurrences 21%

Mihráb was the merriest, and drank the most, and in his cups saw nothing but himself, so vain had he become from the countenance he had received.

after Occurrences 19%

Thus, by a gigantic web of fiction, he became after his death the organ of opinions, ideas, and interests, whose lawfulness was recognized by every influential section of the Faithful.

under Occurrences 19%

Even less profitable did it become under the management of the supposed widow and her daughter.

through Occurrences 11%

Apparently I was the only member of the party who gave heed to his steps, and so timid had I become through looking into the future for danger, that it was only with difficulty I repressed a cry of alarm when Sergeant Corney came to a sudden halt, as if he had stumbled upon an enemy.

during Occurrences 10%

We of the American army were far too few in numbers to risk an action by pressing on, for, no matter how demoralized the enemy had become during the flight, it was more than probable they would fight with desperation now safety was within view.

before Occurrences 7%

A portion of the National Guard entered the national army under the name of honveds ("defenders of the country"), a name which became before long famous throughout the civilized world for the brilliant military achievements connected with it.

than Occurrences 7%

Amid the traffic she stopped to that pink would be more becoming than lavender.

throughout Occurrences 4%

employed in 1581 to effect the reform in the Roman Calendar promulgated in 1582, when the 5th of October became throughout Catholic countries the 15th of the New Style, an improvement that was not admitted into Protestant England until 1752.

within Occurrences 4%

Unlike other machines, the human body becomes within reasonable limits, stronger and more capable the more it is used.

without Occurrences 3%

It is for this reason that they degrade truth and that it becomes without power in their hands.

among Occurrences 3%

The Indian mutiny exhibited how common the rare qualities of foresight, energy, and enduring courage, and the still higher qualities of submission, patience, and faith, had become among those against whom the natives rose like a flood to overwhelm them in destruction.

out Occurrences 3%

You can hush up a painted dog while it confines itself to your own premises, but once it has mixed with the great public, this becomes out of the question.

about Occurrences 2%

Then the cylinder contracts and solidifies until it becomes about the size of the forefinger of a glove.

over Occurrences 2%

The emperor, however, thinking that it was due to the great number of springs, appointed five senators, chosen by lot, to constitute a permanent board to look after the river, to the end that it should not give out in summer nor become over full in winter, but flow evenly so far as possible all the time.

insignificantand Occurrences 2%

The monstrous powers claimed for the Convention by the Brissotines,* with the hope of exclusively exercising them, were fatal to themselvesthe party that overthrew the Brissotines in its turn became insignificantand a small number of them only, under the description of Committees of Public Welfare and General Safety, gradually usurped the whole authority.

Which preposition to use with  become