Which preposition to use with breaks

into Occurrences 1479%

Evidently, the water in the ravine had broken into the passage, by some means.

in Occurrences 1376%

Had the creatures broken in, whilst I slept?

through Occurrences 580%

One of the most interesting things I saw in 1873, just before my marriage, was the court-martial of Marshal Bazaine for treachery at Metzgiving up his army and the city without any attempt to break through the enemy's lines, or in fact any resistance of any kind.

from Occurrences 464%

This she places on the ground, near the dog, and I push it into his reach, with the aid of a branch, broken from one of the shrubs.

with Occurrences 425%

Here and there is a long stretch of beautiful sandy beach, on which the tiny waves break with a rippling song, and from which bars go out with a gentle slope into the water.

of Occurrences 363%

Riding on to the northward I struck the old Santa Fe trail, ten miles from Fort Hays, just at break of day.

on Occurrences 228%

The first general winter storm that yields snow that is to form a lasting portion of the season's supply, seldom breaks on the mountains before the end of November.

at Occurrences 189%

Both broke at the same instant, in affright; my friend in one direction, and the bear in the othermy friend for the fields, and the bear for the deep woodsand each as anxious as fear could make him to put a 'broad belt of country' between them.

to Occurrences 170%

We breakfasted in a funny old-fashioned little hotel (with a very good cuisine) and drove in a big open break to the forest.

over Occurrences 141%

It was a great blow to all of the family, and especially to father who seemed to be almost heart broken over it.

for Occurrences 121%

Where it occurs at all, it usually covers all the ground with a close, impenetrable growth, scarcely broken for miles.

Out Occurrences 103%

A Difficulty with a Quartermaster's AgentI give him a Severe PoundingStormy Interview with General Bankhead and Captain LauferI put another "Head" on the Quartermaster's AgentI am ArrestedIn the Guard-HouseGeneral Bankhead Releases meA Hunt after Horse ThievesTheir CaptureEscape of BevinsHis RecaptureEscape of WilliamsBevins Breaks Out of JailHis Subsequent Career.

against Occurrences 50%

The language of the river was scarcely less enchanting than that of the wind and rain; the sublime overboom of the main bouncing, exulting current, the swash and gurgle of the eddies, the keen dash and clash of heavy waves breaking against rocks, and the smooth, downy hush of shallow currents feeling their way through the willow thickets of the margin.

under Occurrences 44%

And the traveller, setting his foot on a prostrate trunk, finds that it is a mere shell, which breaks under his weight, and lands his foot amidst the insects, or the reptiles, which have sought food or refuge within.

like Occurrences 37%

I did not think that Nicholson, forewarned and prepared, could stem the torrent; and if it caught him unawares the proud Tidewater would break like a rotten reed.

between Occurrences 35%

But if there was this Australian facies about both the terrestrial and the marine faunae of Mesozoic Europe, and if there is this unaccountable and immense break between the fauna of Mesozoic and that of Tertiary Europe, is it not a very obvious suggestion that, in the Mesozoic epoch, the Australian province included Europe, and that the Arctogaeal province was contained within other limits?

by Occurrences 25%

MILK, when of good quality, is of an opaque white colour: the cream always comes to the top; the well-known milky odour is strong; it will boil without altering its appearance, in these respects; the little bladders which arise on the surface will renew themselves if broken by the spoon.

before Occurrences 23%

The scenery, the footlights, or a bloodvessel will get broken before the week is out, however, if this prize-ring business isn't cut out.

across Occurrences 22%

Then a sudden smile of comprehension broke across her face.

without Occurrences 20%

The blossom and stalk ends should be removed, and the fruit well bruised in a tub or pan, in such quantities as to insure each berry being broken without crushing the seeds.

as Occurrences 18%

It broke as if reluctantly, cold and gray and sunless.

beneath Occurrences 13%

Again Robin warded two of the strokes, but at the third, his staff broke beneath the mighty blows of the Tinker.

about Occurrences 11%

The rich brown buds with which its sprays are tipped swell and break about this time, revealing the young leaves, which at first are bright yellow, making the tree appear as if covered with gay blossoms; while the pendulous bracted cones with their shell-like scales are a constant adornment.

than Occurrences 8%

Perkin, hearing the thunder of arms, and preparations against him from so many parts, raised his siege, and marched to Taunton, beginning already to squint one eye upon the crown and another upon the sanctuary; though the Cornish men were become, like metal often fired and quenched, churlish, and that would sooner break than bow; swearing and vowing not to leave him till the uttermost drop of their blood were spilt.

off Occurrences 8%

Scarce heard, their chattering lips her shoulder chill, And her cold back their colder bosoms thrill; All blind she wilders o'er the lightless heath, Led by Fear's cold wet hand, and dogg'd by Death; Death, as she turns her neck the kiss to seek, Breaks off the dreadful kiss with angry shriek.

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