Which preposition to use with blunders

of Occurrences 89%

Your pronunciation of the French word bois is incorrect, else you could not have fallen into the blunder of supposing that the Bois de Boulogne and the Bois de Vincennes are gamins of Paris.

in Occurrences 79%

Any editorial office force can insert missing commas and semicolons, and iron out blunders in the English; but it has not the time, if indeed the ability, to instil life into a lifeless manuscript.

into Occurrences 54%

If writing, fighting, and sailing don't fit me adequately to report any little disturbances your antiquated washboiler may blunder into, I'll go to raising cabbages.'

on Occurrences 19%

" "Truth is sometimes blundered on," whispered John, who held his sister's arm, waiting for his aunt to precede them to the dining-room.

about Occurrences 14%

And what if these asses blunder about the Master's meaning for a time, and mistake it often, as they did formerly?

by Occurrences 12%

He emphasized the blunder by wresting Alsace-Lorraine from France, and again by crippling Russia in the treaty of 1878thus making enemies where generosity might have brought him friends.

against Occurrences 12%

Each discovered that the others knew nothing; and each blundered against the astounding fact of double wages.

through Occurrences 7%

Pen grew weary of hearing the students and tutor blunder through a few lines of a play which he could read in a tenth part of the time which they gave to it.

as Occurrences 7%

Napoleon I. certainly could have perpetuated his empire in his family had he not made such awful blunders as the invasion of Spain and Russia, which made him unable to contend with external enemies.

at Occurrences 6%

She makes more blunders at piquet and backgammon than you would expect from her; and the servants find her awake and dressed, however early they may rise.

for Occurrences 6%

The second happened to be a great blunder for the soldier who invented it.

to Occurrences 6%

We each live our little story through, but at times we find ourselves dragged from the narrow way into the great high road, where the history of the world blunders to an end which cannot even yet be dimly discerned.

over Occurrences 5%

Figs, alone in the school-room, was blundering over a home letter, when Cuff, entering, bade him go upon some message, of which tarts were probably the subject.

from Occurrences 5%

Thus the Romans had for the third time through pure negligence abandoned their allies and an important line of defence; and not only so, but by passing after this first blunder from mistaken slackness to mistaken haste, and by still attempting without any prospect of success to do what might have been done with so much certainty a few days before, they let the real means of repairing their error pass out of their hands.

towards Occurrences 4%

I blundered towards it through the mud and the slush as fast as my weary legs would bear me.

with Occurrences 3%

She led the way into the family group actually wheedled into the belief that however she had blundered with her lover, with Flora she had been clever.

after Occurrences 3%

Thereupon they made blunder after blunder.

in Occurrences 2%

Necker's Blunders in the Arrangements for the Meeting of the States.

along Occurrences 2%

As he blundered along the passage, looking for a seat, a jolt of the car, in starting, pitched him suddenly into the vacant place beside this man; and the open expanse of the large looking-glassfor it was that which the frame heldwas fairly smitten, like an insult of fate, into the very face of the unfortunate.

before Occurrences 2%

"By Jove! Never made such a blunder before in all my life!

like Occurrences 2%

I imagine you'll catch me in all sorts of blunders like that."

than Occurrences 2%

There were people who declared without knowing anything about the evidence the police had in their possession that in arresting the famous barrister the police had made a far worse blunder than in arresting Birchill.

without Occurrences 2%

He finds that he may blunder without much chance of being detected, that he may reason sophistically, and escape unrefuted.

toward Occurrences 1%

Something seemed to stir in the darkness, and with a faint cry he blundered toward the door before he had realized that it was the clock.

past Occurrences 1%

A less intentional assault was committed by a buffalo bull which one night blundered past the fires, narrowly escaped trampling on the sleepers, and had the whole camp in an uproar before it rushed off into the darkness.

Which preposition to use with  blunders