Which preposition to use with course

of Occurrences 8551%

He had stumbled on the place by mere chance the year previously, during the course of a long walking tour, and discovered the possibilities for the angler in a small and unnamed river that runs past the outskirts of the little village.

in Occurrences 1498%

He was buried of course in Rome, and it was very difficult to arrange for his funeral in the Rome of the King of Italy.

for Occurrences 395%

Doctor believes it, and makes me lay my course for those bearings.

to Occurrences 360%

"If you'll lay us our course to San Salvador, we'll let you go as one of us and no questions asked.

with Occurrences 165%

We were a large family party, and had all we wanted, but some of the demands were curious, varying of course with the nationalities.

through Occurrences 150%

It is God who has bound every mote to the earth-centre; who has sent magnetic currents coursing through the globe, and has made tides and sea-changes, and the trade-winds to blow.

at Occurrences 150%

At the big dinners he was of course at a disadvantage, neither speaking nor understanding a word of French.

by Occurrences 92%

Across this park Miss Slayback worked her rather frenzied way, breaking into a run when the derby threatened to sink into the confusion of a hundred others, and finally learning to keep its course by the faint but distinguishing fact of a slight dent in the crown.

on Occurrences 90%

He had accepted an invitation to preach a course of four sermons, and would have delivered the second of the course on that very afternoon.

towards Occurrences 89%

Soon afterwards, we again sallied forth in quest of adventures, and bent our course towards the suburbs.

from Occurrences 89%

Its course from the junction with the Tahkeena to this point is generally a little east of north; at this point it turns to nearly west for some distance.

without Occurrences 52%

He gave a description of my case some years ago, in a lecture I think at Brightonbut of course without the name.

toward Occurrences 47%

" Fifteen minutes later Ensign Edwards, with a quartermaster, Timmins, the bo's'n's mate, and a crew, was heading a straight course toward his first command, with instructions to "keep company and watch for signals"; and intention to break into the brass-bound chest and ferret out what clue lay there, if it took dynamite.

as Occurrences 44%

The lorries generally kept off the ill-made unrolled Turkish road which had been constructed for winter use and, except for slight deviations to avoid wadis and gullies cut by Nature to carry off surplus water, the supply columns could move in almost as direct a course as the flying men.

along Occurrences 44%

The key to this beautiful harmony is the ancient glaciers; where they flowed the trees followed, tracing their wavering courses along cañons, over ridges, and over high, rolling plateaus.

over Occurrences 35%

So the launch steamed a somewhat zig-zag course over the waves.

between Occurrences 33%

Its course between here and its confluence with the Pelly is north-west, and, I may add, it preserves this general direction down to the confluence with the Porcupine.

than Occurrences 26%

I found nothing better, at last, than to watch the opposition of the planets during the night, and especially that of the moon, with the other planets, because the moon is swifter in her course than any other of the heavenly bodies.

down Occurrences 21%

They flew down a long hill, holding on for dear life, nothing but the grand way in which the mate managed this time to steer a straight course down the middle of the road saving them from destruction.

under Occurrences 19%

From words of Esmo's, and from other sources, I gathered that the usual course under such circumstances would have been to keep the culprit under no other restraint than that confinement to the house which is too common to be remarkable, trusting to the terror which punishment inflicted and menaced by domestic authority would inspire.

across Occurrences 18%

While we have been looking upon these unsubstantial shadows, the sunlight has left the mountain peaks, the stars have come out in the sky, and the moon has started on her course across the heavens.

before Occurrences 16%

The old soldier did not need very much time in which to lay his plans; in fact, I believe he had mapped out the whole course before having spoken.

out Occurrences 14%

Some people take great pleasure in analysing White Books and Grey Books and Orange Books and Yellow Books without end, and proving this or that from themas of course out of such a mass of material they can easily do, according to their fancy.

up Occurrences 14%

On leaving camp, the command took a westward course up the Republican, and Major North with two companies of his Pawnees and two or three companies of cavalry, under the command of Colonel Royal, made a scout to the north of the river.

against Occurrences 14%

Canst thou not take thine own course against those that break the laws or do any injury to thee or thine?

Which preposition to use with  course
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