Which preposition to use with celebrities

of Occurrences 58%

Everybody was there and W. pointed out to me the celebrities of all the coteries.

in Occurrences 44%

Every one was announced, and it was most interesting to hear the names of all the celebrities in every branch of art and science.

as Occurrences 18%

It was then a general belief that the world would come to an end in the following year, a catastrophe which to many seemed the more imminent from the election of a chief pastor whose celebrity as a theologian, though not inconsiderable, by no means equalled his reputation as a necromancer.

by Occurrences 11%

"When I was here before, I remember a physician, who acquired great celebrity by affecting to cure diseases by examining a lock of the patient's hair; and, not content with merely pronouncing on the nature of the disease, and suggesting the remedy, he would enter into an elaborate, and often plausible course of reasoning, in defence of his system.

to Occurrences 9%

Another instance may be furnished of overbearing authority, in giving celebrity to a medicine, or in depriving it of that reputation to which its virtues entitle it, is seen in the history of the Peruvian bark.

on Occurrences 9%

In that moment he gave up hope and, resigning himself to die, determined to fight to the last gasp, as became one of his reputation and national celebrity on "the road.

for Occurrences 7%

The Essex farmers have obtained a celebrity for fattening calves better than any others in England, where they are plentifully supplied with milk, a thing impossible to be done in the immediate neighbourhood of London.

at Occurrences 5%

She had met this celebrity at a ball and that one at a reception, and she described them minutely, realizing that Aunt Jane would never be in a position to contradict any assertion she might choose to make.

from Occurrences 4%

Celebrities from all over Oz were there.

than Occurrences 3%

From the earliest ages, Great Britain has been distinguished for the excellence of her native breeds of cattle, and there are none in England that have obtained greater celebrity than those which have this name, and which originated, about seventy years ago, on the banks of the Tees.

at Occurrences 2%

Portraits of Celebrities at Different Times of Their Lives.

OF Occurrences 2%


during Occurrences 2%

In 1861 Peter and Caroline Richings spent a part of the summer in St. Paul, and local amusement lovers were delightfully entertained by these celebrities during their sojourn.

into Occurrences 1%

In the former capacity he will have hunted momentary celebrities into the sanctity of their rooms, whence, after exchanging two words with them, he will have emerged with two columns of conversation.

amongst Occurrences 1%

Francis opposed to them in the east and north the young Count Claude of Guise, the first celebrity amongst his celebrated race, the veteran Louis de La Tremoille, the most tried of all his warriors, and the Duke of Vendome, head of the younger branch of the House of Bourbon.

over Occurrences 1%

To all persons who have attained celebrity over the route pursued by her, original rank and station are not of the least moment.

among Occurrences 1%

MINNEAPOLIS, situated on the west bank of the Mississippi River, opposite the Falls of St. Anthony, and less than an hour's ride by rail from St. Paul,with a direct line to Milwaukee,enjoys, at present, the widest celebrity among invalids as a place of resort.

through Occurrences 1%

That was the significance of the flashes and thundering of the Admiral's guns and the white cloud that gathered about his ship that has done enough for celebrity through centuries.

after Occurrences 1%

" I was as much delighted as a rustic at a menagerie, and Dalrymple, seeing this, continued to point out one celebrity after another till I began no longer to remember which was which.

under Occurrences 1%

Near the church was a medicinal spa, which once attained some celebrity under the name of St. Pancras' Well, and was held in such estimation as to occasion great resort of company to it during the season.

Which preposition to use with  celebrities