Which preposition to use with civilians

in Occurrences 29%

Among the English-speaking civilians in Canada, many of whom were now of a much better class than the original camp-followers, the active loyalists comprised only the smaller half.

of Occurrences 14%

Throughout the world, where the armies of Great Britain are stationed or serve, the death-rate is greater among the troops than among civilians of the same races and ages, except among the colored troops in Tobago, Montserrat, Antigua, and Granada in America, and among the Sepoys in the East Indies.[10]

at Occurrences 7%

" Rosa did not recognize the civilian at first, but as he turned to accompany the soldier she remembered where she had seen him before.

for Occurrences 6%

Another important factor to be borne in mind is the hysterical, morbid self-importance of the German nation in general, which causes police and members of the German army to shoot or cut down with the sword their own civilians for the most trivial offences, even in times of peace.

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The place had been battered for weeks by land and sea by the Japanese forces, and the surrender was ordered, it was said, to save the German forces and civilians from certain annihilation if a defense by the garrison to the end were to be carried on.

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The German Government has published a White Book (328 quarto pages) during the summer, 1915, indicting Belgian civilians with all kinds of atrocities.

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Both were occupied after desperate resistance by the Belgians and Visé was partly demolished by fire in reprisal, it was claimed, for the firing by civilians on the German invaders.

as Occurrences 3%

The cowards chiefly used civilians as shields, but sometimes they also made use of prisoners.

under Occurrences 2%

Evidently Congress did not take women and children and disabled civilians under the protecting wing of its indignation.

during Occurrences 2%

There is no time to bother with civilians during an offensive, and, if a retreat is likely, no commander wishes to have country described which may presently be in the hands of the enemy.

by Occurrences 2%

So far as we have seen there has been no mistreatment of civilians by the soldiers; yet we note that the villagers stay inside the shelter of their damaged homes as though they felt safer there.

without Occurrences 1%

With the slightest encouragement he would have placarded that arid wilderness with "NO SMOKING IN THE LIFTS," and "BEWARE OF PICKPOCKETS," but he had small encouragement, and so he contented himself with a final placard which warned the troops against riding through standing crops and occupying the houses of civilians without permission from the Town-Major.

behind Occurrences 1%

As I look back on the two years, it all looks to me more and more remarkable, seen even at this short perspective, that the Allied armies, and most of all, the civilians behind the lines have, in the face of the hard happenings of each day, stood up, and taken it as they have, and hoped on.

into Occurrences 1%

And he said thisThat he would not have told us at all except for the fact that he thinks it brutal of Enver to send civilians into the firing line, and that he hopes, in case you find it necessary to sink the trooper, that you will allow the men to escape with their lives.

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They got their orders from rotten civilians like Kaiser Bill."

off Occurrences 1%

You may not like this salute or you may not like the parade step, but you can be very sure of one thingthat it is not the militarism that pushes civilians off the sidewalk nor permits an officer to strike his subordinatethough these things have happened in Germanythat is holding back England and France and driving the Russian millions out of East Prussia.

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Each of these groups was, of course, accompanied by an officer guideseveral were detailed at the Quartier for this special dutywhose complex and nerve-racking task it was to answer all questions, make all arrangements, report to each local commandant, pass sentries, and comfortably waft his flock of civilians through the maze of barriers which cover every foot, so to speak, of the region near the front.

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In any case he has failed to make out a case which will bear comparison with that already proved against the German army in Europe, or even so bad as the treatment dealt out by German civilians to their fellow-countrymen during August, 1914.

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He could not speak Turkish, was helpless without his interpreter, at best a civilian among soldiersmen have got Iron Crosses for easier jobs than that!

Which preposition to use with  civilians