Which preposition to use with booking

of Occurrences 7712%

He may lay up in banks a fortune which he intends to try to spend upon himself; or he may say: I am accountable for the pocket-books of the world.

for Occurrences 1329%

If he really does bump into a rock he cuts in an arithmetic book for his latitude and longitude and lets it go at that.

in Occurrences 1315%

They had scarcely left the house before I flew to the garden with a book in my hand, and passing as before to the shrubbery, I buried myself in a close thicket at one end of it.

on Occurrences 966%

Why they made it, just as the man that wrote this-here says, and you can kiss the Book on that.

with Occurrences 416%

How replete with useful matter must not a book with that assurance be!

to Occurrences 351%

Permit me, then, to dedicate this book to you, not because of your eminence as a lawyer, nor yet on account of your distinguished position as a citizen, but as a keen, intelligent sportsman, one who loves nature in her primeval wildness, and who is at home, with a rifle and rod, in the old woods.

from Occurrences 257%

" I signified my willingness to listen to anything Sir Henry might say, and in a few minutes we found ourselves comfortably established in a splendid old room, completely clothed with books from ceiling to floor.

about Occurrences 228%

His career had been made almost entirely at the Foreign Office, and he was much more at home in his cabinet, with all his papers and books about him, than he would be abroad among strangers.

as Occurrences 197%

I'm down on the agencies' books as a chaser-act, and I'm down with myself for that.

at Occurrences 187%

Read the book at your leisure, and study it.

by Occurrences 174%

I find a speech of his in a most illuminating book by a Danish professor on German Chauvinist literature.

into Occurrences 88%

He just had time to scrawl that last message and drop the book into the cache.

before Occurrences 75%

* PREFACE The author, in placing this little book before the public, feels that in so doing he adds his mite to the useful and timely literature of the day.

than Occurrences 60%

A much larger and more expensive book than the others, and less practical for ordinary use, but fuller in treatment of material, with words of more than one meaning carefully divided into their various senses.

without Occurrences 56%

They enabled her to admire Charteris's books without reservation.

like Occurrences 55%

There is a large amount of intensely interesting, though spiritually undigested, material for a minister in a book like William James's Varieties of Religious Experience. 7.

under Occurrences 50%

Six o'clock found Beth wide awake, as usual; so she quietly dressed and, taking her book under her arm, started to make her way into the gardens.

out Occurrences 48%

But on a less occasion, when there is no plot thumping in me, I still feel a kind of embarrassment when I ask for a book out of the general demand.

against Occurrences 28%

"He not long ago," added the Brahmin "wrote a book against marriage, and soon afterwards wedded, in due form, the lady you saw at his table.

after Occurrences 22%

There are some people who throw down a book after having read it, as one leaves a bottle after having drank the wine from it.

through Occurrences 18%

We arrived at Modane at 10 a.m., and I was booked through to Palmanova, a new name to me at that time.

during Occurrences 12%

Mrs. Alicia Lefanu, who is stated to have been a sister of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, and also her daughter, Miss Alicia Lefanu, published books during the lifetime of Shelley.

off Occurrences 10%

I took the book off the library shelf and timidly glancing across my shoulder for fear that some one might catch me, I looked along the pages.

between Occurrences 9%

We have made this book between us, but we have not collaborated.

among Occurrences 9%

If you never spent whole mornings alone in a large library, you cannot conceive the pleasure of taking down books in the constant hope of finding an entertaining book among them; yet, after many days, meeting with nothing but disappointment, it becomes less pleasant.

Which preposition to use with  booking