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Which preposition to use with  bowling

Which preposition to use with bowling

he continued, as he tapped the thumb nail of his left hand with the inverted bowl of his pipe, knocking the ashes from it as he spoke, 'well, well!

Mix in a salad bowl with 1/4 teaspoonful of salt, 1 teaspoonful of curry-powder, 2 tablespoonfuls of tarragon vinegar, 4 tablespoonfuls of olive-oil.

There were flowers beside each plate as well as in the quaintly carved bowl in the centre of the table.

That chap with the wicket-keeping gloves in his hand is Partridge, their captain," said Carton; "and that fellow who's putting out the single stump to bowl at is Austin.

In less than five minutes Kaviak was once more seated on the cricket, but very magnificent now in his musk-rat coat, so close up to Mac that he could lean against his arm, and eating out of a plenty-bowl on his knees a discreet spoonful of mush drowned in golden syrupa supper for a Sultan if only there had been more!

Take a pint of good thick cream, grate into it the outermost skin of two lemons, and squeeze the juice into a jack of white wine, and sweeten it to your taste; take the whites of two eggs without the strains, beat them to a froth, so whisk them altogether in a stone bowl for half an hour, then put them into glasses for use.

Once we were fairly off and bowling along the dark road, a sense of relief came to me, and whatever qualms I may have felt soon vanished.

I say "outflanked," because it is not the intention of these sunny Amendments to put an end to these feathery Dexters immediately, but to drive them into the ten-pin alley, where they are leisurely bowled to an untimely end.

" Then said a Second"Ne'er a peevish Boy Would break the Bowl from which he drank in joy; And He that with his hand the Vessel made Will surely not in after Wrath destroy.

The minister from the place with a name like Ruritania was so immensely bowled over that he was already murmuring in a low voice (almost a hiss, as they say in melodrama): 'Vous รชtes chez vous, quand?

The bowling of a house team is all head and no body.

The Celestine was bowling into Bedford Harbor with a fair wind.

In the year 1866, when F.C. Cobden, who was afterwards so famous for his bowling in the Cambridge Eleven, was playing for Harrow, an affable father, by way of making conversation for a little Harrow boy at Lord's, asked, "Is your Cobden any relation to the great Cobden?"

Mr. Luffy, the highest ornament of Dingley Dell, was pitched to bowl against the redoubtable Dumkins, and Mr. Struggles was selected to do the same kind office for the hitherto unconquered Podder...

" The General reappeared with the whisky, stamping the snow off his feet before he joined the group at the table, where the Christmas-tree was seasonably cheek by jowl with the punch-bowl between the low-burnt candles.

Even a wall painting of Rip Van Winkle bowling at tenpins in the mountains is now set off with a pigtail.

Next came a swarthy gentleman from Palanpur, who said he was a hawker of glass sugar-bowls, and produced one bowl without a top as proof of his profession.

A couple of Halkett's officers, whom our young gentlemen knew, were sitting under the porch, with the Virginian toddy bowl before them, and the boys joined them and sent for glasses and more toddy, in a very grown-up manner.

Having somehow not taken a wicket all match โ€“ despite bowling with pace and venom โ€“ he found some reverse swing, and with it three wickets in 14 balls to finish the thing, just when England fans feared the game was drifting beyond them.

Ah, remember the good old days of cocktail parties โ€“ dipping crudite into the same bowl as many others before you?

The fingers of the honeysuckle in the rough painted bowl by the window caught and held sunlight.

This view of the "fossle" so delighted the company that, acting on a sudden impulse, they pushed the punch-bowl out of the way, and, with a whoop, hoisted the huge thing on the table.

He vaulted from his bicycle suddenly, as they were bowling past a little gray house set in weeds, and the others, looking back, saw him carrying a dripping pail of water along the path to the kitchen doorsteps.

"The fame of Tyrants should, if justice swayed, Be bowled through deserts their ambition made; But OGLETHORPE has gained a well-earned praise, Who made the heirs of want, the lords of ease: The gloomy wood to plenteous harvests changed, And founded cities where the wild beasts ranged.

She had to go back to the Sugar Bowl until nine.

They released their self-title debut album, Bowling for Soup, in September 1994.

We ran across the grass after the shadows of the round clouds that bowled across the sky.

He had always had the style, and now he had the strength as well, Saunder's bowling on a true wicket seemed simple to him.

He has started bowling after returning from a check-up in UK.

Better for me a beggar's bowl than the richest possession from hands stained with the blood of the innocents of Jallianwala.

Plymouth Hoe, with a magnificent view down Plymouth Sound and its associations with Drake's game of bowls during the approach of the Spanish Armada, is one of the chief glories of Plymouth.

I have dim memories of eating spoonfuls straight from the sugar bowl behind my motherโ€™s back, and less-dim memories of adulthood where, after a period of strict dieting, I did the expected thing with chocolates and pints of ice cream.

I have seen him demoralise a whole team by the way in which he would take wicket after wicket, within an hour, by the artful way in which he adapted the style of his bowling to the character of the man who fenced him at the wicket.

OMAR KHAYYรM (TO THE OMAR KHAYYรM CLUB) Great Omar, here to-night we drain a bowl Unto thy long-since transmigrated soul, Ours all unworthy in thy place to sit, Ours still to read in life's enchanted scroll.

"Normally Adil will bowl around 48 to 50mph - here he was getting his leg spinner and the googly around 52, 53mph.

The steam was up, and we were soon bowling down the leviathan artery of the North American continent.

He made no answer, and she turned away, touching with an unconscious hand the edge of the lapis bowl among his papers.

The group was left in half darkness while she thrust her candle into the milk-room, showing its orderly array of flowered bowls amidst moist coolness.

Bowling by Jack.

It consists of a large bamboo tube or cylinder, with a bowl about midway between the extremities.

Bissu, who was always a leg-spinner at school, learnt the art of leg-spin bowling from his dad who was a leg-spinner.

He read the authorities, and watched first-class players, and thought the thing out on his own account, and he divided the art of bowling into three sections.

The sterling silver bowl inside the box was unscathed, and as my wife and I celebrate our 65th anniversary this year, it is still with us.

Maybe he wouldn't laugh to see a big bowl forninst him this day."

Yet sometimes you have bowled like a school-learner.

Of the former the Cheddar Caves and Wookey Hole are the most remarkable; and a good example of the latter is the Devil's Punch Bowl near E. Harptree.

Cobb, join me in the dining room, and we'll drown our differences in tasting the punch, which, between you and me, is likely to be the best part of to-night's function, for I made it myself though, if Tom Harkaway is in the audience, and Bess follows out her plan of having the flowing bowl within reach all the evening, I'm afraid it'll need an under-study along about nine o'clock.

The hand that held the tobacco pouch shook a bit now involuntarily, and a tiny puff of the brown flakes fell scattering outside the bowl onto his knee.

In extremely cold weather bottles of hot water may be placed around the bowl outside the wrappings.

Even Mr Hawden condescended so far as to express his regret concerning the accident, and favoured me with visits throughout each day; and one Sunday his gallantry carried him to a gully where he plucked a bouquet of maidenhair fernthe first of the seasonand put them in a bowl beside my bed.

The shaky old gentleman, who played in the days when it was decidedly less dangerous to stand up to bowling than to a cannon-ball, and who now hobbles about on rheumatic joints, by the help of a stick; the corpulent elder, who rowed when boats had gangways down their middle, and did not require as delicate a balance as an acrobat's at the top of a living pyramidthese are the persons whom I cannot see without an occasional sigh.