Which preposition to use with chains

of Occurrences 1159%

Then, as I drew nearer, I perceived that I had been mistaken; for, instead of a low hill, I made out, now, a chain of great mountains, whose distant peaks towered up into the red gloom, until they were almost lost to sight.

to Occurrences 222%

He smiled now, peering through gold-rimmed spectacles attached by a chain to a wire-encircled left ear.

in Occurrences 83%

Strange to say, the greatest floods occur in winter, when one would suppose all the wild waters would be muffled and chained in frost and snow.

on Occurrences 71%

The moon's dimensions now rapidly increased; the separate mountains, which formed the ridges and chains on her surface, began to be plainly visible through the telescope; whilst, on the shaded side, several volcanoes appeared upon her disc, like the flashes of our fire-fly, or rather like the twinkling of stars in a frosty night.

with Occurrences 56%

The Chain is very | | massive, with square links, and carries a Pendant Chain with | | two seals, one of them having the monogram "B.N.," cut | | thereon.

from Occurrences 50%

" The ladies then went up to him; and seeing him abashed by the sudden displeasure shewn by the duke, they spoke kind and encouraging words to him; and Rosalind, when they were going away, turned back to speak some more civil things to the brave young son of her father's old friend; and taking a chain from off her neck, she said, "Gentleman, wear this for me.

for Occurrences 40%

You'll get ball and chain for this lark, or my name's not James Braine."

about Occurrences 33%

I'm sure mine was no DreamI wak'd, I heard, I saw, I spokeand danc'd to the Musick of the Spheres; and methought my glorious Lover ty'd a Diamond Chain about my Armand see 'tis all substantial.

at Occurrences 23%

Marriagebut her Fortune was small, and the hope of a Ladyship, and a Gold Chain at the Spittal Sermon, did the Businessand so your Servant, Sir.

around Occurrences 21%

It remains in flower until November, uniting with two or three species of wiry eriogonums, which continue the floral chain around December to the spring flowers of January.

by Occurrences 18%

Darius is seized and laden with chains by Bessus, a Bactrian satrap who soon after slays him.

between Occurrences 13%

He would run his nose up and down the front of her dress, nip at the buttons, and be very happy if he could get a bit of her watch-chain between his strong teeth.

across Occurrences 10%

A few minutes later the horsemen spread in a chain across the line of march, rode swiftly to a common center, formed in a solid group, turned to the rear and rode back of the skirmishers to the main body.

as Occurrences 9%

He made an imperial progress to Odessa, was welcomed in the morning by the governor in full pomp and robes and flow of smooth words; and at noon the same governor was working in the streets with ball and chain as a convict.

through Occurrences 7%

The snorting of the steamer, the rattling of the chain through the hawse-hole; and on deck, and under the quarter, strange gleams of red light amid pitchy darkness, from engines, galley fires, lanthorns; and black folk and white folk flitting restlessly across them.

over Occurrences 7%

" In Mrs. Ross's dining-room, a red-glass dome, swung by a chain over the round table, illuminated its white napery and decently flowered china.

into Occurrences 6%

"Sam held out his 'and, and the lodger, arter saying it was only a little bit o' fun on 'is part, and telling 'im wot a fancy he 'ad taken to 'im from the fust, put Ginger's watch and chain into his 'ands and eighteen pounds four shillings and sevenpence.

after Occurrences 5%

If a further link is necessary to connect Justin with the Protevangelium, that link comes into the chain after our Gospels and not before.

like Occurrences 4%

At one time he seems to be sinking into the mere abject dangler after Amelia; but he breaks his chains like a man, and resumes them again like a man, too, although half disenchanted of his amiable delusion.

before Occurrences 4%

Jemshíd thus rejoined: "Unjustly am I brought in chains before thee, Betrayed, insultedthou the cause of all, And yet thou wouldst appear to feel my wrongs!" Incensed at this defiance, mixed with scorn, Fiercely Zohák replied, "Then choose thy death; Shall I behead thee, stab thee, or impale thee, Or with an arrow's point transfix thy heart!

without Occurrences 4%

Break these chains without scruple.

against Occurrences 3%

No soldier gay Feels at his side the throb of the gold hilt (Knowing the blue blade hides within its sheath, As lightning in the cloud) with more delight, When first he belts it on, than he that day Heard still the clank of the plough-chains against The horses' harnessed sides, as to the field They went to make it fruitful.

round Occurrences 3%

The monkey has not had justice done him, we repeat and insist upon it; for what right have you to judge of a whole people, from a few isolated individuals,and from a few isolated individuals, too, running up poles with a chain round their waist, twenty times the length of their own tail, or grinning in ones or twos through the bars of a cage in a menagerie?

along Occurrences 2%

75 Now, as he plodded on, with sullen clang A sound of chains along the desert rang; He looked, and saw upon a gibbet high A human body that in irons swang, Uplifted by the tempest whirling by; 80 And, hovering, round it often did a raven fly.

Beneath Occurrences 2%

we find The wreck involves the human mind: The lords of earth now drag a chain Beneath a pontiff's feeble reign; The soil that gave a Cato birth No longer yields heroic worth, Whose image lives but on the bust, Or consecrates the medal's rust:

Which preposition to use with  chains