Which preposition to use with darted

into Occurrences 106%

"Tell him about it," added Vance; and giving Diggory a push, they all three darted into their room just as the master emerged from his, arrayed in dressing-gown and slippers.

from Occurrences 86%

From the cabin came the sound of a sharp fall, then a man cried out, and on the heels of it Pulz darted from the cabin, screaming horribly.

to Occurrences 77%

The affrighted shark darted to the surface, and Mr. P. inhaled at least a gallon of fresh air.

through Occurrences 77%

Now the shapely hands were folded together in a beautiful stillnessand then the breeze had waved aside a flower, and a sunbeam, darting through the trellis, fell upon the stone in her ring and made it sparkle with a baleful fire!

of Occurrences 68%

Thus I quenched the fiery dart of criticism which my protégée herself had thrown into the transaction, not without a certain sense of the humor of it.

at Occurrences 62%

While the two beholders gazed, in unspeakable fascination, Mr. BUMSTEAD suddenly made a wild dart at a passing elderly man with a dark sun-umbrella, ecstatically tore the latter from his grasp, and passionately tapped him on the head with it.

in Occurrences 51%

Then, suddenly, Dave darted in and under, and brought a right-arm hook against Pen's nose in a way that started that member to bleeding again, and with a steady flow.

across Occurrences 50%

Moreover, no sooner had the first sound of lamentation escaped from her lips, than the door was opened smartly and a buxom girl, in lady's maid uniform, rushed in, darted across the room, and knelt by Cynthia, sobbing also and exclaiming, "Oh, my poor Mees Cynthia!" Mary smiled in a humorous contempt.

out Occurrences 38%

People darted out of cabins like beavers out of their burrows.

about Occurrences 34%

I could see his lips moving uneasily in the glare of the pine boughs, and his eyes darted about the company as if seeking countenance.

like Occurrences 22%

Gray Wolf darted like a streak off into the bush.

with Occurrences 21%

Their panniered train a group of potters goad, Winding from side to side up the steep road; 130 The peasant, from yon cliff of fearful edge Shot, down the headlong path darts with his sledge; Bright beams the lonely mountain-horse illume Feeding 'mid purple heath, "green rings," [K] and broom; While the sharp slope the slackened team confounds, 135 Downward

towards Occurrences 19%

"Look!" hissed Dyke,"a spy!"as the figure of a man climbed from a ditch where he had been concealed as he ran, and darted towards the rebel camp.

past Occurrences 18%

The creature darted past him, blew out one candle, and thrust the other behind a bottle, so that he stood in a wedge of shadow.

toward Occurrences 17%

She arrested his stride as he was darting toward the door.

after Occurrences 15%

And she would dart after him and box his ears and laugh her happy laugh and look as proud as a queen over every teasing word.

down Occurrences 15%

" He darted down the companionway, filled a glass from a silver thermos carafe, and hurried back.

for Occurrences 15%

In his haste, he caught up the gun of John Moseley, and loading it rapidly/threw in a ball from his usual stock; but whether the hawk saw and knew him, or whether it saw something else it liked better, it made a dart for the baronet's poultry-yard at no great distance, and was out of sight in a minute.

along Occurrences 14%

That of Joshua, which was first mentioned, darted along the Cross in a stream.

on Occurrences 13%

The fierce shouts of the Germans pealed through the gloom of the forests, and in thronging multitudes they assailed the flanks of the invaders, pouring in clouds of darts on the encumbered legionaries as they struggled up the glens or floundered in the morasses, and watching every opportunity of charging through the intervals of the disjointed column, and so cutting off the communication between its several brigades.

over Occurrences 11%

To the astonishment of the Arabs, the enemy, leaving the road, came darting over the steeps.

under Occurrences 10%

So when Muckle John leaped to grab me, I darted under his arm, and he staggered half-way across the room.

between Occurrences 8%

Then the gondola darted between the two goal-barges, and the little flags that marked the point of victory fell into the water.

around Occurrences 7%

He knows that I can't chase him, now that my legs are so stiff with rheumatism, and he takes delight in showing me how spry he can be, darting around me and whisking his tail almost in my face, and trying to get me to run after him, so that he can laugh at me.

behind Occurrences 6%

He thought of darting behind a cedar, but he knew the man behind him was an expert shot, and something fundamental in the brown man forbade his getting himself killed while running away.

Which preposition to use with  darted