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Which preposition to use with « boers »

Which preposition to use with « boers »

  • - The English crowd back the Boers in Southern Africa; the Boers migrate and form the Transvaal Republic. 1849 - Zachary Taylor inaugurated as President of the United States.
  • On the other hand, during the Boer War, the devastation of the country and the destruction of the farms were frequently defended on the ground that, after the Queen's proclamations annexing the two Republics, all the inhabitants were rebels; and some of the extreme newspapers even urged that for that reason no Boer with arms in his hand should be given quarter.
  • It is, in truth, not one linguistic form, but several: the Taal, or kitchen Dutch of daily speech, the "lingua franca" of South Africa; the School Taal, a modified form of it, and the High Dutch of the Scriptural translations brought with the Boers from Holland.
  • Livingstone was deeply grieved about the capture of the children, but as to his own loss he merely says: "The Boers by taking possession of all my goods have saved me the trouble of making a will".
  • No one supposed that Doctor Lynch, for instance, would be executed as a rebel for commanding the Irish Brigade that fought for the Boers during the South African War, though he was condemned to death by the highest Court in the kingdom.
  • They could imagine Indians giving their lives for India, Boers for a Dutch South Africa, Irishmen for Ireland or Ulstermen for Ulster; but the deeper moral appeal which has thrilled through the whole Empire, down to its remotest island dependency, lay beyond their ken.
  • The Boers of South Africa speak Dutch, but not the Dutch spoken in Holland.
  • Lord Milner, who is perhaps the most loyal adherent of the Bismarckian tradition to be found out of Germany, contended even at Vereeniging against peace with the Boers on any terms except such an unconditional surrender as would involve the ultimate Anglicisation of the South African colonies.
  • The most vindictive expression, that even the benevolent spectacles could only partly modify, clouded his face, and he complained to me most bitterly of the black ingratitude of the Boers toward Germany.
  • She had gone to South Africa in company with other German women of the "service" in order to sound the state of mind of the Boers under English domination.
  • He tells us that he had a single tunic and toga, was seldom allowed a bath, and was made to learn to ride barebackwhich reminds us of the life of the young Boer of the Transvaal before the late war.
  • "Ah, zo I wude, and shute Boers wi' the best on 'un.
  • I shall, in the course of the month, undertake a short journey with some Dutch boers to Klein Williams; and I fear that this will form the beginning and the end of my travels in this country.'
  • It did not recognize the Boers as belligerents in the international sense, but it warned German subjects that a condition of affairs existed which called for vigilance on their part in their conduct toward, the contestants.

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