Which preposition to use with charged

of Occurrences 4453%

My sister had taken charge of him since his wound, to nurse him, for it had proved more severe than I had thought, and I was pleased to note that, in spite of her state of mind, she had looked after the old dog, carefully.

with Occurrences 1945%

It occurred to me, if he should thus suddenly die, and I be found alone in his cell, I might be charged with being his murderer; and my courage, which, from long inaction, had sadly declined of late, deserted me at the thought.

for Occurrences 718%

"We want a slow charge for this.

against Occurrences 448%

Amid stiff, abrupt sentences I wandered; and, presently, I had no fault to charge against their abrupt tellings; for, better far than my own ambitious phrasing, is this mutilated story capable of bringing home all that the old Recluse, of the vanished house, had striven to tell.

in Occurrences 198%

It was late in the afternoon, but General Pleasanton immediately ordered an advance, and we charged in full force upon the rear of Price's army, and drove it before us for two hours.

to Occurrences 193%

Alighting, therefore, from my horse, I gave him in charge to my servant, whom I sent to inform my parents of my arrival, and to request my father to meet me at the Suttee.

on Occurrences 173%

I kicked at 'em as they would charge on my feet and llimbs.

at Occurrences 161%

Every time the Indians would make a charge at us, the darkeys would cry out: "Heah dey cum;" "Dey must be ten thousand ob 'em;" "De whole country is alive wid 'em;" "Massa Bill, does you tink we is eber agoin' to get out o'

as Occurrences 50%

" He recollected that Angy would be there, and hoped fervently that she might not prove so strenuous a charge as Abraham.

from Occurrences 46%

we being strangers here, how dare you trust so great a charge from your own custody?"

into Occurrences 45%

For a time the possibility of charging into a biplane gives zest to our progress, as we fly along the road which cuts the aerodrome; but, alack!

by Occurrences 41%

Again, too often a minister is spoiled in his first charge by flattery, polite lies, and gushing women.

through Occurrences 32%

By my bright Arms, she's fairWith what a charming Fierceness, she charges through my Body to my Heart.

over Occurrences 20%

He gathered that there had been a fight, so he deemed it his duty to report the fact at once to the discipline officer in charge over at Bancroft Hall.

across Occurrences 13%

The winding stream that flowed through the meadowon the skirts of which the Nausett encampment was formedgradually decreased, from the failure of the springs that supplied it, until, at length, its shallow waters were reduced to a rippling brookso narrow, that young Lincoya could leap over it, and Rodolph could carry his little charge across without any risk of wetting his feet.

than Occurrences 12%

"'T is an accomplishment which has saved my life a score of times," he would say, "and of more value in a charge than any swordsmanship.

under Occurrences 10%

I hollered and shouted at the kritter, thinkin', maybe, that the voice of a human might scare him; but it only made him madder, and every time I hollered he charged under the log more furiously than before.

before Occurrences 9%

"Then Taillefer put his horse to a gallop, charging before all the rest, and struck an Englishman dead, driving his lance below the breast into his body, and stretching him upon the ground.

down Occurrences 9%

The charge down the grassy glade of the flaming forest.

like Occurrences 8%

"Now, Highlanders!" shouted Havelock, as the men halted to re-form after one of their irresistible onslaughts; "another charge like the last wins the day!"

out Occurrences 8%

Mr. Blake was supposed to take charge out of school hours; he was, as every one said, "a jolly fellow," and the fact that his popularity extended far and wide among a large circle of friends and acquaintances, caused him to have a good many irons in the fire of one sort and another.

during Occurrences 8%

He was to be left in charge during the absence of the young fur farmer.

about Occurrences 6%

When the boys got to the garage where the automobile belonged they told the man in charge about the chauffeur and of what had happened on the road.

after Occurrences 6%

Our attention was entirely engrossed with the spoor, and thus we rode boldly on until within a few feet of him, when, springing to his feet, he made a desperate charge after Ruyter, uttering a low, stifled roar, peculiar to buffaloes, (somewhat similar to the growl of a lion,) and hurled horse and rider to the earth with fearful violence.

between Occurrences 5%

One of the young men stepped to the fence, fired, and lodged the whole charge between his shoulders; he fell, and died in a short time.

Which preposition to use with  charged
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