Which preposition to use with cuckolding

in Occurrences 5%

Ravenscroft has no less than three cuckolds in his Dramatis Personae: Doodle, Dashwell, and Wiseacre.

to Occurrences 3%

Proclaimes me Bastard: Cries Cuckold to my Father, brands the Harlot Euen heere betweene the chaste vnsmirched brow Of my true Mother.

with Occurrences 2%

as the City Politicks, the Lady Mayoress, and the Old Lawyers Wife, who goes with a Man she never saw before, and comes out again the joyfull'st Woman alive, for having made her Husband a Cuckold with such Dexterity, and yet I see nothing unnatural nor obscene: 'tis proper for the Characters.

of Occurrences 2%

Only the Cuckold of the house, that's all;my name, Sir, is Francisco; but you, perhaps, are better acquainted with my Wife.

for Occurrences 2%

You may chance to be a Cuckold for nothing, Sir Sir Feeb.

on Occurrences 1%

How much better is it to do thus, than to macerate himself, impatiently to rave and rage, to enter an action (as Arnoldus Tilius did in the court of Toulouse, against Martin Guerre his fellow-soldier, for that he counterfeited his habit, and was too familiar with his wife), so to divulge his own shame, and to remain for ever a cuckold on record?

as Occurrences 1%

Some Comfort, I shall be Father to a Viscount, and for the restPatience All Nations Cuckolds breed, but I deny They had such need of Cuckolding as I. [Goes out with the Turk.

Which preposition to use with  cuckolding