Which preposition to use with dealing

of Occurrences 4716%

He said a great deal of the majesty of the gods, and how the honour ought not to be given away to every Tom, Dick, or Harry.

with Occurrences 3978%

The Crown Prince and Princess were just opposite, and the Princess talked a great deal with me across the table, always in English."

in Occurrences 632%

I had lived a great deal in Rome, as a girl, during the last days of Pius IX, and I was never in Paris during the Empire.

with Occurrences 456%

And Rudolph Musgrave, knowing that according to his lights he had behaved not unhandsomely, was the merest trifle patronizing and rather like a person speaking from a superior plane in his future dealings with Patricia.

about Occurrences 318%

He talked politics, and a good deal about pictures with some artists who were present.

to Occurrences 152%

"It is something to me," he replied insistently, "because it means a great deal to you.

for Occurrences 114%

I have nerves, so much so, do you know (partly because I go in a good deal for music and intellect and so on), so much so, that I very nearly had a rest cure at the end of last season, and I should have had, probably, but that new young French singer came over with a letter of introduction to me, and of course I couldn't desert him, but had to do my very best.

at Occurrences 88%

He had been a great deal at the court of Napoleon III, had seen many interesting people of all kinds, and had a wonderful memory.

on Occurrences 88%

"When our goverment resooms speshie payment agin maybe I'le send you a silver dollar with a hole into it, and maybe I won't; it will depend a good deal on the pertater crop.

like Occurrences 87%

This is a good deal like a threat.

from Occurrences 74%

I learned a great deal from merely listening while the men talked at dinner.

of Occurrences 65%

For she had seen what the dealings of the Father were in the hearts of men, and how till the end came He did not cease to send His messengers to plead in every heart, and to hold a court of justice that no man might be deceived, but each know whither his steps were tending, and what was the way of wisdom.

by Occurrences 51%

Italian Field Artillery were in position all around us, and were firing a good deal by night.

in Occurrences 33%

I have come hither with her, without suspicion of my object, and she has been prevailed on to enter thy cabin, under a pretence of some secret dealings in wines.

as Occurrences 21%

My God! man, can't you see it's your own country that must suffer for such deals as this wheat-burning to-night?" "The hell you say!"

out Occurrences 19%

"White men have got a great deal out of Alaska and as yet done little but harm here.

over Occurrences 15%

Naturally piqued by this want of faith, I have thought a good deal over the matter; and, as I still rest in the lame conclusion I originally expressed, and must even now confess that I cannot certainly say whether this creature is an animal or a plant, I think it may be well to state the grounds of my hesitation at length.

during Occurrences 14%

But it was my luck to see a good deal during that time.

among Occurrences 11%

Yet, I was very greatly puzzled to know where they had gotten a sufficiency of timber to make so large a matter; but upon this point she satisfied me by explaining that they had taken up the 'tween decks, and used all such bulkheads as they could spare, and, further, that there had been a good deal among the dunnage which had proved usable.

between Occurrences 10%

"I arrange private sales a good deal between European sellers and American buyerspictures, curiosities, jewels, antiques, and so on.

between Occurrences 10%

Stern, when the occasion forced him to be stern, just in all his dealings between man and man, dignified and courteous in all his ways, a soldier through every inch of his stalwart six feet, he was a ruler with whom no one ever dreamt of taking liberties.

towards Occurrences 9%

I feel a good deal towards you as a nabor of mine, named JOE BELCHER, once did.

through Occurrences 8%

It'll have to deal through some firm in Benton as a clearin' house.

into Occurrences 8%

He goes a great deal into society, and conducts commercial operations.

after Occurrences 8%

" The factions shifted a good deal after this official rendering of the affair.

Which preposition to use with  dealing