Which preposition to use with boy

of Occurrences 1228%

Her grandson, a boy of about twelve or fourteen, helped her in the shop, and they were so pleased and excited at having such a large order that they were quite bewildered.

in Occurrences 1134%

The piano was open, music littered about; she was fond of music and she admired very much a portrait of father as a boy in the Harrow dress, asked who it was and what the dress was.

with Occurrences 498%

A small detachment of Boy Scouts, sturdy with an enormous sense of uniform and valor, marched through the asphalt alleys of the park with trained, small-footed, regimental precisionsmall boys with clean, lifted faces.

at Occurrences 412%

She knew LEOPOLD'S weakness for Schnapps, when he was a boy at Schiedam, and, producing a bottle of the Aromatic elixir, with which she had previously armed herself in expectation of his obstinacy, poured out a glassful and requested him to clear his voice with it.

to Occurrences 306%

I told W. I had spent a very cold and uncomfortable hour at the house, and I was worried about the cold, thought I might, perhaps, send the boy to mother, but he had taken his precautions and arranged with the Minister of War to have a certain amount of wood delivered at the house.

on Occurrences 292%

Thus Mark Hopkins is in himself a university, given a boy on the other end of the log on which he sits.

from Occurrences 247%

"Years ago, I saved a boy from the meshes of the law, in which his evil ways had involved him.

for Occurrences 162%

I inquired of a boy for the author of the notice I held in my hand, (I had carefully cut it from the paper,) and was informed that this was the right place, and that the gentleman would see me in a few moments.

like Occurrences 119%

" "Aw!" "Ain't you ashamed, a big boy like you, and Mrs. Suss with her neuralgia?" "Aw!"the slam of a door clipping off this insolence.

as Occurrences 104%

The former became more lax than ever in the discharge of his duties, and avoiding the society of his school equals, sought the companionship of such boys as Hawley, Gull, and Mouler, who at length came to be known throughout the College as "Thirsty's Lot." With the exception of Fletcher, the prefects left him severely alone.

into Occurrences 77%

In connection with this article of furniture Gull one evening introduced a new pastime, which he called putting fellows in the stocks, and which consisted in decoying innocent small boys into taking a seat, then suddenly pushing them backwards on to the floor, and imprisoning their feet between the form and the reversible deska position from which they only extricated themselves with considerable difficulty.

by Occurrences 74%

It takes the alphabet and the early pothooks, and the boy by and by combines them into literature.

about Occurrences 64%

"I was in my twelfth year when I entered this school, which contained from thirty to forty boys about my age.

among Occurrences 31%

Sit down, Rathson; you are the only boy among the many who must have been connected with this affairthe only one, I say, who has any sense of manliness or honour.

out Occurrences 30%

" "You got a better education now than nine boys out of ten.

under Occurrences 30%

"You black devil!" admonished the Boy under his breath.

than Occurrences 30%

THE GREAT BLUE WATER There was not in all that land, nor perhaps in all the wide world, a happier little boy than Martin, when after waking from his sleep and dream he dressed himself for the first time in that new suit, and went out from the cave into the morning sunlight.

after Occurrences 24%

The last of their dogs had been frozen to death a few miles back on the trail, and they had no idea, apparently, how near they were to that "first Indian settlement this side of Kaltag" reached by the Colonel and the Boy after two days of rest and one day of travel.

without Occurrences 20%

When the others got to the water-hole, Anna turned and left the Boy without a word to go and recover her pail.

Through Occurrences 15%

The Bull Tossed the Boy Through the Tent.

around Occurrences 15%

"Take hold of him, Georgie," he said; "take my little boy around the waist; his name is Rawdon."

between Occurrences 15%

They respected a possible Baronet in the boy between whom and the title there was only the little sickly, pale Pitt Blinkie.

over Occurrences 15%

I'll bet there have been a dozen boys over from Sunday-school to drink out of that spring before this time.

before Occurrences 14%

No one had spoken so kindly of the boy before in years.

during Occurrences 14%

His troops on land were attacked and dispersed by an army which had been landed on the eastern coast by the indefatigable Octavian; and Sextus sailed off to Lesbos, where he had found refuge as a boy during the campaign of Pharsalia, to seek protection from the jealousy of Antony.

Which preposition to use with  boy