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Which preposition to use with  charged

Which preposition to use with charged

My sister had taken charge of him since his wound, to nurse him, for it had proved more severe than I had thought, and I was pleased to note that, in spite of her state of mind, she had looked after the old dog, carefully.

It occurred to me, if he should thus suddenly die, and I be found alone in his cell, I might be charged with being his murderer; and my courage, which, from long inaction, had sadly declined of late, deserted me at the thought.

"We want a slow charge for this.

Amid stiff, abrupt sentences I wandered; and, presently, I had no fault to charge against their abrupt tellings; for, better far than my own ambitious phrasing, is this mutilated story capable of bringing home all that the old Recluse, of the vanished house, had striven to tell.

It was late in the afternoon, but General Pleasanton immediately ordered an advance, and we charged in full force upon the rear of Price's army, and drove it before us for two hours.

Alighting, therefore, from my horse, I gave him in charge to my servant, whom I sent to inform my parents of my arrival, and to request my father to meet me at the Suttee.

I kicked at 'em as they would charge on my feet and llimbs.

Every time the Indians would make a charge at us, the darkeys would cry out: "Heah dey cum;" "Dey must be ten thousand ob 'em;" "De whole country is alive wid 'em;" "Massa Bill, does you tink we is eber agoin' to get out o' heah?"

He recollected that Angy would be there, and hoped fervently that she might not prove so strenuous a charge as Abraham.

we being strangers here, how dare you trust so great a charge from your own custody?"

Our attention was entirely engrossed with the spoor, and thus we rode boldly on until within a few feet of him, when, springing to his feet, he made a desperate charge after Ruyter, uttering a low, stifled roar, peculiar to buffaloes, (somewhat similar to the growl of a lion,) and hurled horse and rider to the earth with fearful violence.

Again, too often a minister is spoiled in his first charge by flattery, polite lies, and gushing women.

For a time the possibility of charging into a biplane gives zest to our progress, as we fly along the road which cuts the aerodrome; but, alack!

I hollered and shouted at the kritter, thinkin', maybe, that the voice of a human might scare him; but it only made him madder, and every time I hollered he charged under the log more furiously than before.

By my bright Arms, she's fairWith what a charming Fierceness, she charges through my Body to my Heart.

How if I give thee charge over the bowmen of Belsaye?" "Why first, sweet, tall brother, first will I teach them to draw a bow, pluck a string, and speed a shaft as never townsman drew, plucked or spedin fine, I will teach them to shoot: and, thereafter, devoutly pray the good Saint Giles (that is my patron saint) to send us Black Ivo and his dogs to shoot at!"

"Then Taillefer put his horse to a gallop, charging before all the rest, and struck an Englishman dead, driving his lance below the breast into his body, and stretching him upon the ground.

He was to be left in charge during the absence of the young fur farmer.

"How much" you ask him "do you charge per cup?" "Saheb," comes the answer, "for two rupees you can treat the whole gathering, men, women and children to a cup apiece; for this coffee is of the best!"

"'T is an accomplishment which has saved my life a score of times," he would say, "and of more value in a charge than any swordsmanship.

The winding stream that flowed through the meadowon the skirts of which the Nausett encampment was formedgradually decreased, from the failure of the springs that supplied it, until, at length, its shallow waters were reduced to a rippling brookso narrow, that young Lincoya could leap over it, and Rodolph could carry his little charge across without any risk of wetting his feet.

"Now, Highlanders!" shouted Havelock, as the men halted to re-form after one of their irresistible onslaughts; "another charge like the last wins the day!"

At the same time he ordered the third line, and the entire army not to charge without his command: that he would give the signal whenever he wished them to do so.

Mr. Blake was supposed to take charge out of school hours; he was, as every one said, "a jolly fellow," and the fact that his popularity extended far and wide among a large circle of friends and acquaintances, caused him to have a good many irons in the fire of one sort and another.

One of the young men stepped to the fence, fired, and lodged the whole charge between his shoulders; he fell, and died in a short time.

Here's like to be a fine charge towards!

