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Which preposition to use with  breaks

Which preposition to use with breaks

Evidently, the water in the ravine had broken into the passage, by some means.

Had the creatures broken in, whilst I slept?

This she places on the ground, near the dog, and I push it into his reach, with the aid of a branch, broken from one of the shrubs.

One of the most interesting things I saw in 1873, just before my marriage, was the court-martial of Marshal Bazaine for treachery at Metzgiving up his army and the city without any attempt to break through the enemy's lines, or in fact any resistance of any kind.

Here and there is a long stretch of beautiful sandy beach, on which the tiny waves break with a rippling song, and from which bars go out with a gentle slope into the water.

Riding on to the northward I struck the old Santa Fe trail, ten miles from Fort Hays, just at break of day.

The first general winter storm that yields snow that is to form a lasting portion of the season's supply, seldom breaks on the mountains before the end of November.

Where it occurs at all, it usually covers all the ground with a close, impenetrable growth, scarcely broken for miles.

Both broke at the same instant, in affright; my friend in one direction, and the bear in the othermy friend for the fields, and the bear for the deep woodsand each as anxious as fear could make him to put a 'broad belt of country' between them.

We breakfasted in a funny old-fashioned little hotel (with a very good cuisine) and drove in a big open break to the forest.

It was a great blow to all of the family, and especially to father who seemed to be almost heart broken over it.

Hunt after Horse ThievesTheir CaptureEscape of BevinsHis RecaptureEscape of WilliamsBevins Breaks Out of JailHis Subsequent Career.

But if there was this Australian facies about both the terrestrial and the marine faunae of Mesozoic Europe, and if there is this unaccountable and immense break between the fauna of Mesozoic and that of Tertiary Europe, is it not a very obvious suggestion that, in the Mesozoic epoch, the Australian province included Europe, and that the Arctogaeal province was contained within other limits?

The language of the river was scarcely less enchanting than that of the wind and rain; the sublime overboom of the main bouncing, exulting current, the swash and gurgle of the eddies, the keen dash and clash of heavy waves breaking against rocks, and the smooth, downy hush of shallow currents feeling their way through the willow thickets of the margin.

And the traveller, setting his foot on a prostrate trunk, finds that it is a mere shell, which breaks under his weight, and lands his foot amidst the insects, or the reptiles, which have sought food or refuge within.

Our reasons were given, and he made no reply; but a most solemn and precious silence came over us, which it was beyond our power to break by uttering words.

I did not think that Nicholson, forewarned and prepared, could stem the torrent; and if it caught him unawares the proud Tidewater would break like a rotten reed.

The scenery, the footlights, or a bloodvessel will get broken before the week is out, however, if this prize-ring business isn't cut out.

Then a sudden smile of comprehension broke across her face.

On the green slope of a hill, a mile or more ahead, a score of little puffs of white smoke were seen, then a sharp report, and, in some places near by, the ground was broken as if by a thrust of a spear, and little scraps of clay scattered over the greensward.

The blossom and stalk ends should be removed, and the fruit well bruised in a tub or pan, in such quantities as to insure each berry being broken without crushing the seeds.

From the struggle in the darkness with the wild waves and the blast, On a rock, where every billow broke above him as it passed, Alone of all his household the man of God was cast.

It was a silence broken after a moment by a short choking cry, the quick-breathing terror of a face turned suddenly up to him robbed of its flush and quivering with a fear that still found no voice in words.

The rich brown buds with which its sprays are tipped swell and break about this time, revealing the young leaves, which at first are bright yellow, making the tree appear as if covered with gay blossoms; while the pendulous bracted cones with their shell-like scales are a constant adornment.

Again Robin warded two of the strokes, but at the third, his staff broke beneath the mighty blows of the Tinker.

The fragile ligneous cylinder would certainly have been broken during such transportation.

in a moment, as it did seem, there broke around me out of all the mystery of night, low and solemn, the Master-Word, beating in the night.

If the fine vibrations which are the golden-violet glow of spring twilights were to tremble into sound, it would be just that mellow double note breaking along the blossom-tops.

"What was the matter with him?" "Leg broken below the knee for eight years.

