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Which preposition to use with  boy

Which preposition to use with boy

The piano was open, music littered about; she was fond of music and she admired very much a portrait of father as a boy in the Harrow dress, asked who it was and what the dress was.

Her grandson, a boy of about twelve or fourteen, helped her in the shop, and they were so pleased and excited at having such a large order that they were quite bewildered.

A small detachment of Boy Scouts, sturdy with an enormous sense of uniform and valor, marched through the asphalt alleys of the park with trained, small-footed, regimental precisionsmall boys with clean, lifted faces.

She knew LEOPOLD'S weakness for Schnapps, when he was a boy at Schiedam, and, producing a bottle of the Aromatic elixir, with which she had previously armed herself in expectation of his obstinacy, poured out a glassful and requested him to clear his voice with it.

Thus Mark Hopkins is in himself a university, given a boy on the other end of the log on which he sits.

I told W. I had spent a very cold and uncomfortable hour at the house, and I was worried about the cold, thought I might, perhaps, send the boy to mother, but he had taken his precautions and arranged with the Minister of War to have a certain amount of wood delivered at the house.

"Years ago, I saved a boy from the meshes of the law, in which his evil ways had involved him.

I inquired of a boy for the author of the notice I held in my hand, (I had carefully cut it from the paper,) and was informed that this was the right place, and that the gentleman would see me in a few moments.

The former became more lax than ever in the discharge of his duties, and avoiding the society of his school equals, sought the companionship of such boys as Hawley, Gull, and Mouler, who at length came to be known throughout the College as "Thirsty's Lot."

"Aw!" "Ain't you ashamed, a big boy like you, and Mrs. Suss with her neuralgia?" "Aw!"the slam of a door clipping off this insolence.

It takes the alphabet and the early pothooks, and the boy by and by combines them into literature.

In connection with this article of furniture Gull one evening introduced a new pastime, which he called putting fellows in the stocks, and which consisted in decoying innocent small boys into taking a seat, then suddenly pushing them backwards on to the floor, and imprisoning their feet between the form and the reversible deska position from which they only extricated themselves with considerable difficulty.

"I was in my twelfth year when I entered this school, which contained from thirty to forty boys about my age.

"You black devil!" admonished the Boy under his breath.

CHAPTER XIII THE GREAT BLUE WATER There was not in all that land, nor perhaps in all the wide world, a happier little boy than Martin, when after waking from his sleep and dream he dressed himself for the first time in that new suit, and went out from the cave into the morning sunlight.

Sit down, Rathson; you are the only boy among the many who must have been connected with this affairthe only one, I say, who has any sense of manliness or honour.

The last of their dogs had been frozen to death a few miles back on the trail, and they had no idea, apparently, how near they were to that "first Indian settlement this side of Kaltag" reached by the Colonel and the Boy after two days of rest and one day of travel.

"You got a better education now than nine boys out of ten.

They respected a possible Baronet in the boy between whom and the title there was only the little sickly, pale Pitt Blinkie.

When the others got to the water-hole, Anna turned and left the Boy without a word to go and recover her pail.

His troops on land were attacked and dispersed by an army which had been landed on the eastern coast by the indefatigable Octavian; and Sextus sailed off to Lesbos, where he had found refuge as a boy during the campaign of Pharsalia, to seek protection from the jealousy of Antony.

"Take hold of him, Georgie," he said; "take my little boy around the waist; his name is Rawdon."

Sir Timothy will make unpleasantness, and very likely telegraph to his commanding officer, and disgrace the poor boy before his comrades; and shout at me, a thing I can't bear; and you kindly think to spare meand Peter.

The Bull Tossed the Boy Through the Tent.

He called up his stable boy over the telephone, and when Jim brought round Roan Sultan saddled there was a pause, as of custom, for conversation.

The letter was served to the boy along with one bowl of tea and one buttered roll, of eighty such which were distributed to fourscore other boys, boarders of the same house with our young friend.

The sindaco having sent a boy up to Silvestro's house with the marchesa's message, "that he is to attend her," the steward comes hurrying down through the terraces cut in the steep ground behind the villabroad, stately terraces, with balustrades, and big empty vases, and statues, and grand old lemon-trees set about.

