Which preposition to use with calibre

of Occurrences 32%

Excellent help, too, was lent by ten Batteries of medium calibre of the British Army and by the guns of the Italian Navy.

from Occurrences 7%

Mr. Wyatt, you are a man of a little different temperament and calibre from those others.

to Occurrences 3%

Fitzwilliam was a man of very inferior calibre to Perrot.

in Occurrences 2%

The best way of putting a stop to it would be for your German boarders to keep guns of even larger calibre in their rooms, and fire the Frenchman down.

for Occurrences 1%

Lord Chandos was proposed, I should rather say suggested, but rejected immediately, as not of sufficient calibre for the Cabinet.

than Occurrences 1%

His mind being of greater calibre than Comte's, the subject acquired in his hands a far more progressive character.

among Occurrences 1%

How far my vision was competent for this study is not for me to decide; so far as it went I profited, and so far as my experience of men goes he is unique, not so much from intellectual power, for I should be indisposed to accept his as the mind of the greatest calibre among those I have known, but as one of absolute transparency of intellect, perfect receptivity, and devotion to the truth.

with Occurrences 1%

This extra speed was defended on the ground that it would enable a fleet of Dreadnoughts to fight a battle at long range, and with a view to such battle the Dreadnought was provided only with guns of the heaviest calibre and deprived of those guns of medium calibre with which earlier battleships were well provided.

as Occurrences 1%

Closely attached to the Alpini are the Mountain Artillery, armed with light guns of about the same calibre as our own twelve-pounders.

between Occurrences 1%

The difference of calibre between the two is well illustrated by comparing Giorgione's "Satyr" with Dosso's frankly vulgar "Buffone" in the Modena Gallery, or with those uncouth productions, also in the Pitti, the "S. John Baptist" and the "Bambocciate."

by Occurrences 1%

Meanwhile, their visits enabled him to test his own calibre by comparison with theirs, and to realise that his instincts had not befooled him, but that he too had been called to the stage of the great world.

Which preposition to use with  calibre