Which preposition to use with count

of Occurrences 962%

Thrackles would have killed you in a minute 'count of his bit hand.

on Occurrences 663%

I did not count on Dr. Schermerhorn.

for Occurrences 331%

Women, the majority, don't count, can't count for any thingeven for womenat least in the sense of being Census-takers; for General WALKER has decided that Assistant Marshals LAVINIA PURLEAR and SARAH BURGOYNE (hear it, shades of NEY and BLUCHER!) are ineligible to such a warlike title.

in Occurrences 190%

I took a cooling draft, and counted in feverish agony forty-four, and fifteen, till the daylight came creeping in at the windows, filling with sepulchral greyness the room.

as Occurrences 153%

Did you ever think what gigantic strides the world has made within the memory of men now living, and who are yet unwilling to be counted as old?

among Occurrences 87%

[Footnote 3: Maitreya was a Bodhisattva, the principal one, indeed, of Sâkyamuni's retinue, but is not counted among the ordinary disciples, nor is anything told of his antecedents.

with Occurrences 58%

In the Epilogue Mrs. Behn asserts that she wrote The False Count with ease in something less than a week.

to Occurrences 49%

Now, 'cordin' to my way of thinkin', we can count to a certainty that he's alive.

at Occurrences 28%

"Yes," said the Count at length, "it is from Juanita de Mogente.

over Occurrences 28%

The wood-rings in the section I laid bare were so involved and contorted in some places that I was not able to determine its age exactly, but I counted over 4000 rings, which showed that this tree was in its prime, swaying in the Sierra winds, when Christ walked the earth.

from Occurrences 28%

In this front, counting from the German right, were the Tenth, the Guards, the Ninth and Twelfth Army Corps.

by Occurrences 26%

"Here is my friend, Mr. Peter Johnson; who knows when we may dance at his wedding?" "My lord, and my lady, and my honored master," said Peter gravely, in reply, bowing respectfully where he stood, waiting to take his master's glass"I am past the age to think of a wife: I am seventy-three coming next 'lammas, counting by the old style.

against Occurrences 20%

"The trouble is, hauling the stuff she swallows runs up construction costs, and that counts against us.

without Occurrences 15%

The Greeks had been assured of the aid of Russia by Ypsilanti, who counted without his host, however; for the Czar, then at the Congress of Laibach, convened to put down revolutionary ideas, was extremely angry at the conduct of Ypsilanti, and, against all expectation, stood aloof.

amongst Occurrences 8%

Well, ladies and gentlemen, after the spontaneous sympathy which I here so unexpectedly meet, I may be permitted to believe that it is not the State of Alabama, but Mr. Clemens only whom I have to count amongst my persecutors and my enemies.

off Occurrences 7%

Instantly Dawley began to count off the seconds.

out Occurrences 4%

The ammunition was expended and the infantry was thus counted out of the fight.

into Occurrences 3%

And when that we had crost the river, it did be full one and twenty hours since that we slumbered, as you shall know, if that you but count a little; for you do mind that we spent a certain time within the tree, as I have told; and this not to have been proper counted into the time of our journeying.

above Occurrences 3%

"What counts above all here is commercial interest.

through Occurrences 3%

Some twenty-four persons were counted through the glasses, and were described as copper-coloured, with black hair; they followed the ship as if prepared to oppose a landing.

under Occurrences 3%

Using the forefinger of his right hand as a marker, he counted under his breath, "one" on his left thumb, then after a frowning interval, "two" on his left forefinger, "three" on the middle digit, and so on, giving time for thought to each number, until he had exhausted the fingers of his left hand and was ready to start on the right.

within Occurrences 3%

But five years old the eldest of the three Oh! who could rob such babes of liberty! Doom'd was the Count within that tow'r to die, Him Pisa's vengeful bishop did oppose; With covert speech and false aspersions sly He stirr'd the people, till they madly rose, And shut him in this prison strong and high; His former slaves are now his fiercest foes.

via Occurrences 2%

R660344. How to marry a Count via the Marshall Plan.

like Occurrences 2%

But it was only Looney, who, being able to count like a calculating machine because no other thoughts disturbed him, had been set to tie up in bundles of a hundred each certain pink and blue envelopes which lay in heaps on the floor.

beyond Occurrences 2%

" Some savages, travellers tell us, are unable to count beyond five.

Which preposition to use with  count