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Which preposition to use with  dealing

Which preposition to use with dealing

The Crown Prince and Princess were just opposite, and the Princess talked a great deal with me across the table, always in English."

He said a great deal of the majesty of the gods, and how the honour ought not to be given away to every Tom, Dick, or Harry.

I had lived a great deal in Rome, as a girl, during the last days of Pius IX, and I was never in Paris during the Empire.

And Rudolph Musgrave, knowing that according to his lights he had behaved not unhandsomely, was the merest trifle patronizing and rather like a person speaking from a superior plane in his future dealings with Patricia.

He talked politics, and a good deal about pictures with some artists who were present.

I have nerves, so much so, do you know (partly because I go in a good deal for music and intellect and so on), so much so, that I very nearly had a rest cure at the end of last season, and I should have had, probably, but that new young French singer came over with a letter of introduction to me, and of course I couldn't desert him, but had to do my very best.

"When our goverment resooms speshie payment agin maybe I'le send you a silver dollar with a hole into it, and maybe I won't; it will depend a good deal on the pertater crop."

"It is something to me," he replied insistently, "because it means a great deal to you.

He had been a great deal at the court of Napoleon III, had seen many interesting people of all kinds, and had a wonderful memory.

I learned a great deal from merely listening while the men talked at dinner.

This is a good deal like a threat."

Italian Field Artillery were in position all around us, and were firing a good deal by night.

For she had seen what the dealings of the Father were in the hearts of men, and how till the end came He did not cease to send His messengers to plead in every heart, and to hold a court of justice that no man might be deceived, but each know whither his steps were tending, and what was the way of wisdom.

"I arrange private sales a good deal between European sellers and American buyerspictures, curiosities, jewels, antiques, and so on.

I have come hither with her, without suspicion of my object, and she has been prevailed on to enter thy cabin, under a pretence of some secret dealings in wines.

man, can't you see it's your own country that must suffer for such deals as this wheat-burning to-night?" "The hell you say!" ejaculated the man, in amaze.

Naturally piqued by this want of faith, I have thought a good deal over the matter; and, as I still rest in the lame conclusion I originally expressed, and must even now confess that I cannot certainly say whether this creature is an animal or a plant, I think it may be well to state the grounds of my hesitation at length.

"White men have got a great deal out of Alaska and as yet done little but harm here.

But it was my luck to see a good deal during that time.

It'll have to deal through some firm in Benton as a clearin' house.

Stern, when the occasion forced him to be stern, just in all his dealings between man and man, dignified and courteous in all his ways, a soldier through every inch of his stalwart six feet, he was a ruler with whom no one ever dreamt of taking liberties.

The factions shifted a good deal after this official rendering of the affair.

He goes a great deal into society, and conducts commercial operations.

I believed in you, with all my soul, since last nighta good deal before that, yes, yes!in my innermost heart!

Yet, I was very greatly puzzled to know where they had gotten a sufficiency of timber to make so large a matter; but upon this point she satisfied me by explaining that they had taken up the 'tween decks, and used all such bulkheads as they could spare, and, further, that there had been a good deal among the dunnage which had proved usable.

The people on the road were very koind and hospitable indeed; I have nothing to say against the Irish for that; they are more hospitabler a deal than in England, though not always so honest.

I feel a good deal towards you as a nabor of mine, named JOE BELCHER, once did.

He further expressed a wish to close the deal within the half hour, as he must leave town on the night train.

Again, in the case of anonymous journalism I seem to have said a great deal without getting out the point very clearly.

He arranged all his dealings on a friendly rather than a business basis; his good-will was his best protection....

Aberdeen brought forward the question of a Bill it is thought necessary to introduce in consequence of slave-dealing by Brazilian subjects having now become piracy.

And some of them would see a person a good deal beyond the ether side of Jordan before they would think of handing him a Prayer Book.

Yet those cottages, perhaps thirty in all, had stood for a great deal until Hilda, glancing at them, shattered them with her scorn.

The town is occasionally very indignant and very noisy against the gouls of Surgeons' Hall, because they live upon the dead carcasses of their fellow-creatures; while, strange to say, it takes but little account of the hordes of wretches who openly, and in the face of day, hunt down living men in their nefarious dealings as porter brewers, quack doctors, informers, attorneys, manufacturers of bean flour, alum, and

"Of course she knows him," I said; "she knows he would give his right hand for her, which is a good deal under the circumstances, and she very properly despises him for it.

No doubt, but for his fickleness and inconsistency, Henry could have done a good deal toward realizing such ideas and reforming European politics; but it is saying too much for Henry's influence on the popular opinions of Europe, to affirm, what Michรฉlet gives us to understand, that he could have combined the nations of Europe against all their depraved rulers together.

