Which preposition to use with consignee

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He had inquired among the consignees of the Mare Nostrum, hunting everywhere for news of his father.

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It was pointed out by the New York shippers in their protest addressed to Secretary Hay at Washington that, according to the terms of the American and African bill of lading, the steamship line was thus relieved of any further responsibility, since the goods were at the risk and expense of the consignees after leaving the ship's side.

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" "He drove a bargain with the consignee for the station, and right glad did the cunning merchant seem to get so tight a youth to take charge of the 'Caroline.'

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He suggested that where the title to property was doubtful both shipper and buyer might unite in the sale, since this course was preferable to incurring questions as between consignors and consignees in the prize courts.

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Within the rules of prize jurisdiction the consignee on whose account and at whose expense the goods were shipped is considered the owner of such goods during the voyage.

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He urged that the question of the justice of indemnification should be settled, leaving the respective rights of consignors or consignees to the proceeds to be settled afterward.

Which preposition to use with  consignee