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Which preposition to use with  branding

Which preposition to use with branding

"You say Father Brachet has got boys, and"as though this were a yet deeper brand of iniquity"girls?" Nicholas, though greatly mystified, nodded firmly.

He held up the burning brand in the dim room with telling emphasis.

They are branded with a hot iron just as animals are.

History brands as traitors those ambassadors who through ignorance of the language of the foreign court, or through want of vigilant attention, allow the interests of their royal masters to suffer.

The first pure-bred, hot-blood stallions turned on the Kiowa range carried the Quarter Circle KT brand on their left shoulders.

One savage who had picked up a brand from one of the little fires dropped some of the stuff on it, and it crackled merrily.

Shelley represents his own brow as being branded like Cain'sstamped with the mark of reprobation; and ensanguined like Christ'sbleeding from a crown of thorns.

The Englishman remained firm, however, until the Swiss, displaying his bright brand to the morning sun, made three or four flourishes as if to prove its weight, and the facility with which he wielded itthen stood firm within sword-stroke of his adversary,

Vergil mentions brands for marking cattle with their owner's name; probably this kind of brass stamp, but larger.

BARTRAM, the lime-burner, an obtuse, middle-aged clown in Ethan Brand by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Now upon a day word reached me in Thrasfordham bidding me come to her and Waldron of Brand at Winisfarne.

'Twas said that Captain Brand and Captain Malyoe fell a-quarrelling and that the upshot of the matter was that Captain Malyoe shot Captain Brand through the head, and that the pirate who was with him served Captain Brand's companion after the same fashion with a pistol bullet through the body.

I had destroyed it, it is true, but its phrases were so present to my mindhad been so branded into it by the terrors of the tragedy which they appeared to foreshadow, that I had a dreadful feeling that this man's eye could read them there.

The Samians branded the figure of an owl on the foreheads of their Athenian prisoners, to revenge themselves for the branding of their own prisoners by the Athenians with the figure of a samaina.

Accented with branding to the outside, a classic stripe pattern, and an elasticated ankle; in a pack of two.

Some people think that they will have as many chickens as there are sparks that fly out of the brands of the log when they shake them; and others place the extinct brands under the bed to drive away ver

Miss Hassiebrock entered with her face wry, made a diagonal cut of the room, side-stepping a patent rocker and a table laid out with knickknacks on a lace mat, slammed closed two windows, and, turning inward, lifted off her hat, which left a brand across her forehead and had plastered down her hair in damp scallops.

At least, they need never know my shamenever know that I have broken the heart of an angel, who gave herself to me, body and soulattempted the life of a man whose shoes I am not worthy to unloosenever know that I have killed my own child!that a blacker brand than Cain's is on my brow!Never knowOh, my God, what care I?

Till near noon they rode, and branded after dinner to the tune of much scurrying and bawling and a great deal of dust and rank smoke, urged by the ever-present fear that they would not finish in time.

Not a little stir was occasioned by this sentence: three days of whipping through the public streets, to conclude with branding on the forehead.

HORACE MOULTON; Labor of the slaves; Tasks; Whipping posts; Food; Houses; Clothing; Punishments; Scenes of horror; Constables, savage and brutal; Patrols; Cruelties at night; Paddle-torturing; Cat-hauling; Branding with hot iron; Murder with impunity; Iron collars, yokes, clogs, and bells.

An effective way to include sound in your ad creative is to use a customer testimonial of your product or brand within the ad creative.

For better or worse, Kamala has built her brand around being the top cop, said Steve Phillips, a San Francisco fundraiser and host of a podcast called Democracy in Color who backed Harris’s first campaign for attorney general.

These are the tiniest of details, sure, but it’s the same status branding behind paint jobs that create 13% price bumps on $373,000 Rolls-Royces.

Database searches suggest it was made in the name of Ui Phoenix Kerbl, possibly after the Guardian reported on Thursday that the Sussexes had yet to register their brand outside the UK.

" Then, not being aware of Barnaby True's history, nor that Captain Brand was his grandfather, the good gentlemancalling Sir John "Jack" Malyoegoes on to tell our hero what a famous pirate he had been, and how it was he who had shot Captain Brand over t'other side of the harbor twenty years before.

That, Malateste, That, That Torrent wracks me; But Hymens Torch (held downe-ward) shall drop out, And for it the mad Furies swing their brands About the Bride-chamber.

She wanted the same branding as the boy's side of the 130-year-old lacrosse club.

Kraft Heinz Company will be offering $3 or $5 coupon deals on participating brands throughout January.

The term has also been used as branding for the tourism website citation Ice Lolly.

The champions continued to compete on any brand until the end of the brand extension in August, 2011.

These stores are a part of the company's Royal Club' that. is projected as a privileged club to help expand the branding in the country.

And nobody would dast to start a brand between Funeral Slue and Cabin Hill," pursued Chuck.

This presents an opportunity for the businesses to sharply target their brands towards the upper end of the rural consumer spectrum.

Most Happy Shopper stores names were changed to Premier Stores brand during 2000s.

Ceo Patrice Louvet has pulled the brand out of 200 wholesale doors, cut inventories, raised prices and is encouraging a little experimentation.

They have the highest adoption and usage of mobile devices of any generation, and they navigate seamlessly between devices and channels, which means they expect consistent content, experiences and branding across all channels.

Featuring an adjustable strap-back closure and UV protection, this hat has 3-Stripes branding along the pre-curved brim.

Layered up with fresh street appeal in mind/ the chunky pair are completed with embroidered branding at the tongue and heel.

Sources confirmed the document from Dutch firm Dhanvantari features outdated branding from the British Standards Institution and is signed in the name of an employee who left the regulator 'a long time ago'.

He said he’s fortunate to be able to build the brand alongside his long-time friend Isaac Yoon and his current mentor Jonathan Lee.

Also our enthusiastic customers have played a large role in getting our brand off the ground.

To quote Keith Weed ex Unilever CMO A brand without trust is just a product, and advertising without trust is just noise.

As the Indians had dashed around the house from front to rear, they had approached the side and piled their burning brands against the boards.

In 1998 the Tracker became an official Chevrolet brand due to GM consolidating the Geo brand.

But it did lead to Sharon being held indirectly responsible by an official Israeli inquiry, and to being branded beyond Israel, more honestly, as a war criminal.

"The demon of darkness," it was said, "could not have done more mischief had he come from hell to throw a fire-brand amongst the people."

The bolder war-parties, in their search for scalps and plunder, penetrated into Virginia a hundred miles beyond the frontier, wasting the country with tomahawk and brand up to the Seven-Mile Ford.

But, probably, in America, as in other places, the chiefs are incendiaries, that hope to rob in the tumults of a conflagration, and toss brands among a rabble passively combustible.

"Stand from the door," he shouted, lifting the brand above Rawbon's head.

So we are extremely happy to launch the Chirosyn brand along with SJMH.