Which preposition to use with cars

of Occurrences 173%

The fool who attaches himself by the heels to the car of an ascending balloon is sure to have thousands of feeble-minded females waving handkerchiefs at him.

with Occurrences 148%

"P'r'aps he's gone off to the car with the sackin a fright, like, thinking we'll guess that!" whispered Neddy.

in Occurrences 144%

I've travelled on the cars in my day, when they made every thing gee again, but that kind o' goin' wasn't a circumstance to the way we tore along.

at Occurrences 107%

On the morning of September 22d they arrived in a special car at North Platte, a station on the Union Pacific, distant eighteen miles from Fort McPherson.

to Occurrences 97%

Added to this were the facts that the ice-water in the coolers scalded the mouth; the brass-work on the seats blistered the hands; and the empty stoves, almost red-hot from their exposure to the sun, superheated the cars to a degree that was maddening.

for Occurrences 84%

We took the cars for Ogdensburgh, and the next morning found us steaming up the majestic St. Lawrence, towards that paradise of fishermen, the Thousand Islands.

on Occurrences 76%

Mr. Judkins, the station agent at Chazy Junction, came out of his little house at daybreak, shivered a bit in the chill morning air and gave an involuntary start as he saw a private car on the sidetrack.

from Occurrences 29%

" "I know this much: To catch the North End street-car from here, I don't have to walk every night down past the Stag Hotel to do it.

without Occurrences 19%

Along the railway in Kansas J.W. began to see box-cars without trucks, roughly fitted up for dwellings.

through Occurrences 15%

In which case, the fat was already in the fire with a vengeance, and Victor's probable duration of life was dependent wholly upon the speed with which he could quit Frampton Court and hurl his motor-car through the night to the lower reaches of the Thames.

by Occurrences 15%

He was leaning very far forward, and he warded against the roll of the car by spreading out his right hand close to the floor; his left hand he poised with the knife, and he began to gather his muscles for the leap.

over Occurrences 14%

But the Brahmin put an end to that hope, by reminding me that we should be attracted towards the Equator, and that we had to choose between Asia, Africa, and South America; and that our only course would be, to check the progress of our car over the country of greatest extent, through which the equinoctial circle might pass.

BEHIND Occurrences 14%


like Occurrences 11%

The prisoners were loaded aboard the box cars like so many sheep, with alert gray shepherds behind them, carrying guns in lieu of crooks; and, being entrained, they were bedded down for the night upon straw.

along Occurrences 10%

Before he and Mr. Coxwell got fairly off they very nearly came to grief; for the balloon did not rise properly, but dragged the car along near the ground, so that if they had come against any chimney or high building they would probably have been killed.

into Occurrences 9%

Mine had obeyed my order, and we were masters of the situation, when, with a sudden turn of the screw, throwing his vessel into an almost horizontal position, Endo brought his car into collision with ours and endeavoured to seize Eveena's person, as she leaned over with the paper in her hand.

under Occurrences 8%

"Blessed if you don't see everything!" "Well, then: what about it?" "Why, I should say you'd better find a place to put the car under cover in case it comes on to storm before we're finishedand put up the top.

after Occurrences 8%

Stephenson was explaining his idea that a locomotive steam engine could run along a track and draw cars after it.

out Occurrences 7%

Some time had gone since they pulled the gravel cars out of the swamp and they had not been sent to the lake section.

beside Occurrences 6%

There was the fork where the Hardwick carriage had turned off; to this side went Shade and his fellows, with Mandy and the girls following; and down the middle of the road she herself came, seated in the car beside Stoddard.

up Occurrences 6%

" After a moment Ralph heard Conway pushing the empty car up the chamber, then he climbed up on his trip, took the reins, said, "giddep" to Jasper, and they started on the long journey out.

about Occurrences 6%

Carolyn June cried, as Old Heck turned the car about and started back toward the grandstand.

between Occurrences 6%

Upon Hamilton's recognition he was, after a brief argument, arrested on the charge of theft from Glencardine, placed in the car between the two stalwart Scotch policemen, and conveyed in triumph to the castle, much, of course, against his will.

before Occurrences 5%

And not until the driver halted the car before Anderson's door did they manifest any awareness of Neuman.

across Occurrences 5%

" With Carolyn June and Ophelia in the rear seat and Skinny and himself in the front Old Heck drove the car across to the station and the trunks were fastened with ropes on the hood of the engine and running-boards of the car.

Which preposition to use with  cars