Which preposition to use with crossed

to Occurrences 444%

I could do nothing more for her, and so, crossed to where Pepper lay in a big basket.

of Occurrences 388%

There were pickerel from four to ten pounds in weight, white fish, black bass, rock bass, Oswego bass, and pike by the dozen; and, what was a stranger to me, a queer looking specimen of the piscatory tribes, half bull-head, and half eel, with a cross of the lizard.

in Occurrences 319%

We went skiving around among the islands, into the bays, along the shore, away out across the lake, crossing and re-crossing in every direction; and if there's a place about this lake we didn't visit, I should like to have somebody tell me where it is.

with Occurrences 227%

Gradually, the days and nights lengthened out, until they equaled a space somewhat less than one of the old-earth hours; the sun rising and setting like a great, ruddy bronze disk, crossed with ink-black bars.

on Occurrences 212%

The governor made a speech and pinned the cross on Mary's left shoulder.

at Occurrences 163%

We immediately struck out for the Kansas line, which we crossed at an Indian ferry on the Kansas river, above Wyandotte, and as soon as we had set foot upon Kansas soil we separated with the understanding; that we were to meet one week from that day at Leavenworth.

over Occurrences 130%

She was dressed in limp, faded garments, with a tattered shawl crossed over her chest, and had a scared, miserable look in her bleared old eyes.

from Occurrences 105%

In pursuing my studies, I have crossed from side to side of the range at intervals of a few miles all along the highest portion of the chain, with far less real danger than one would naturally count on.

between Occurrences 93%

Transfixed by his umbrella, which makes him look like a walking cross between a pair of boots and a hat, Mr. BUMSTEAD leads the way athwart the turnpike and several fields, until they have arrived at a low wall skirting the foot of Gospeler's Gulch.

into Occurrences 64%

About this time we crossed into frequent thunders.

for Occurrences 56%

So Christ has been 'lifted up' upon the cross for us.

by Occurrences 41%

The history of the finding of the true cross by St. Helena is well known.

as Occurrences 40%

Four years later, 6 February, 1721, they were acting the same rôles at this theatre, with Mrs. Cross as Bellemante, and Quin, Ryan, in the cast.

without Occurrences 22%

Words of advice crossed without jostling each other.

before Occurrences 21%

"It was good you get to Holy Cross before the big storm," he said, with a faint smile of tolerance for the white man's tall story.

through Occurrences 20%

April 9, 1917, three days after this country entered the war, the National Council of the organization formally resolved "To co-operate with the Red Cross through its local chapters in meeting their responsibilities occasioned by the state of war."

about Occurrences 15%

For he saw the sign of the cross about the gate, and then, without tarrying, he went to that other gate of the city, and found there also the sign of the cross thereon, and then he had great marvel, for upon every gate he saw set up the sign of the cross; and therewith the city was garnished.

behind Occurrences 11%

"Why, yes, I think so, if Toby knows how to manage right; you see he can turn to the right, cross behind that thicket, and bring up here; certainly the wagon can haul up hereif it ever gets to this point safe," replied the other.

Above Occurrences 10%

So slips the chain linking this world with Heaven, And drops me back to earth: so slips the chain That hangs my spirit to the Redeemer's cross Above pollution in the pure swept air Whereunder frets this hive: so slips the chain (She starts up)God!

under Occurrences 10%

An orderly accompanied them, and as the train passed beyond Union Mills, where the Bull Run River runs along the railway a mile or more before crossing under it, the young soldier pointed out the distant plateau, near the famous stone bridge, and, when the train crossed the river, the high bluffs, a half-mile to the northward, where the action had begun at Blackburn's Ford.

like Occurrences 10%

For the first time he turned towards his rival, and their glances crossed like sword-blades.

against Occurrences 7%

At the present day we still find the Highland milkmaid carrying with her a rowan-cross against unforeseen danger, just as in many a German village twigs are put over stables to keep out witches.

towards Occurrences 6%

"He had just left the hotel and was about to cross towards St. George's Hall when a gentleman, in a magnificent fur coat, stepped quickly out of a cab which had been stationed near the kerb, and, touching him lightly upon the shoulder, said with an unmistakable air of authority, at the same time handing him a card: "'That is my name.

near Occurrences 6%

No time could have been more favourable in James' eyes for the enterprise; and in a very short space of time he had an army of 100,000 men collected, and marched from Edinburgh to the Tweed, which he crossed near Coldstream.

after Occurrences 6%

As she hung cross after cross, and wreath after wreath, she thought of the poor, lonely, and peevish old woman she had seen there weeks before, and wondered if she would have any Christmas evergreens to brighten her room.

Which preposition to use with  crossed