Which preposition to use with corruption

of Occurrences 458%

The word "handcuff" is a popular corruption of the Anglo-Saxon "handcop," i.e., that which "cops" or "catches" the hands.

in Occurrences 54%

If there be no corruption in the passage of Pericles, the meaning can only be (as Steevens explained) "thy safe arrival at the port of life.

from Occurrences 14%

Ember days, a corruption from Latin Quatuor Tempora (four times).

to Occurrences 10%

We have found by experience that the publick is not to be reformed at once, and that the progress from corruption to reformation must be gradual; and as this bill enforces some degrees of amendment, it is at least more eligible than the present law, which is wholly without effect, because no man will dare to put it in execution.

for Occurrences 8%

E Though called a province, this obviously refers to the city of Nankin; the Nau-ghin of the text being probably a corruption for Nan-ghin.

at Occurrences 8%

How could a regenerate saint put off corruption at the sound of the trump, if up to that hour it did not in some sense or other appertain to him?

with Occurrences 8%

This, however, is one of those modes of corruption with which mankind ought always to struggle, and which they may, in time, hope to overcome.

by Occurrences 6%

The army especially gloried in the deeds of a man whose successes reminded them of his immortal uncle; while the lavish expenditures of government in every direction concealed from the eyes of the people the boundless corruption by which the services of his officials were secured.

into Occurrences 4%

He makes it a matter of congratulation, and thankfulness to the gods, that he had not been sent to any public school, where he would have run the risk of being tainted by that frightful corruption into which, for many years, the Roman youth had fallen.

as Occurrences 4%

" It must be borne in mind that, from the beginning of his career until his fall, only four or five serious charges have been made against him,that he was extravagant in his mode of life; that he was a sycophant and office-seeker; that he deserted his patron Essex; that he tortured Peacham, a Puritan clergyman, when tried for high-treason; that he himself was guilty of corruption as a judge.

on Occurrences 3%

Pathetic thought, that the mother's kiss of farewell should have been marked by the first sign of corruption on the child's face.

about Occurrences 2%

He is a true type of the mystical churchman of the time, who saw the corruption about him and desired a better order of things, but who hoped to secure it by reviving the past in all its imagined supernatural features.

like Occurrences 2%

This I did with extreme reluctance, feeling that nothing could be at once more absurd, more tyrannical, or more degrading, than to oblige a man to prostrate himself at the feet of a priest, a mortal, a sinner, a child of corruption like himself, and there to make confessions to him, which offended Deity alone could have a right to require: and to receive absolution from him for faults with which he had no concern.

than Occurrences 2%

There is more mud in it than green grass, more corruption than wholesomeness, more odor of corpses than perfume of flowers, more illness, more madness, and more crime than health and virtue.

under Occurrences 2%

I shall not decay, I shall not rot, I shall not putrefy, I shall not turn into worms, and I shall not see corruption under the eye of the god Shu.

among Occurrences 1%

Never was there such bribery and corruption among the officials as in the years after 1912.

out Occurrences 1%

Only a blasted fool could have expected to bring anything but corruption out of that sink of evil.

within Occurrences 1%

It is to the credit of the party that no Democrat can be elected president unless he is the avowed and unrelenting foe of corruption within and without the ranks.

through Occurrences 1%

The bank is thus converted into a vast electioneering engine, with means to embroil the country in deadly feuds, and, under cover of expenditures in themselves improper, extend its corruption through all the ramifications of society.

amid Occurrences 1%

Almagro appears, both on his march to Chili and back to Cusco, to have gone by the high mountainous track of the Andes, and the carcases of his dead horses must have been preserved from corruption amid the ever during ice and snow of that elevated region.

without Occurrences 1%

But, though Louis judged rightly for his own and his queen's character in bringing those who were guilty of forgery and robbery to a public trial, the result inflicted an irremediable wound on one great institution, furnishing an additional proof how incurably rotten the whole system of the Government must have been, when corruption without shame or disguise was allowed to sway the highest judicial tribunal in the country.

before Occurrences 1%

Should the bank be suffered longer to use the public moneys in the accomplishment of its purposes, with the proofs of its faithlessness and corruption before our eyes, the patriotic among our citizens will despair of success in struggling against its power, and we shall be responsible for entailing it upon our country forever.

after Occurrences 1%

They are full of the ascetic piety and superstition of the Middle Age, the childish belief in the marvelous, the allegorical interpretation of Scripture texts, the grotesque material horrors of hell with its grisly fiends, the vileness of the human body and the loathsome details of its corruption after death.

amongst Occurrences 1%

It is strange to hear them catalogue the proved cases of corruption amongst officials of other countries.

Which preposition to use with  corruption