Which preposition to use with beheading

in Occurrences 49%

And, as for Sir James Tyrell, he was soon after beheaded in the Tower-yard for other matters of treason.

at Occurrences 14%

" He was beheaded at the block, and Charles II.

on Occurrences 13%

Hastings was seized, and instantly beheaded on a timber-log which lay in the court of the Tower.

of Occurrences 10%

I, with the gentle instincts of a civilized man, was forced to order the beheading of spies and traitors, the binding of women in chains and the kidnapping of children, to raid the herds, to make of myself an Attila.

for Occurrences 9%

The chantry of the poor Countess of Salisbury, who was beheaded for high treason in 1541, so brutally defaced by Dr London and his infamous colleagues, stands there too upon the north; and close by in the north chapel is the tomb with fine alabaster effigies of Sir John and Lady Chydroke (d. 1455), removed from the nave, and in the Lady Chapel lie its founders, Sir Thomas and Lady West.

with Occurrences 3%

Since they are growne so proud, next morn begun, Let them be both beheaded with my sonne.

of Occurrences 2%

Manuel Komroff (A); 20Nov68; R449210. <pb id='483.png' /> Beheading of John the Baptist.

under Occurrences 2%

Two Burgundian nobles, Hugonet and Imbercourt, were arrested, accused of treason, and beheaded under the very eyes of their agonized and outraged mistress, who threw herself before the frenzied multitude, vainly imploring mercy for these innocent men.

like Occurrences 1%

They were laid on the earth in the place of execution and beheaded like any other poor sinner; whereas if they could have escaped by touching the earth, not one of them would have failed to do so."[20]

after Occurrences 1%

All the banished Lancastrians flocked to her, and, among the rest, the Duke of Somerset, son of the Duke beheaded after the battle of Hexham.

before Occurrences 1%

"I have myself," says he, "in my youth seen divers witches burned, some at Arnstadt, some at Ilmenau, some at Schwenda, a noble village between Arnstadt and Ilmenau, and some of them were pardoned and beheaded before being burned.

out Occurrences 1%

Sir Walter Raleigh, a romantic adventurer lingering beyond his time, was beheaded out of hand by the ungenerous timidity of the monarch to whom had been transferred devotion and loyalty he was unfitted to receive.

toward Occurrences 1%

When Dacian went homeward from the place where he was beheaded toward his palace, fire fell down from heaven upon him and burned him and all his servants.

along Occurrences 1%

DUDLEY, EDMUND, an English lawyer and privy-councillor; was associated with Empson as an agent in carrying on the obnoxious policy of Henry VII., and beheaded along with him at the instance of Henry VIII.

as Occurrences 1%

The queen sent a reprieve for Essex, but Burleigh took care that it came too late, and the earl was beheaded as a traitor.

within Occurrences 1%

"But the Prince Dietrich Hohenfriedberg was beheaded within the hour, and, as is their hellish custom, his body was thrown to the Duke's blood-hounds that were clamoring all the time behind their fence.

without Occurrences 1%

Philip of Valois had them arrested at a tournament, and had them beheaded without any form of trial, in the middle of the market-place at Paris, to the number of fourteen.

by Occurrences 1%

In France, during the revolutionary government, beheading by means of a machine, the guillotine, came into use, and still prevails there, to the exclusion of all other modes of capital punishment.

Which preposition to use with  beheading