Which preposition to use with cowboy

in Occurrences 14%

You see him again and againas a cowboy in Texas, as a miner or herdsman all through the Far West; you see him cutting lumber along the Columbia, or throwing the diamond hitch as he goes from camp to camp for gold and freedom.

of Occurrences 13%

It was a long afternoon for Old Heck and the cowboys of the Quarter Circle KT.

with Occurrences 9%

" "Weren't there a lot of cowboys with guns?"

on Occurrences 6%

On one occasion they stopped to haul water a distance of twenty-five miles for some cowboys on a round-up.

at Occurrences 5%

Only when necessary had he spoken while he directed the cowboys at their labor, helped them reset posts, or untangle twisted wires and build up again that which the rush of water had torn down.

as Occurrences 4%

A drone of voices reached the ears of Parker and the cowboys as Old Heck, skilfully led on by Ophelia, told about the ranch, the Kiowa range and the traditions of western Texas.

to Occurrences 3%

Dime literature, with its yellow covers and sensational pictures of stage robberies and the like, has always libeled the American cowboy to a most outrageous extent.

like Occurrences 2%

An' I've surrounded myself with cowboys like Jake an' Bill, an' old hands who pack guns an' keep still, as in the good old Western days.

from Occurrences 2%

The Ramblin' Kid was recognized by the cowboys from the Purgatory.

into Occurrences 1%

He gagged and spat, exciting the cowboy into a fever.

inside Occurrences 1%

Suddenly she remembered the reckless abandon with which she had been dancing and flirting with the cowboys inside the house.

until Occurrences 1%

" "He was a cowboy until last fall.

astride Occurrences 1%

A cowboy astride a bay pony asked if Waring were around.

Which preposition to use with  cowboy