A good deal against his own inclination Darrin allowed himself to be coaxed into the thing.

Moreover, the Chinese have long had intercourse with Western nations, while we have had dealings at Nagasaki with only the people of Holland and China."

But the merchant carried his acquisition to Bagdad, where he sold it for a large sum of money, by which he was afterwards enabled to extend his dealings to a great amount.

We should, therefore, be quite ready in the ordinary way to take a great deal off the tales of German atrocities; to doubt this story or deny that.

Some said the lady wasna innocent; and doubtless Mr. Napier thought sae, for he took high dealings wi' her, and looked at her wi' a scorn that would have scathed whinstanes.

One year later, he signed for the Blaugrana in a deal around โ‚ฌ120 million.

Probably from force of habit, the shopkeepers stayed behind their counters; but between them and the few customers who came there was little of the vivacious chatter one has learned to associate with dealings among the dwellers in most Continental communities.

โ€œSurging 1% against the dollar and 0.4% against the euro, the pound appeared to rise after Simon Coveney claimed that thereโ€™s a good chance we can get a deal across the line in the next few days.

But the NFL has continued on with free agency, which officially started Wednesday, though players are having a tough time finalizing deals due to physicals.

Here he found himself a good deal below the level of the car.

"I used to sketch a good deal along the brook to the north of the village."

Her laughter was young and sweet to the ear, but there was not a great deal outside her laughter that was attractive about her.

As Marraton stood astonished at the unspeakable Beauty of her Habitation, and ravished with the Fragrancy that came from every Part of it, Yaratilda told him that she was preparing this Bower for his Reception, as well knowing that his Piety to his God, and his faithful Dealing towards Men, would certainly bring him to that happy Place whenever his Life should be at an End.

He travelled a great deal throughout the years we were growing up and to make up for it he made sure to fill every moment of his time when home with his four girls; Mom and his daughters spending time together as a family.

On the other hand, they are bruised into a knowledge of themselves and others; they have in a high degree the fencer's pleasure in dexterity displayed and proved; what they get they get upon life's terms, paying for it as they go; and once the talk is launched, they are assured of honest dealing from an adversary eager like themselves.

"I always understood that you prided yourself on acting up to a higher standard of honorable dealing than other men.

He can believe neither Wallenstein's purpose of treason nor his father's duplicity in dealing behind the back of his great commander.

Hi Morden2004, $10.65 is a great deal per month.

I am not going to waste pixels inventorying Mammolittiโ€™s stunts and lies and outrages, except to note that Ontario Provincial Police fraud and corruption investigators have got him in their over an aromatic land deal near Weston and Finch.

We have now to deal brieflyamid conflicting asseverations it is hard to deal fairlywith the last of the vexatiously controverted episodes which need perplex our narrative.

We have now to deal brieflyamid conflicting asseverations it is hard to deal fairlywith the last of the vexatiously controverted episodes which need perplex our narrative.

"My uncle talked a good deal aboard of that brig about other matters besides sealing.

Remember this whenever you feel the oppression of that vague sense of unrest, of which, I doubt not, you have a great deal underneath a careless outside; this is the thirst of the soul for the only fountain at which it is worth while to drink.

Now, for a little moment, I did think that the brutish man had run off, being feared by the death that I did deal unto the first; yet I put this from me at once; for I did wot that such a creature did not be like to fear in such wise; but was rather set to some horrid cunning of attack, as I did fear, and was somewhere below me among the holes of the great rock.

Craig Gordon confirms Celtic exit after rejecting new deal amid Hearts interestCraig Gordon has confirmed his Celtic exit in a heartfelt Instagram post.

But in his anger he had raised his voice a good deal above the safety limit, and the quick crackle of rifle fire and the soaring lights told that his voice had been heard, that the party or parties were discovered or suspected.

Forced to adapt to the rough and tumble environment, Jay-Z became involved in drug dealing during his teenage years and began to make a name for himself.

One of the prominent issues in that review was fair dealing for the purpose of education.

"They will aim at something higher than merely the dealing out of harmonious sounds.

His reimbursement of funds followed investigations into his dealings over the past few years, whereby he would take monies for umrah trips but would announce, shortly before departure, that something had happened that prevents them from travelling.

First is a stirring little ballad, the Warrior, by the editor; then, a humorous epistle from Robert Southey, Esq. to Allan Cunningham, in which the laureat deals forth his ire on the "misresemblances and villanous visages" which have been published as his portrait.

We are the strongest, and a good deal nearest the muscles and the joint, but we cannot spare you.