Which preposition to use with congener

in Occurrences 7%

If your party is a large one, there will certainly be one lady in it, at least, who has had a lizard in her stomach for several years, and the struggles of the confined reptile to join its congeners in the swamp might induce convulsions, and so mar the hilarity of the party.

of Occurrences 5%

Around the ghastly sloth-bear, disentombed from his burrows in the gloomiest woods of Mysore or Canaraand his more lively congener of Russiathe armadillo of Brazil and the pine marten of Norway display a vivacity of action and a cheerfulness of gesture which captivity seems powerless to repress.

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These were St. Peter's congeners at Rome, whose ideas and claims, "timid trimmer" though he was, he came to Rome to support against the Hellenism and Protestantism of St. Paul.

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But, to be definite, it must pass into the domain of memory and there solicit the reappearance of its congeners with which it may identify itself.

Which preposition to use with  congener