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Which preposition to use with « breed »

Which preposition to use with « breed »

  • Life in a cloister seems to me so narrow and monotonous and unsatisfying unless one has been bred in a convent and knows nothing of life but what the teachers tell.
  • CHAPTER X. The travellers visit a gentleman farmer, who is a great projector: his breed of cattle: his apparatus for cookingHe is taken dangerously ill.
  • I was engaged in the kind of silly conflict which I had been bred to abhor; I had none of the common gentleman's notions about honour; and I knew that if by any miracle I slew Grey I should be guilty in my own eyes of murder.
  • Nay, do not view me, I am no lovely Object; I am a Man bred up to Noise and War, And know not how to dress my Looks in Smiles; Yet trust me, fair one, I can love and serve As well as an Endymion, or Adonis.
  • To which I (who, though I say it, am well enough bred for a Knight) answered the Civility thusI vow to Fortune, SirI did not swear, but cry'dI protest, Sir, Celinda, deservesno, no, I lye again, 'twas meritsAy, Celindamerits a much better Husband than I. Friend.
  • and those pursu'd like guilty me By rigid Laws, which put no difference 'Twixt fairly killing in my own Defence, And Murders bred by drunken Arguments, Whores, or the mean Revenges of a Coward.
  • The Chippewans and half-breeds from the south began to arrive first, with their teams of mongrel curs, picked up along the borders of civilization.
  • I learnt from him that he was born and bred at Benares, in Hindostan; that he had been intended for the priesthood, and had been well instructed in the literature of the east.
  • it is enough to spoil a Man's Appetite, the very naming on'tBy Fortune, thou hast been bred with thy great Grand-mother, some old Queen Elizabeth Lady, that us'd to preach Warnings to young Maidens; but had she liv'd in this Age, she wou'd have repented her Error, especially had she seen the Sum that I offer theeCome, let's in, by Fortune, I'm so vigorous, I shall ravish else.
  • They are pointed at by the children, who, according as they chance to have been bred on one side or the other say, "There goes a man who never saw Glootin," as they call the earth; or, "There goes a Booblimak," which means a night stroller.
  • "I don't know the habits of Southern snakes; but if they are as well-bred as ours, they retire from the ken of wicked men at sundown, so we needn't fear them, as the sun is too far down for the snake of tradition to see or molest us."
  • Where slavery has become bred into the bone, the standard of the normal becomes reduced so tremendously that the average of normals, the majority, are hopelessly inferior.
  • He knew them well, for he was born and bred among them, and he forestalls our Lord's words to them, "O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?
  • If it be true that poetry is bred out of joy and sorrow, one feels as if more enjoyment and less suffering had gone to the making of the Alcestis than to that of the later plays.
  • Dr Vijayalakshmi has been doing research on rearing spiders as a biological weapon for controlling cockroaches and her workplace is full of spiders of various types, all in bottles, and bred under her supervision.
  • There are depths in the soul of a Frenchman, where the inspiration of mighty words breeds like "flies in the shambles.
  • But I heard no more; yet was shaken continually with the Joy and Hope which this calling did breed in me, for truly did it seem now that I was right that I did determine to go unto the North; for sure was I now that the Lesser Redoubt lay that way in the Night.
  • "Well, if you think it right to run the party for a few lordly idlers too proud to mix with the peoplemen who think they are better born and better bred than the rest of usI don't want to have anything more to do with it.
  • Notwithstanding his clothes, there was an air of breeding about him, unconcealable, a thing apart, even, from his good looks.
  • Until a visit to other ranchos in the neighborhood corrected my first impression, I took the inhabitants of the slopes of the Iriga for cross-breeds between the low-landers and negritos.
  • Almost all girls are bred after this manner.
  • When Mr. Gresham drew his long record of success to a close there came a lull in the popularity of the breed until Dr. Inman, in partnership with Mr. B. Walmsley, established a kennel first at Barford, near Bath, and then at The Priory, at Bowden, in Cheshire, where they succeeded in breeding the finest kennel of St. Bernards that has ever been seen in the world.
  • He had been bred amid the luxuries of a great estate, where the house was open to every passer-by, and it vexed him that he could not now show the same wide hospitality.
  • Said Joseph Mason, an intelligent colored man, who was born and bred near Richmond, in Virginia, in reply to my question whether he and his fellow-slaves cared about their souls"We did not trouble ourselves about our souls; we were our masters' property and not our own; under their and not our own control; and we believed that our masters were responsible for our souls."
  • The jennies are bred before the solstice so that they may have their foals at the same season in the following year, for their period of gestation is twelve months.
  • Jarrold began to grow uneasy, so soon is distrust bred amongst those who have found treasure.
  • The brown variety has for a long time been an especial favourite with the public, and many good ones have been bred during the last ten years.
  • Yet the breeds just mentioned are all of unimpeachable ancestry, and the circumstance that they were formerly bred within limited neighbourhoods is in itself an argument in favour of their purity.
  • He showed him all nations of every tongue That are bred beneath the sun, How they flowed together in Micklegard street As the brooks flow all into one.
  • In politics, is certain; Since Holdernesse, who gets the seals, Was bred behind the curtain.
  • Former Tampa Bay starter Jameis Winston is playing behind Brees after signing a one-year deal with the Saints.
  • Sheep were domesticated (tamed) in southwestern Asia about 11,000 years ago and now about 1 billion are now widely bred around the world.
  • He is a Southern man, born and bred amidst the wilds of Tennessee, whose early educational advantages were very small.
  • The Zoo has bred over 70 red pandas, the last one being in the early 2000s.
  • Squabs are hatched in pairs, and as soon as they have grown up and have strength breed with their own mothers.
  • But, indeed, now I do think that they did be come downward to that warm Country, a great while gone, and so to have new life and to breed through a great age, and this way to have set a pattern unto the Humans.
  • It breeds throughout the year.
  • What is desirable is that the shepherd and farmer should fix a standard of points, and breed as near as possible to that standard, as the keepers of the show Collie breed to an acknowledged type of perfection.
  • The point is that we have always been well-bred toward each other.
  • Nothing is rarer than a solitary lie; for lies breed like Surinam toads; you cannot tell one but out it comes with a hundred young ones on its back.
  • Cinereus shrews breed from May to September.
  • The Bree for his Excellencie and the Heeres That love him not.
  • So they get away in their millions with their millionsthe wives of the rich men for five clear months, the others for as long as they can; and, like drawing like, they make communities set by set, breed by breed, division by division, over the length and breadth of the landfrom Maine and the upper reaches of the Saguenay, through the mountains and hot springs of half-a-dozen interior States, out and away to Sitka in steamers.
  • The natural instinct to regard one's own nation as the peculiar people of God and to look down on other nations as "lesser breeds without the law" is a phenomenon which must be constantly reckoned with in any comprehensive treatment of nationalism.
  • Hence if the races best fitted to occupy the land are encouraged to marry early, they will breed down the others in a very few generations.

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