Which preposition to use with billows

of Occurrences 111%

" At something after that stilly one-o'clock hour when all the sleeping noises of lath and wainscoting creak out, John Burkhardt lifted his head to the moving light of a lamp held like a torch over him, even the ridge of his body completely submerged beneath the great feather billow of an oceanic walnut bedstead.

in Occurrences 9%

The Red One's son, so fierce and bold, In combat with his hero old The king-like Goll of valorous might A stormy billow in the fight

to Occurrences 9%

Tell me, ye jovial sailors, tell me true If my sweet William sails among the crew?' William, who high upon the yard Rocked with the billow to and fro, Soon as her well-known voice he heard, He sighed and cast his eyes below; The cord slides swiftly through his glowing hands, And, quick as lightning, on the deck he stands.

with Occurrences 8%

5 All melancholy lying, Thus wail'd she for her dear; Repaid each blast with sighing, Each billow with a tear; When o'er the white wave stooping, His floating corpse she spied; Then, like a lily drooping, She bow'd her head, and died.

on Occurrences 7%

And he heeds not the fiery cavalry charge, That sweeps like a billow on To death, oh, the bravest and saddest sight, That man ever gazed upon!

about Occurrences 4%

And JohnJohn" She leaned back from him, and her white hands moved like swift shadows in her hair, and then, suddenly, it billowed about herher glorious haircovering her from crown to hip; and with her hands she swept and piled the lustrous masses of it over him until his face, and head, and shoulders were buried in the flaming sheen and sweet perfume of it.

by Occurrences 4%

And in the visitation of the winds, Who take the ruffian billows by the top, Curling their monstrous heads, and hanging them With deafning clamor in the slippery clouds, That with the hurly death itself awakes?

like Occurrences 4%

How pleasant the life of a bird must be, Skimming about on the breezy sea, Cresting the billows like silvery foam, Then wheeling away to its cliff-built home!

over Occurrences 4%

The wind drove the snow in billows over the prairie, and the early twilight of the morning was bitterly cold.

against Occurrences 3%

Ah, yes, beneath the fierce levant, the wild white horses pranced; With rising rage the billows against those walls advanced; But stormier were the thoughts that filled his heart with bitter pain, As he turned his tearful eyes once more to gaze upon the main.

from Occurrences 3%

"Welter upon the waters, mighty one And stretch thee in the ocean's trough of brine; Turn thy wet scales up to the wind and sun, And toss the billow from thy flashing fin; Heave thy deep breathing to the ocean's din, And bound upon its ridges in thy pride, Or dive down to its lowest depths, and in The caverns where its unknown monsters hide Measure thy length beneath the gulf-stream's tide.

without Occurrences 2%

Then one might observe the mystery of a furrow ploughing itself swiftly across the billows without visible agency.

at Occurrences 2%

"Though storms and tempests thunder on its brow, And oceans break their billows at its feet, It stands unmov'd, and glories in its height.

for Occurrences 2%

On every side The people leaped like billows for a sight, And closed behind, like waves behind a ship.

of Occurrences 2%

'No longer, Orpheus, shall thy sacred Strains Lead Stones, and Trees, and Beasts along the Plains; No longer sooth the boistrous Wind to sleep, Or still the Billows of the raging Deep:

through Occurrences 2%

That in Hibernian vales obscurely stray'd, And unobserved in wild meanders play'd; Till by your lines and Nassau's sword renowned, Its rising billows through the world resound, Where'er the hero's godlike acts can pierce, Or where the fame of an immortal verse.

round Occurrences 1%

The three sat unmoved, blinking into the live charcoal, save at rare intervals when the elder of the two women cast a handful of fragrance upon the brazier and wrapped us all in a fresh pall of smoke which billowed round the room and lapped the interstices of the rotten tiles.

into Occurrences 1%

But Mr. MASON'S House holds no deception; it genuinely does terrify; and when at the climax of its history the two persons concerned see the door swing slowly inwards, and "the white fog billowed into the room," while "Glyn felt the hair stir and move upon his scalp," I doubt not that you will almost certainly partake of some measure of his emotion.

behind Occurrences 1%

We passed the Bay of Corunna, and rounding the bold headland of Finisterre, left the Biscayan billows behind us.

out Occurrences 1%

It spread like an illimitable ocean in soundless billows out of which weird rocks stood upa dream-world of fantastic possibilities, but petrified into stillness by the spell of its solitudesa world that once surely had thrilled with magic and now was dead.

between Occurrences 1%

For the present, several low hills, like grass-sown waves, billowed between her and it.

as Occurrences 1%

There may be gales while I am away, but you must ride over the crests of the billows as merry as so many flying fish!

under Occurrences 1%

Nick turned the car, and sent it leaping off the road, to bound over the rough hummocks, billowing under the heat-baked grass.

Which preposition to use with  billows