The charge down the grassy glade of the flaming forest.

When the boys got to the garage where the automobile belonged they told the man in charge about the chauffeur and of what had happened on the road.

There was a yell of hatred, and an ugly charge toward the stairs; but the sight of the two revolvers held them theremotionless for a few moments.

Kohler estimates the battery life to be 6 to 7 hours at 70% volume, and it charges via a cordless charging dock.

He narrowly escaped those charges in December 2019, when a 5-day trial ended with the court dismissing the charges due to prosecutorial technicalities before the jury ever reached a verdict.

Franklin and others sent the electric charge along a wire, but it did not occur to them to endeavor to apply this to sending messages.

They did not recover from the surprise of this sudden charge until after we had ridden pell-mell through their camp and got away with our own horses as well as theirs.

"Then Parks and I could charge around the corner and get him."

That bargain's yet to make; Be not too hasty, when ye face the Enemie, Nor too ambitious to get honour instantly, But charge within your bounds, and keep close bodies, And you shall see what sport we'l make these mad-caps; You shall have game enough, I warrant ye, Every mans Cock shall fight.

Daniel Ede is charged alongside Karl Kachami with stealing $3.9 million in gold bullion, cash and other valuables from the Melbourne Gold Company on April 27 in what is considered one of the largest heists in Victoria's history.

The Cloud descended, and the Lily bowèd her modest head, And went to mind her numerous charge among the verdant grass.

" Without waiting for an answer, putting his hand over his mouth, Adamo charges up the stone stairsup to the marchesa's door.

Some stood their ground, and returned the fire, placing the picket in great danger; but the bulk, already well scared by their repulse, broke away panic-stricken, and came rushing down the road toward us, thinking the enemy were charging behind them.

Dick learned that all the commissioned officers of the company with Wesley Boone had been wounded or killed in the charge near the stone bridge.

They had not realized we had halted, for the last rider charged past us before he could check himself.

Furthermore he distributed to all olive oil and salt, and had the baths open free of charge throughout the year for the use of both men and w

They charged onto my bald head.

He argues this may have led her to find him guilty of assault charges outside the dates of the counts in the Information.

A 16 y/o boy has been arrested, charged re 2 fires at the Gramps, Kincorth, Aberdeen.

The rescuers called to Brett, a sergeant of police who was in charge inside the van, to pass the keys out, and, on his refusal, there was a cry: "Blow off the lock!".

I am mindful there is a presumption of innocence in favor of G.D.M. The burden is on the crown to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.

This most odious of railroad vices, rarely practised openly, is done by false billing of weight, by wrong descriptions or false classification to reduce the charge below published rate-sheets, by carrying some goods free, by issuing passes to some and not to all patrons under the same conditions, or by donations or rebates after the regular rate has been paid.

Raising kids is expensive - no secret there - but one Swiss couple can take Wi-Fi charges off that list of costs.

Many a time he charged amongst the Britons, and many a time he returned, bringing his wounded from their midst.

Nous sommes, donc, les partisans de cette union, ses partisans prononcés, à deux conditions: la première, c'est qu'il ne faille pas payer ces beaux résultats par le bouleversement de l'industrie rationale; la seconde, c'est que la Belgique en accepte sincèrement es charges en même temps qu'elle en recuiellera les profits, et qu'en consequence elle se prête à tout ce qui sera nécessaire pour mettre

Or if in place of the contemplated dealings in exchange the exchequer should be authorized not only to exchange its bills for actual deposits of specie, but, for specie or its equivalent, to sell drafts, charging therefor a small but reasonable premium, I can not doubt but that the benefits of the law would be speedily manifested in the revival of the credit, trade, and business of the whole country.

Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai denied bail on fraud chargeOutspoken Hong Kong pro-democracy advocate and media tycoon Jimmy Lai has been refused bail on a fraud charge amid a growing crackdown on dissent in the.

For so the immortals willed, to give charge unto the songs of goddesses over that valorous man even in his death.

Let us first consider the history of the "Reseña Verídica" in which Aguinaldo makes the charges above quoted.