Which preposition to use with buddha

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"] [Footnote 6: These three predecessors of Sakya-muni were the three Buddhas of the present or Mahâ-bhadra Kalpa, of which he was the fourth, and Maitreya is to be the fifth and last.

in Occurrences 8%

Ânanda is to reappear on earth as Buddha in another Kalpa.]

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The Shih which often precedes it is an abbreviation of the name of Buddha as Sâkyamuni, "the Sâkya, mighty in Love, dwelling in Seclusion and Silence," and may be taken as equivalent to Buddhist.

with Occurrences 3%

At the places where he walked and sat they also subsequently reared topes, each having its particular name; and here was the place where Sundari murdered a person and then falsely charged Buddha with the crime.

at Occurrences 3%

Thence they came back and visited Buddha at Jetavana in the night, and there they obtained the reward of Srotâpanna.]

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Then a woman belonging to one of the erroneous systems, by name Chañchamana, prompted by the envious hatred in her heart, and having put on extra clothes in front of her person, so as to give her the appearance of being with child, falsely accused Buddha before all the assembly of having acted unlawfully towards her.

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In the daytime you can sit on the edge like an embarrassed boy, with nothing to support your spine, or you can curl up like a Buddha on his lotus flower, with your legs under you; but that is not dignified, nor is it a comfortable posture for a fat man.

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The Life of Buddha by Asvaghosha is a poetical romance of nearly ten thousand lines.

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Going from this to the southeast for twelve yojanas, they came to the place where the Lichchhavis wished to follow Buddha to the place of his pari-nirvâna, and where, when he would not listen to them and they kept cleaving to him, unwilling to go away, he made to appear a large and deep ditch which they could not cross over, and gave them his alms-bowl, as a pledge of his regard, thus sending them back to their families.

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At this time the great kings of eight countries with their ministers and people, not having seen Buddha for a long time, were all thirstily looking up for him, and had collected in clouds in this kingdom to wait for the World-honored one.

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It was in the Tushita heaven that Sâkyamuni met him and appointed him as his successor, to appear as Buddha after the lapse of five thousand years.

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The Ganges is equally sacred to the Buddhist, and Benares is associated more closely with the career of Buddha than any other city.

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And the Buddha through the hand of an avaricious Koli smote him unto death and hurled his naked corpse down hill.

Which preposition to use with  buddha