Which preposition to use with catered

for Occurrences 48%

And as he passes, bending under the weight of his sacks, you catch the chink of the little empty coffee-cups without handles, which the itinerant Arab is soon to fill for his patrons from the portable coffee-pot in his left hand, or the tremulous "malpurwa jaleibi" of the lean Hindu from Kathiawar who caters for the early breakfast of the millhand.

to Occurrences 46%

And although we sit on a modest roof, the shopkeepers cater to us.

in Occurrences 1%

It was a sickening transaction but it relieved his mind considerably and catered in a measure to that incorrigible hope within him.

with Occurrences 1%

The savage monarch then proceeded to ratify and augment the agreement into which he had already catered with Edward Winslow, and promised to guarantee to the English settlers an exclusive trade with his tribe; at the same time entreating them to prevent his powerful enemies, the Narragansetts, from carrying on a commercial intercourse with the French colonists.

Which preposition to use with  catered