Which preposition to use with captions

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[Footnote 2: Special Report of the U.S. Com. of Ed., 1871, pp. 213-214; and The African Repository, under the captions of "Education in Liberia," and "African Education Societies," passim.]

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Introd. & captions by Maurice Hindus.

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Whence such a documentwhence, in the editorial captions to this document, the exultation over its triumphant refutations of the slanders of the abolitionists against the Southbut, that Governor Butler feelsbut, that the writes of those captions feelthat the abolitionists have put the South upon her good behavior.

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Whenever the title of a poem gives too vague a notion of its substance, or whenever its substance is miscellaneous, I have supplied [bracketed] captions for the extracts; except for these, there is nothing on the pages of the text besides the poets' own words.

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The contents of this book are a revision of a series of lectures at Oxford and Cambridge universities in the Spring of 1914 with the caption on Economic Causes in the American Civil War.

Which preposition to use with  captions