Which preposition to use with darkest

as Occurrences 255%

All three were mounted in skeleton settings, | | with spiral screws, but the color of the gold setting of the | | flat diamond was not so dark as the other two.

in Occurrences 211%

By this time, it had grown quite dark in the passages, and from these came all the varied cries and groans of which an old house is so full after nightfall.

with Occurrences 194%

And it was while these features were taking form in the depths of the range, the particles of the rocks marching to their appointed places in the dark with reference to the coming beauty, that the particles of icy vapor in the sky marching to the same music assembled to bring them to the light.

of Occurrences 135%

People draw near together in the stormy dark of a winter's morning, and the thought of Annie in her narrow box ahead robbed my question of any rudeness.

than Occurrences 100%

A figure here and there flew along as if pursued, imperfectly seen, a shadow only a little darker than the space about.

to Occurrences 78%

Not dark to him, for he loved the natives and possessed such powers of attraction that wherever he settled he won their affections.

for Occurrences 76%

Then ensue a momentary wild struggle and muffled crash; for each gentleman, coming blindly upon the other, has taken the light glimmering at the other's back for the light at the top of the ladder, and, further mistaking the other in the dark for the ladder itself, has attempted to climb him.

on Occurrences 48%

Just as it was getting dark on December 11 a party of the enemy attacked the 179th Brigade at Tel el Ful but were repulsed.

at Occurrences 40%

The swamp was thickly grown with great, gloomy pines and hemlocks, some of them ninety feet high, which made it dark at noonday and a retreat for all the owls of the neighborhood.

by Occurrences 35%

It was getting dark by the time I went out, and nobody who knows the country will need to be told how black is the darkness of a November night under high laurel-bushes and yew-trees.

about Occurrences 29%

After they had had their tea, they set to work again, and worked till the twilight grew dark about themby which time they had got the heap down to what seemed the original level of the floor.

against Occurrences 24%

Further down the body was another circling belt, showing less dark against the black trunk.

under Occurrences 16%

The country between showed no greenness or beauty; it lay dark under the dark overhanging sky.

without Occurrences 15%

He had gone too far to retreat in the dark without fighting, and therefore began a vigorous conflict.

like Occurrences 14%

"I might have known I wouldn't be let to die here in the dark like a rat in a hole while Johnnie lived.

before Occurrences 14%

When some Beloveds, 'neath whose eyelids lay The sweet lights of my childhood, one by one Did leave me dark before the natural sun, And I astonied fell, and could not pray, A thought within me to myself did say, "Is God less God that thou art left undone? Rise, worship, bless Him!

from Occurrences 13%

I wished, of course, to leave the Astronaut secure, and, if not out of reach, yet not within easy reach; otherwise it would have been a simple matter to watch my opportunity and descend in the dark from my first landing-place by the same means by which I had made the rest of my voyage.

over Occurrences 13%

And, among other things, to the skeleton of Gus Ingle himself, sprawling here for sixty years in the dark over a great heap of gold.

after Occurrences 12%

The drawn blinds made the passage seem quite dark after the bright August sunshine outside, but he produced an electric torch, and by its light he saw that the passage ran into the main hall.

within Occurrences 8%

Its houses are dark within, its shops, undecorated, recall the workshops of the Middle Ages.

among Occurrences 8%

The sublime whirl of planets around their suns is as silent as raindrops oozing in the dark among the roots of plants.

of Occurrences 8%

During these months, the darkest of the year, scarcely a night passed without the recurrence of these inexplicable cries.

through Occurrences 7%

CHAPTER IV THE GIRL ON THE PLATFORM The Vancouver express was running in the dark through the woods west of Fort William.

behind Occurrences 7%

In early youth, I myself went, on a mischievous hint, to explore a remote region which I was told lay in the dark behind the kindling pile.

into Occurrences 6%

Gloria whirled again, this time toward the dark into which Gratton had gone.

Which preposition to use with  darkest
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