Which preposition to use with british

in Occurrences 90%

Washington was seized and burned by the British in 1814, and the war went on; Paris was held by the Germans for half a year, and the war went on.

at Occurrences 29%

But many of them were anti-British at first, while most of them were anti-American afterwards.

as Occurrences 14%

In itself it would have died out among later and more important issues if it had not been used as a torch to fire American public opinion at a time when the Congress was particularly anxious to make the Thirteen Colonies as anti-British as possible.

from Occurrences 13%

[Illustration: Scene at Gen. Sir E. H. Allenby's historic entry on foot into Jerusalem, December 11, 1917, after its capture by the British from the Turks, who had held the Holy City under Moslem domination for centuries.

on Occurrences 11%

There were still six British on deck and a single German; but seven Teutons were still hammering at the door of the engine room in an effort to get at Harris.

during Occurrences 11%

Ontario, or Upper Canada, received still more Americans, who were to be a thorn in the side of the British during the War of 1812.

with Occurrences 9%

They were determined to make a supreme effort to regain Quebec in the spring; and they were equally determined that the habitants should not be free to supply the British with provisions.

than Occurrences 8%

But, seeing that they would be better off under British than under American rule, they were inclined to take sides accordingly.

under Occurrences 6%

Between August 6 and September 10 the British under Gen. Sir Douglas Haig and the French under Gen. Foch fought off many determined German counter-attacks in the Somme sector, and continued their advance, the French gaining Maurepas and the British moving closer to Guillemont and Ginchy, driving the Germans back along eleven miles of front and capturing Thiepval Ridge and other important positions near Pozieres.

of Occurrences 6%

A prominent feature of the attack was the use by the British of armored automobile trucks of unusual size and power, so constructed that they were able to cross trenches and shell-holes.

to Occurrences 5%

Both, I think, generally prefer the British to their Latin brothers, and I have heard both say unjust and absurdly untrue things about the other.

for Occurrences 4%

The Rajahs are dependent upon the British for their powers and the millionaires for their millions.

by Occurrences 3%

Then a portion of this force stealthily advanced, seeking to take the British by surprise.

into Occurrences 3%

With the design of drawing the British into an ambuscade, he stationed his infantry on low ground behind a breast-work, and then rode forward a mile, with his cavalry in the face of a party of light-horse, with whom he came to close quarters, and kept up a sharp skirmish till he was compelled to retreat by the increasing numbers of the enemy.

after Occurrences 3%

A number of the German sailors were rescued by the British after the engagement and sent as prisoners of war to England.

over Occurrences 3%

Under that international Commission the French flag may still wave in Senegal and the British over the protected State of Uganda.

against Occurrences 3%

After a week's heavy bombardment of the German lines, an important offensive movement was undertaken on September 25 by the French and British against the German lines on the western front.

through Occurrences 3%

[About the precise nationality of whose remote progenitorwhether Danish, Flemish, or British through the old English Turnspitthe writer will not stay to argue.]

towards Occurrences 2%

'Murray's Report' of 1762 gives us a good view of the Canada of that day and shows the attitude of the British towards their new possession.

off Occurrences 2%

We know that on the night of May 31which is tomorrowour fleet will strike the British off Jutland.

without Occurrences 1%

I heard him demand that his men be led against the British without further delay.

among Occurrences 1%

There was better shelter for the French in Montreal than for the British among the ruins of Quebec.

astride Occurrences 1%

The continuation of the British offensive northeast of Arras, following the bloody battle of Vimy Ridge, which was firmly held by the Canadians against desperate counter-attacks, placed the British astride the Hindenburg line, and the Germans retired to positions a mile or two west of the Drocourt-Queant line.

behind Occurrences 1%

"Guess their ammunition 's a leetle wet," said D'ri, with a shout that turned into laughter as we left the British behind us.

like Occurrences 1%

"The British like him, and they're ashamed of the way he's been treated.

Which preposition to use with  british