Which preposition to use with blacked

as Occurrences 444%

The interior of this ring was black, black as the gloom of the outer night.

with Occurrences 266%

Bending lower, I cleared the dust from around it, and, presently, discovered that it was attached to a ponderous trap door, black with age.

in Occurrences 250%

And it was Friday when they did these things, and when they had done them they laughed until they were black in their faces, and the dayis it not called Black Friday?

of Occurrences 135%

Sitting yet in darkness, and massed against us, crouch sullenly the immemorial hordes of Asia, the wild blacks of the African swamps and jungles, and the dwellers of Polynesian seas.

against Occurrences 86%

But, knowing so much, you owe it to me to hear my explanation of matters which look so black against me, and above all to accept my absolute assurance that so far as I am concerned Clement Henshaw's wound was quite accidental.

on Occurrences 63%

The sun was low, and the long shadows of the trees were black on the dim lawn.

to Occurrences 62%

FOOTNOTES: Ovid, who relates the story of Coronis in his fanciful way, tells us that Corvus, or the raven, who discovered her armour, had by Apollo, his feathers changed from black to white.

for Occurrences 52%

Things began to look black for Kaviak.

from Occurrences 39%

She was clothed in black from head to foot, instead of the white dress of the portrait.

at Occurrences 28%

I might well chance his making me unhappy since he could make me a countess, and to refuse him would be absolute madness; Mrs. Morriston's face grew black at the very thought of it.

than Occurrences 18%

As she travelled deeper and deeper, it was a wonder to see how far that little ray penetrated down and down through gulfs of darkness, blue and cold like the shimmer of a diamond, and even when it could be seen no more, sent yet a shadowy refraction, a line of something less black than the darkness, a lightening amid the gloom, a something indefinable which was hope.

before Occurrences 13%

It was found to be a relief to the eyes against the snow, if the soldiers kept something black before them on the march, and to the feet, if they kept constantly in motion, and allowed themselves no rest, and if they took off their shoes in the night.

by Occurrences 12%

They were black by this timeunmistakablenot to be ignored by them or by me.

into Occurrences 12%

The latter generally believed that the blacks constituted an inferior class that could not discharge the duties of citizenship, and when the proposal to incorporate the blacks into the body politic was clearly presented to these agitators their anti-slavery ardor was decidedly dampened.

like Occurrences 10%

The night is black like hell, and there comes no morning.

under Occurrences 10%

First, Manuel Mazaro, whose small, restless eyes were as black and bright as those of a mouse, whose light talk became his dark girlish face, and whose redundant locks curled so prettily and so wonderfully black under the fine white brim of his jaunty Panama.

about Occurrences 9%

Then Beltane let fall his reeking sword and staggering out into the light, saw his bright mail befouled with clotted blood, and of a sudden the world went black about him and he fell and lay with his face among the trampled grass.

among Occurrences 6%

"Here it comes!" Sahwah, leaning low over her branch, nearly fell out of the tree in her excitement, as her eye caught the gleam of red and black among the bushes.

around Occurrences 5%

The night had now grown very black around us, and we were well protected, for the men in the glow had their eyes dazed, and could not spy into the darkness.

without Occurrences 5%

In the latter case Bull Hunter could never come near the black without peril of his life.

over Occurrences 4%

The union for which his eager soul craved did not come, and the shadow of the French power in the north, reinforced by innumerable savages, hung heavy and black over the land.

beneath Occurrences 4%

Come then, let us slay each other, and may Christ have pity on our souls!" Thus saying, he glanced up at the pale splendour of the moon, and round him on the encircling shadows of the woods dense and black beneath the myriad leaves, and so, quick-eyed and poised for action, waited for the rush.

out Occurrences 4%

Whatever hypercriticism might object to her colour, which was a black out of which all the gloss had fairly glistened itself over the fire, no one could deny her being full blown.

between Occurrences 3%

As Life's unending column pours, Two marshalled hosts are seen, Two armies on the trampled shores That Death flows black between.

beside Occurrences 3%

The blacks are compelled to worry them until they make them their implacable enemies: and it is common to meet with dogs which will take no notice of whites, though entire strangers, but will suffer no blacks beside the house servants to enter the yard.

Which preposition to use with  blacked