Which preposition to use with crew

of Occurrences 705%

At ten o'clock of a puffy, mist-laden morning a new and strong crew of nine men boarded the Laughing Lass.

on Occurrences 58%

She was quiet for a few moments, and then asked: "Are you making much progress at the wreck?" "Our progress is slow, but we are getting there," Lister replied, and seeing her interest, narrated his and Brown's struggles, and his long voyage with a short crew on board the tug.

in Occurrences 51%

Rolling in on a great surge, the boat suddenly turned in a boiling eddy, and the first thing anybody knew was that the Tulare was on her side and her crew in the water.

at Occurrences 40%

The crews at each piece laughed among themselves, but there were none of the picturesque shouts of command, the indiscriminate blowing of bugles, and the flashy waving of battle flags that the word battle usually conjures up.

to Occurrences 35%

Von Ludwig led the former engine-room crew to the guns forward.

from Occurrences 35%

"Don't you see that the only thing that keeps this crew from gettin' restless is keeping them busy?

with Occurrences 34%

And this wild, unkempt, villainous crew with its master and his almost ridiculous contrast of neatness and filth;did Dr. Schermerhorn realise to what he had trusted himself and his precious expedition, whatever it might be?

for Occurrences 23%

The corporal told off a certain number of those nearest to act as crew for the gun, explaining to them just how they should set about the task of recharging when once it had been discharged, and then the remainder of the spectators, save we Minute Boys who were entitled to remain at our stations, were forced to fall back that they might not impede the work after it was once begun.

by Occurrences 14%

And why we robbed our merchants of their crews by rigorous impresses, without employing them either to guard our trade, or subdue our enemies?

into Occurrences 12%

The toil, however, could be much lessened, by dividing the crew into the customary watches.

as Occurrences 10%

How long a cruise?" "I want to rent your schooner and your crew as-long-as I-please-to remain.

aboard Occurrences 5%

She wus such a trig sailor Sanchez decided to keep her afloat, an' sent a prize crew aboard ter sail her inter Porto Grande.

under Occurrences 4%

"Why, we shipped another crew under Ives and McGuire that noon.

before Occurrences 3%

I've tamed wild crews before today and it might as well be first as last.

after Occurrences 3%

These were very acceptable and beneficial to the crew after such a lapse of time without vegetable food except the wild plants gathered in Tierra del Fuego.

until Occurrences 3%

These constituted the various characters of the piece, the name of which had been kept a profound secret from the crew until the morning of the day on which it was acted.

out Occurrences 3%

"I've done my best to keep the crew out of my private affairs, but now it seems impossible.

along Occurrences 2%

And now the little ship in which he sailed Safe bore the crew along the wat'ry waste, And after twenty days' fast sailing she Encountered on the way a storm, was wrecked, And all save Rudra perished in the waves.

during Occurrences 2%

Thus, if a captain arrives in a ship with twenty men, of whom ten are black, he is instantly robbed of half his crew during his whole stay in the harbour; and on what plea is this done?

about Occurrences 2%

" Andy was sent off by the manager to the superintendent of the moving crew about noon.

than Occurrences 2%

There was something really dreadful in the very idea of it; and Annie Foster turned pale enough when she thought of the gay little yacht, and her brother out on the broad Atlantic in it, with no better crew than Dab Kinzer and Dick Lee.

off Occurrences 2%

Fyfe had pulled his cedar crew off the Tyee before she left.

over Occurrences 2%

When I run the beachyew've heard me tell of the time I was on the Life-savin' Crew over ter Bleak Hill fer a spellmy cap'n he had a fist jest like that.

without Occurrences 1%

But birds, and perchance beasts, might be expected to take themselves off when the winter arrived, and leave the crew without fresh food.

beneath Occurrences 1%

Horror-stricken, I rushed into the saloon and found Captain Nemo, mute and gloomy, standing by the port panel, which had instantly been slid back, watching with a terrible satisfaction the injured vessel sinking with all its crew beneath the waves.

Which preposition to use with  crew