Perkin, hearing the thunder of arms, and preparations against him from so many parts, raised his siege, and marched to Taunton, beginning already to squint one eye upon the crown and another upon the sanctuary; though the Cornish men were become, like metal often fired and quenched, churlish, and that would sooner break than bow; swearing and vowing not to leave him till the uttermost drop of their blood were spilt.

And my heart was all broken within me, because that there had been happiness with us, but a little time gone; and now there did be our death anigh.

But, after the break up of the Frankish Empire, the history of medieval Pola is but a history of decline.

thousand eight hundred feet, and halted for half an hour; we then continued the ascent without a break until 9:55, when we stopt for fifty minutes at a height of fourteen thousand feet.

The remains of the feast are scattered on the ground; the pipe of peace lies broken among them.

The war on the Italian Front was over, the Austrian Army was broken beyond recovery, the Austrian State was dissolving into its national elements, which only tradition, corruption and brute force had for so long held together.

He knew it by the handle being broken near the end.

It was not a kindly thing to do but Red Perris was not a kindly man with horses and though he knew that it is hard on the shoulders of even a mustang to be ridden downhill rapidly, he kept on with unabated speed until he broke onto the well-established trail which led to the Jordan house.

Suddenly one of the three broke past him and ran swiftly toward the open door, and with a shriek of warning to Nathaniel the old councilor drew a pistol and fired point blank in the sheriff's back.

BREAKS IN THE LEASE.Where a lease is for seven, fourteen, or twenty-one years, the option to determine it at the end of the first term is in the tenant, unless it is distinctly agreed that the option shall be mutual, according to Lord St. Leonards.

This resulted in a break throughout the global MarxistLeninist movement.

The hostess at length breaks off the harangue, by proposing that they should all make a little excursion on the lake,and they embark accordingly; and, after navigating for some time along its shores, and drinking tea on a little island, land at last on a remote promontory, from which they see the sun go down,and listen to a solemn and pious, but rather long prayer from the Vicar.

He began to laugh, guarding it so that not a whisper could break outside the room, and his silent laughter was the most horrible thing the doctor had ever seen.

Unknown Gentleman Breaks Through Ice and Is Drowned."

It was so pitiful that something broke inside my heart a moment.

REAL football is on an unprecedented break due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The noise of whirring wings, the rush of startled animals, now drowned all other sounds, until, through the tumult from the copse far in front of them, they heard the clatter of swords, and then gigantic figures breaking toward them, along the edge of the pond.

And it did shake me in that moment that she was truly slain; for she was gone so utter still and as that she did be broken unto death.

So Guy lay idly waiting in the port, Gazing out eastward through the stormy mist, Gazing out eastward morn and closing eve, Seeking some break amid the hurtling clouds.

Forlorn and broken beyond all reach of human aid, the little man did meekly as he was bidden.

Nevertheless, she was a good boat; and Mark, knowing that he must depend on sails principally to move her, had built a short deck forward to prevent the seas from breaking aboard her, as well as to give him a place in which he might stow away various articles, under cover from the rain.

She hears, upon the mountain forest's brow, The death-dog, howling loud and long, below; Breaking th' ascending roar of desert floods, And insect buzz, that stuns the sultry woods, [s5] On viewless fingers [s6] counts the valley-clock, Followed by drowsy crow of midnight cock.


broke axletelegraphedhow manyfour moreyou don't say so?

Breaks down wing, gets off rifle shot low and hard on net, drawing a penalty on the sequence.

You open, therefore, the drawer of your desk where you keep your rejected and broken fragmentsfor your past has not been prosperoushopeful against experience that you can recast one of these to your present mood.

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No signs of human habitation were seen along its banks, which divided by numerous small creeks, and thickly fringed with the unfailing mangrove, stretched away in level and drear monotony, only broken towards the west by land of inconsiderable elevation.

The billows of the great organ roared among the clustered columns, as the sea breaks amidst the basaltic pillars which crowd the great cavern of the Hebrides.

Grammar is the etiquette of words, and the man who does not know how to properly salute his grandmother on the street until he has consulted a book, is always so troubled about the tenses that his fancies break thru language and escape.