Which preposition to use with crush

in Occurrences 112%

Grief Fierce hunger reigns within my breast, I had not dreamt that this whole world, Crushed in the hand of God, could yield Such bitter essence of unrest, Such pain as Sorrow now hath hurled Out of its dreadful heart, unsealed!

to Occurrences 74%

"Hello, what's here?" Lying in the hollow of the sick man's right hand, where it had been crushed to a ball, was a crumpled mass of tracing paper.

under Occurrences 53%

The prince called his negroes and said to them: "Seize Half-a-Cock and cast him into the cattle-yard so that it may be crushed under their feet.

with Occurrences 42%

Many a young man of his year, whose hob-nailed shoes Pen had derided, and whose face or coat he had caricatured, many a man whom he had treated with scorn in the lecture-room or crushed with his eloquence in the debating club, many of his own set who had not half his brains, but a little regularity and constancy of occupation, took high places in the honours or passed within decent credit.

into Occurrences 40%

Through no fault of his, the power of England on the Ohio had been dealt a staggering blow, and his pride and ambition crushed into the dust.

beneath Occurrences 35%

The company shouted themselves hoarse, for every one felt that the honour of The Birches had been retrieved, and that the day was still far distant when they would be crushed beneath the iron heel of young Noaks, or be exposed as an unresisting prey to the ravages of the wild hordes of Horace House.

of Occurrences 29%

They had been last heard of stuck fast in a crush of traffic at the bottom of the hill at Peteano.

out Occurrences 23%

As a result the offices of Sunday and the ferial offices were practically crushed out of the Breviary.

between Occurrences 20%

The shells are thin and may be crushed between the thumb and finger.

at Occurrences 16%

This document was one of the most important incidents in the history of the case, and upon it, if the cross-examination had been conducted by Mr. Hawkins in Chancery, the case would have been crushed at the outset.

for Occurrences 13%

These capsules are crushed for oil, which is in general use in China.

on Occurrences 12%

I noticed a little rosary, which had been carefully tended, but horses had ridden through it, and the blossoms were trailing crushed on the ground.

like Occurrences 9%

One never knows who may have got in among the guests at a crush like this.

against Occurrences 9%

Once the channel became so small that I had a narrow escape of being crushed against the rocky roof, and after that I took the precaution of lying flat upon my precious bales.

from Occurrences 9%

There were some stones on board, and when he threw one at a ship it was crushed from stem to stern, and all on board perished.

within Occurrences 8%

It seems as much a matter of chance as when single specimens of a whole race of animals now extinct are discovered in the layers of a rock; or when, on opening a book, we light upon an insect accidentally crushed within the leaves.

By Occurrences 7%

I rose this morn resolved to be more true To your high thought of womanhood, and wife, To bear with Torm more patiently, and strive To make my life more worthy of your love; And then,God help me,my resolve was crushed By Torm's fierce hand, and love for you set free.

down Occurrences 5%

Their heavy shoes crushed down the carpet, and fragile articles of furniture were thrust aside anyhow to open a passage for this invasion of horror and of fright.

beyond Occurrences 5%

The revolt was crushed beyond redemption; the rebels were deprived of their head centre; and the Mogul King was a prisoner at the mercy of the power whom he had defied.

through Occurrences 4%

Down it came, with terrific emphasis, crushing through Skrymir's cheek, up to the handle.

before Occurrences 4%

He whom the mighty master of this ball We fondly deem, or farcically call, To own the patriarch's truth however loth, Holds but a mansion crushed before the moth.

without Occurrences 3%

True, there are innumerable places where the careless step will be the last step; and a rock falling from the cliffs may crush without warning like lightning from the sky; but what then!

among Occurrences 3%

Madeline waited, only waited,with a fierceness so dangerously still that it looked like patience,hated her insulting bondage, but waited, like Samson between the pillars upon which the house of Dagon stood, resolved to free herself, though she dragged down the edifice and were crushed among the wreck.

than Occurrences 3%

I may not feel much for Turkey, but I feel for India, and I can see she (India) has no other way to protest against being trampled down and crushed than non-co-operation.

as Occurrences 2%

All at once a loud crash seemed to rend the very heavens above them: a crack as of the thunder that follows close upon the bolt,a rending and crushing as of a forest snapped through all its stems, torn, twisted, splintered, dragged with all its ragged boughs into one chaotic ruin.

Which preposition to use with  crush