Which preposition to use with budded

of Occurrences 126%

The archways and ceilings were everywhere hung with down-growing crystals, like inverted groves of leafless saplings, some of them large, others delicately attenuated, each tipped with a single drop of water, like the terminal bud of a pine-tree.

in Occurrences 43%

SPRING The alder by the river Shakes out her powdery curls; The willow buds in silver For little boys and girls.

on Occurrences 30%

It comes upon one with a flame-burst as of revelation; little hard red buds on leafless twigs, swelling unnoticeably, then one, two, or three strong suns, and from tip to tip one soft fiery glow, whispering with bees as a singing flame.

into Occurrences 23%

You will have the pleasure of floating another bud into blossom upon the bosom of society.

from Occurrences 19%

He plucked a large half-opened bud from a great sprouting branch and held it toward her.

to Occurrences 11%

"It is rather a shock at first, but it will do him good, and Saul won't be too hard upon him, I'm sure," said Sophie, going back to her work, while Ruth turned her best buds to the sun that they might be ready for a peace-offering to-morrow.

with Occurrences 11%

The rich brown buds with which its sprays are tipped swell and break about this time, revealing the young leaves, which at first are bright yellow, making the tree appear as if covered with gay blossoms; while the pendulous bracted cones with their shell-like scales are a constant adornment.

for Occurrences 9%

From the ridge behind them they caught the raw scent of a mother bear, busy pulling down the tender poplar buds for her six-weeks-old cubs, born while she was still deep in her winter sleep.

by Occurrences 9%

Mr. John Heron stood grim and gaunt opposite Ida, as if he were a figure carved out of wood, and showed no sign of animation until the end of the service, when he looked round with a sudden eagerness, and opened his large square lips as if he were going to "improve the occasion" by an address; but Mr. Wordley, who suspected him of such intention, nipped it in the bud by saying: "Will you give your arm to Miss Ida, Mr. Heron?

at Occurrences 6%

Even this dreaded day had not taken one fraction of a shade from the glory of the roses, as Angeline could see in the bud at one side of Abraham's head and the full-blown flower below his right ear; so why should she droop because the sale of her household goods had been somewhat disappointing?

under Occurrences 4%

He had builded much on his friendship with this girl; but he felt it withering, turning blacklike buds under frostin his cold breast.

beneath Occurrences 3%

Nor is it your features only, but I have observed that there is the mark of a rose-bud beneath your chin.

among Occurrences 3%

A few early flowers may be budding among them, but the autumn crop is still in somewhat shabby and rain-bedrabbled bloom.

as Occurrences 2%

It is better, of course, to select as soft and large buds as possible for examination.

towards Occurrences 2%

And as the spring went on, his budding life Swelled up and budded towards the invisible, Bursting the earthy mould wherein it lay.

without Occurrences 1%

That in the Gardin of Adonis springs, Is wicked Time; who with his scythe addrest Does mow the flowring herbes and goodly things, And all their glory to the ground downe flings, Where they do wither and are fowly mard He flyes about, and with his flaggy wings Beates downe both leaves and buds without regard, Ne ever pitty may relent his malice hard.

before Occurrences 1%

Wishing, not, indeed, like the ancient magicians, to gather magic berry and bud before sunrise, but at least to see these treasures of the lake in their morning hour, we camped last night on a little island, which one tall tree almost covers with its branches, while a dense undergrowth of young chestnuts and birches fills all the intervening space, touching the water all around the circular, shelving shore.

forth Occurrences 1%

This is the morn; This rock buds forth the fountain of the streams of day; In joy's white annals lives this hour, When life was born, No cloud-scowl on his radiant lids, no tempest-lower.

like Occurrences 1%

The genial showers of repentance are softly falling upon the barren plain; the wilderness is budding like the rose; the voice of joy succeeds the cotes of we; and hope, like the lark, is soaring upward and warbling hymns at the gate of heaven.

off Occurrences 1%

We've had most unseasonable hailstorms which have knocked all the buds off the fruit-trees, so, in addition to other annoyances, we shall have no fruit this year.

out Occurrences 1%

* Up in their room that night, Lorry helped Bud out of his coat.

above Occurrences 1%

called Bud above the din of the rattling wheels.

Which preposition to use with  budded