"I want to keep you boys near me for I may desire to ask a question at any moment."

In the midst of this commotion Maxton elbowed his way through the crush, and having pushed the two boys off the sink, mounted it himself, crying, "Look here, I'm going to speak; just you listen a minute.

My boy beside me tripped, so slim 25 And graceful in his rustic dress!

Then the famous equestrienneor rideress, as WEBSTER would probably call hercareers around the circle on her thoroughbred Alaskian steed: she is evidently a great favorite, and the small boy behind me exclaims, with an ecstatic kick at the back of my neck: "Isn't this bully?"

George's grandfather gave the boy a couple of sovereigns for that feat, and promised to reward him further for every boy above his own size and age whom he whopped in a similar manner.

She had also reasoned with different boys outside the village who were throwing stones at birds and frogs, and sticking butterflies, and had invited them to come to the Band of Mercy.

"I will remain with our friend Elkins to-night, as you suggest," Jones said; "to-morrow I will send you word of my whereabouts, and you may expect to have news of the boys within the week.

You've soiled the walls with your fingers damp, You've tracked the floor with your muddy feet And fought with the boy across the street; You've torn your clothes and you look a sight!

He was no more than one little boy against a whole farm's worth of strong and muscular laborers.

I admit that before I parted from him I preached him a sermon on the duties of boys toward the friends of their families.

When breakfast was done Mac left the Big Cabin without a word; but, instead of going over the divide across the treeless snow-waste to the little frozen river, where, turned up to the pale northern dawn, were lying the bones of a beast that had trampled tropic forests, in that other dawn of the Prime, the naturalist, turning his back on Elephas primigenius, followed in the track of the Boy down the great river towards Ikogimeut.

But the lawyer said that the only safe way was to wait until the verdict of the jury should fix the status of the boy beyond question.

En w'eneber any er de boys en gals 'ud 'mence ter git sweet on one ernudder, he 'd sell one er de yuther un 'em, er sen' 'em way down in Robeson County ter his yuther plantation, whar dey could n' nebber see one ernudder.

If one of the characters was a boy, he had to be represented as a boy throughout the play.

"Now it's coming; don't I know the signs?" he whispered to the boy next him.

He requested him to call at his office, and went to a neighboring hotel and told the landlord to keep the boy until farther orders.

Time has stolen on unobserved, and I am the head boy now in the school, and look down on the line of boys below me with a condescending interest in such of them as bring to my mind the boy I was myself when I first came here.

"No doubt near the stables, or at the dog kennels," she answered pertly, "so you had better go, for I tell you we don't want boys amongst us; we have had some trouble in ridding ourselves of them just now.

We drove through the gate, and saw a handsome little boy astride a window-sill, with two pipes in his mouth, "Papa!"

It would not be fair to put the green boy onto an old dilapidated, worn-out engine, for he might have to learn too fast, in order to get the engine running in good shape.

yes, when I had finished the "Beauty Book," I heard Aunt Maria getting so cross with the old boy opposite her.

In mentioning these details I have at least given a hint of their inevitable adjuncts,the licentiousness in which he indulged at the very time that he made a most brilliant marriage, and the delight that he took in boys past their prime (a practice which he also taught Nero to follow).

The driver left and locked up the van, leaving the boy inside the bus under the scorching Thai heat.

"A gondolier is a man, and though they had the feelings of human nature on being beaten, they had also the feelings of human nature when they heard that a father was robbed of his sonSignore," continued Antonio, with great earnestness and a singular simplicity, "there will be great discontent on the canals, if the galleys sail with the boy aboard them!"

Sylvia kissed her good-bye, feeling almost a little fear of her resolute sister; but as she watched them go down the path, and noted the appealing drooping of the boy towards Judith, Sylvia was swept with a great wave of love and admirationand courage.

"Well, not the worst, perhaps, David, because I don't know all the boys uf all the countries in the world, but when you put an Onondaga lad und an American lad together in alliance it iss hard to find any one who can excel them, because they haf the mischief uf two nations."

To bring my brave boy unto my arms, What need have I of magic charms 'Abracadabra!'

Krishna hears of her expedition and along with other cowherd boys waylays Radha and her friends and claims a toll.